10 Best Fish Food in India for Healthy Growth of Aquarium Fish

Fish are the most beautiful pets to have and has low-maintainance too. But choosing the best fish food is a tricky task.

Unlike warm-blooded animals, the body temperature and the metabolic rate of fishes depend on the water temperature around them.

Certain behavioural responses have been linked to methods of feeding, feeding habits, frequency of feeding and food preferences.

For efficient growth, reproduction and health of the fish it is important to feed them good fish food. [Source]

So, Which is the best fish feed in India?

We have mentioned the best fish food in the market that helps in providing all necessary nutrients for good health.

Apart from this we have also mentioned some vital information on the types of fish food, fish food buying guide and several FAQ’s.

Types of Fish Food

There are many types of fish foods available in the market which may prove to be confusing for you.

Check out the types of fish foods that we have mentioned below to understand more about each type and then make a decision accordingly.

Dried fish food

This is the most common type of fish food available in the market. Dried fish food is a type that has something to offer to all kinds of fishes like omnivorous, herbivorous and carnivorous.

The best part is that they are inexpensive and can be stored for a long period of time in a cool and dry place.

There are a few subtypes of Dried fish food and those are mentioned below:


Pellets are also known as granules and are denser than flakes and crisps. Since they are heavier, they reach the fishes that are at the bottom of the tank.

They are available in three forms:

Slow-sinking pellets – They resemble gravel-sized chunks and fall slowly to the bottom of the tank when compared to fast-sinking pellets.

Fast-sinking pellets – These pellets are heavy and denser when compared to other types. They fall at the bottom of the tank quickly and thus you need to ensure that you do not overfeed your fishes.

Floating pellets – This type of pellets float on the surface of the tank for a long time before sinking in.


This type of dried fish food is thin and small just like flakes. It loses its nutrients when it is entirely dissolved in water.

Flakes are ideal for those fishes that swim in the middle of the tank and can reach the top surface easily. It is made to fulfil the daily requirements of a number of fish species.


Crisps are another type of dried fish foods, similar to flakes. They can float in the water for a long time while retaining the nutrients, unlike flakes.

This food type is more beneficial than flakes but costlier. Also, they may be too big in size for consumption for some small fishes.


This type of dried fish food is available in large and small sizes, thus you can choose which one to buy according to your fish type.

The wafers are made with plants and vegetables and thus cannot be eaten in one go. They are denser and thus sink to the bottom surface quickly.

Stick on tablets

As the name says, this dried fish food sticks to the glass wall of the tank when you press it for a few seconds.

Some pet owners enjoy the view of the fish feeding on the tablet. If you are one of those, you can opt for this type of dried fish food.

Freeze dried food

Another type of fish food is the freeze dried food. It includes foods that have been dried whole like brine shrimp, daphnia, krill, blackworms, etc.

This food type can be stored for a long period of time and can also be fed to small fishes. This food type is suitable for the betta, goldfishes, etc.

Frozen fish food

This type of fish food is nothing but live food mixed with other ingredients that are frozen. This is then made into cubes.

You just have to feed these cubes to your fishes. Cubes help make each serving simpler and the best part is that they can be stored for a longer time.

Live fish food

The commonly fed live fish food includes Daphnia, Tubifex, Bloodworm, Brine Shrimp and Artemis.

Live fish food is readily available in local fish stores but not a lot of people prefer this option as they contaminate the water easily.

Fresh fish food

Fresh fish foods include squash and peas. They are suitable for fishes like swordtails and catfish.

Make sure not to overfeed your fishes and also remove the uneaten food from the aquarium.

How to Choose the Best Fish Food in India?

Before you choose to purchase food for your fish from the market, make sure to consider the type so that you are sure your fish can digest it well.

There are a few other points that you need to keep in mind that will help you make the right decision.

Herbivorous/ omnivorous/ carnivorous

The first most important factor that you need to consider before buying food for your fish is to know if your fish is herbivorous, omnivorous or carnivorous.

Fishes like African Cichlids, Silver Dollars, Pacus, and Plecos are herbivorous and eat vegetarian food only. The ideal fish foods for this type of fish are pellets, wafers or flakes. You can even feed them fresh fish food like spinach, peas and lettuce.

Fishes like Oscars, Bettas and Dempsey Cichlids are carnivorous and feed on non-vegetarian food like live or freeze-dried food like tiny shrimps and bloodworms.

Aquarium fishes like catfish, tropical fishes, goldfishes are omnivores and enjoy feeding on plants, vegetables and meat.

They prefer foods like flakes, pellets, live food, crisps and freeze-dried.

