Hamsters as Pet – Cost, Type, Legality, Temperament & More

For many people, Hamsters make an excellent pet. They are cute, cuddly, do not want too much attention, and burn their energy running on their favourite wheel.

For novice pet owners, they can make a great pet and are loads of fun. Before you get one, we have mentioned everything that you would want to know to make an informed decision, so continue reading.

What is Hamster Price in India?

The cost of a hamster in India can range between 500 to 4,500 rupees depending upon its type, location of the pet shop and the other accessories you will buy with them like habitat and personalized food chart etc.

Approximate Maintenance cost of Hamster in India

The maintenance cost of the Hamster depends on a lot of factors and here we have mentioned some costs that will help you give a better idea.

Other than the cost of the Hamster, below mentioned are the fixed expenses that you need to bear.

The cage will cost you between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 3500 depending on the size and design. After you get a cage, also get some decorations and items to play with, which will cost you around Rs. 500.

The water bottle for Hamster will cost you anywhere between Rs. 350 and Rs. 700. The Hamster wheel is a super important accessory for your little pet and it can cost you between Rs. 450 and Rs. 1000.

To ensure your pet sleeps well at night, make sure to get a good bed, which is available at around Rs. 500. The price often depends on the fabric and quality of the bedding. Also, you will have to change the bedding atleast once in 2 months or as guided by the vet.

The food expenditure of the little Hamster will be around Rs. 500 every month, depending on what you are feeding him.

Are Hamsters a good pet?

For many people, Hamsters make great pets. They do not need a lot of attention, burn their energy running on their favourite wheel, they are cuddly and cute. They make good pets for children.

Types of Hamsters

As you may know, there are different hamster breeds and you need to know which one you wish to get.

Chinese Dwarf Hamster

The Chinese Hamster is not actually a Dwarf but people call him that when compared to the Syrian Hamster. Well, actually, all Hamster types are call dwarf by size comparison with the Syrian.

It can reach up to a height of 3 to 5 inches when adult, excluding their tail. The Chinese Hamsters have a long tail compared to other breeds. Their tail can grow about 3cms long. The long tail of the Hammy makes him look more like a mouse.

This breed is found in various colour options like brown, black, having a dark stripe on the spine and a white belly.

They may even have a few black and grey spots on the back. This Hamster breed is from China and Mongolia.

Campbell Dwarf Hamster

This Hamster is about 4 inches and is larger than a Robo. Many people confuse him with a Siberian Dwarf, but there are ways to spot the difference between the two.

The Campbell Hamster has body colour like that of a Robo or Chinese Hamster. It has brownish coat with a dark narrow stripe on the spine. The belly of the Campbell Drwarf is greey and not white and has tufts of fur on the feet.

The cheeks pouches of this breed reaches to its hind legs and are not separate from his mouth. The coat of the Campbell Hamster does not change colour from winter to summer. They are commonly found in China, Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Siberian or White Winter Dwarf Hamster

The Siberian Hamster is as large in size as the Campbell and many people confuse them. The Siberian Hamster is also known as the Winter White because it turns white in the winter or Djungarian Hamster, named after the regian in China it lives in.

This breed of Hamster is about 4 inches. The colour of the Hammy is greyish on the back, has a dark stripe on the back and very dark spot on the head. It has a white belly and different colour variations when compared to other breeds.

You can even spot an all white Siberian or a white one with light grey line running down the spine or even a complete grey Hamster with darker fur.

Hamster eating food from spoon

What do Hamsters eat?

The best kind of food to feed your Hamster is pellet food. Keep the food bowl of your Hamster three-quarters full and ensure to feed him everyday.

You can even feed him vegetables like kale, zucchini, shredded carrots, and collard greens on every alternate days. Make sure to give them vegetables and fruits in a quantity that they can consume in 4 hours to avoid overfeeding.

