Pugs Favourite Food – What Pugs Can Eat & Can’t Eat?

pug dog eating ice cream

Pugs really look different than all other dogs and are the most popular small dog breeds in India. On top of that, several Vodafone commericals made pugs famous in India. Though they are adorable pets to have, keeping with pugs diet habits can be tricky unless you are aware about what pugs can and can’t … Read more

8 Most Popular Korean Dog Breeds for Canine Lovers

Most Popular Korean Dog Breeds

Korea has some amazing dogs, and if you are a dog lover, you would remember the ancient Korean Jindo from the 1988 Olympic Games opening ceremony. Korean dog breeds are recognized by the Korean Kennel Foundation, an organization of the Republic of Korea. It was established in 1945 and operates under the Ministry of Agriculture … Read more

10 Most Popular Pet Birds in India – Legalities, Price & More


In India, many people have started adopting pet birds into their family due to their growing popularity. Birds are intelligent creatures and have an interactive nature which makes them great companions. They are friendly, gentle and well suited as family pets. There are many friendly pet birds that bring happiness into human life and make … Read more

Can Cats Swim?

Cat Swimming in Pool Water

You being a cat owner, might have the same question that most owners have, and that is, can cats swim? All cats are natural swimmers, but usually, they avoid getting wet and choose not to swim. They are uncomfortable in wet fur, and it takes a long time to dry. However, you can teach cats … Read more

Can Samoyed live in India? Cost, Maintenance, Training & More

White Samoyed Dog

Samoyed dog breed has roots in Siberian and Russian background. They have double-coated fur to protect them from cold winters in such regions of the world. Can Samoyed dogs live in hot weather of India? Samoyeds can live in hot weather, but they don’t necessarily thrive in warmer weather in India. Though their coat protects … Read more

Best Cat Litter in India – Buyer’s Guide for Cat Parents

Cat in Sand

Raising and taking care of pet cats and dogs involve multiple duties like feeding, walking and cleaning their waste. Cat litter products make the waste cleaning task easier. It can be filled in a container which makes it easy for the pets to use and is easy for the pet owner to dispose of. There … Read more

Kangal Dog as Pet – Cost to Buy, Facts, Temperament & More!

kangal dog

Kangal breed is a Turkish shepherd dog that originated from the East Anatolian Plateau of Turkey at the beginning of the 12th century. They are categorized into molosser family of large dogs as they are said to be related to early mastiffs. It is recognized by the United Kennel Club and the Cynology Federation of … Read more

Is Parle G Good for Dogs? Can I Feed it to Stray Dogs?

Dog eating biscuit

You will agree with me if I say, we should declare Parle-G as a national biscuit of India! Parle G is the most popular biscuit brand in India for last severald decades. From metropolitian cities to the village, it is widely available at an affordable price. Its delicious to taste and makes a great snack … Read more

Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers in India

Dog Eating Food

What is the best dog food for your Golden Retriever? This is the question that arises in most dog owner’s mind and we understand them completely. Golden Retrievers are large dogs and have large craving for the food. Feeding a high-quality-diet is an important aspect to meet his nutrional needs as well as keep his … Read more

Best Calcium Supplement for Dogs – Tablets, Syrup, Calcium Bones & More!

tablets scattered from jar

Good calcium intake helps in improving and maintaining proper bone health and prevents calcium deficiency. Including calcium rich food in the dogs’ diet may be difficult as they may not like consuming some items. Calcium tablets are enriched with optimum ratio of all necessary elements for improving dog’s health. We have mentioned a list of … Read more