Offer them water all the time because a hydrated Hamster is a happy one. Most people have a question in mind about how much should your Hamster eat, we have answered this for you.

Food Items for Hamster
WhenHow Much
Pellet foodsDailyFill 3/4th bowl full
Fruits (apple, melons and bananas)Once a week5% of total food
VegetablesAlternate days15% of total food
Treats ( alfalfa hay and raisins)Twice a week5% of total food
WaterRefresh clean water regularlyThe quantity required to keep the Hamster hydrated

Hamster Lifespan

Hamsters usually have a lifespan of 1 to 2 years but some also live up to 3 years. They are blind until two weeks old and are weaned at 3 to 4 weeks young.

Female Hamsters usually have 2 to 3 litters (baby hamsters) per year. They do not waste anytime while mating, meaning that when you put a male and female hamster in a cage, the female hammy will get pregnant quickly. The gestation period lasts maximum 20 days.

Hamster temperament and activities

Hamsters are super active and thus it is important to ensure they have a wheel or ball to exercise. Hamsters are nocturnal animals and so you may hear noises at night, its because they are exercising on their wheel.

They love to do cardio, so ensure to give them a wheel or ball. Try to keep an eye on him while he is exercising.

Hamsters like to keep themselves clean. They are often seen washing their faces and cleaning their feet as well ears all by themselves. Let them do it, no need to help!

How to care for a Hamster Pet?

If you are recently welcomed the cute Hamster into your family, here are some care tips that you should know:

Choose a habitat

Your little Hammy must have a safe home that is comfortable. You can get tubes, wheels, accessories and add-ons to make them feel comfortable.

Ensure to buy a bedding that they cam sleep in peace and choose the right sized water bottle, for example, 150-200 ml chew proof bottle.

Place their habitat in the right place

Placing their habitat in the right place is essential to keep them happy. Keep their home at a place near the sounds of the family.

They feel at home and comforted by the sounds of the family but remember that they will be stressed by lound sounds.

Cover their home with light cloth for some days

When you bring your little friend home, everything is new to them. Give them some time to get used to their new habitat.

Let them explore their new home, thus place a light cloth on their bedding, so that there are no distractions.

Do not pick them up on the first day

It will take some time to let your cute friend feel comfortable. So, ensure you do not pick them up and let them be free for a few days.

They will start trusting you after you give them water and food for a few days.

After they are comfortable, find different foods to feed them

Just like we dont eat the same things every day, your cute friend will also appreciate different foods too.

Other than their everyday food, give them small amounts of vegetables and fruits like cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, squash, berries, melon, pears and apples. Consult your vet on different food items to feed them.

Clean their space regularly

Keep your Hamster’s space clean but do not overdo. You can:

  • Clean the toilet area every day
  • Change their bedding when required (when wet and soiled)
  • Clean their food dish every week
  • Clean their water bottle every week
  • Empty their habitat every week with soap and water
  • Place a new bedding every 15 days

Give them ample of time out of their habitat

Give them plenty of time outside their habitat to play and exercise since they are super active animals.

You can set up a gatter space with some toys and treats so that they can play there whenever they want. Always keep a watch on them when they are out of their habitat.

Bond with your cute friend

Patience, feeding them often, plenty of playtime and soft talk will help you bond with them. Always approach them slowly and talk to them softly. They will recognize your scent and voice and find comfort in you.

Handle your hamster with care

Always pick your Hamster with two hands and cradle him in cupped hands. Follow the same while putting them down plus some extra caution so they do not accidentally slip away from your hands.

Before you get them, remember that they are nocturnal and sensitive to time.

Are Hamsters legal in India?

Hamsters are legal in India. As per the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Pet Shop) Rules 2016, Hamsters are termed as pet animals and are perfectly legal to own in India.

Is a hamster an easy pet to take care of?

Hamsters can be easy pets to take care of, but they do require some attention. They need a clean cage with fresh food and water daily, and they also need some time outside the cage to play.