Taste preferences

Not all foods may be palatable to every fish. Make sure that the fish food that you buy comes with metabolic enhancers.

This helps in increasing the palatability of the fish food and the fishes enjoy their meal and at the same time boost their immunity.

Complete nutrition

Finding fish food is not difficult but finding a well balanced and completely nutritious food can be tough.

Make sure the fish food is free from salt and artificial colour. It should be high in protein, minerals and vitamins. Nutritious food will help develop growth and improve its immunity.

Ensure that the food you choose fulfils the dietary requirements of the fishes.


Just like us and other animals, fishes should eat foods that are easy to digest.

Thus, whatever food you purchase for the fish, make sure to check the ingredients list and ensure they are easily digestible. This will prevent any digestion issues and boosts its health.


Some food items come with permittable colour enhancers called astaxanthin. This is something that you need to look out for in the fish food as these pigments and enhancers can help restore the washed-out colour of the fish’s skin.

Foods containing colour enhancers can improve the colour and lustre of the skin.

Feeding time and amount

The fish food pack will have the feeding amount specified on it. Make sure to follow the instructions on the package so that you do not overfeed the fishes.

The fishes should be fed 2-3 times a day in the quantity mentioned on the pack. Each fish food type and brand has different instructions, so make sure you check it out before feeding the fishes.

No water fouling

Fishes like to be in a clean environment and fouling of water would make you clean the aquarium daily.

This will not only be time-consuming and inconvenient for you but also for the fishes. Thus, the best option of fish food to choose is flakes or pellets because they slowly dissolve in the water.


Choose fish food that can be stored for a long time. Dried food like crisps and flakes can be stored in a clean and dry place while freeze-dried fish food can be stored in airtight containers or refrigerated.

These foods can last long which means you can buy them in bulk and not have to purchase them every now and then.

Live or fresh food needs to be refrigerated and cannot be stored for a long time. Choose the type of food that suits your needs the most.

Best Fish Food for Growth

1. TetraBits Complete Happy Fins Fish Food

TetraBits Complete Happy Fins Fish Food

This fish food increases resistance towards diseases and prevents deficiencies.

This TetraBits Complete Happy Fins Fish Food contains ingredients like fish derivatives, vegetable protein extract, cereals, yeast, minerals, algae, oils, fats.

It helps in maintaining the colour and shape of tropical fishes.

It has a specially prepared formula for high maintenance of tropical fishes like a discus. This fish food contains all necessary nutrients and vitamins to accelerate growth and increase their resistance towards diseases.

It is a pellet food that sinks faster and is ideal for mid-water and bottom-feeding fishes. This fish food prevents any deficiencies and is ideal for mixed community tanks.

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2. Optimum Fish Food Mini Pellet

Optimum Highly Nutritious Food Mini Pellet

It contains nutrients that help in enhancing the natural colour of aquarium fishes.

The Optimum Highly Nutritious Food Mini Pellet is suitable for all aquarium fish species like goldfish, fancy carp, swordtails, platies and mollies. It is also ideal for angelfish, cichlids, anabantids and betas.

It contains astaxanthin which helps in enhancing their natural colour.

This fish food is rich in vitamins C and E that help reduce stress and increase immunity. It provides complete nutrition without water fouling.

It is directed to feed the fishes with this fish food 2-3 times a day in a quantity which can be consumed within 5 minutes. It is advised to avoid overfeeding as it can make the water cloudy.

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3. Boltz Fish Food for Growth & Health

Boltz Fish Food for Growth

It is made with natural ingredients and help resolve digestion issues and improves metabolism.

Another fish food option on this list is from Boltz. It is a pellet food ideal for maintaining the colour and shape of ornamental fishes.

It is a great choice for the growth, health and nutrition of all aquarium fish species. It is suitable for goldfish, fancy carp, swordtails, platies, mollies, angelfish, cichlids, anabantids and bettas.

This can be used for pet fish owners to feed their pets at home and to fulfil their nutrition requirements. Pellet food is ideal for mid-water and top feeding fishes as well.

This food has a pellet size designed especially for tropical and goldfish. It is made of natural ingredients and resolves digestion issues to improve metabolism.

It strengthens the immune system as it contains a blend of minerals and vitamins.

It has a clean water formula that prevents clouding in the tank. It accelerates growth and increases appetite to provide colour development, enhance lustrous skin and promote good body shape.

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4. OKIKO Platinum (Best Food for Flowerhorn Fish)

Okiko Food for Flowerhorn Head Fish

High-quality fish food specially formulated for flower horn fish.

Colourful Aquarium – Okiko Best Fish Food is an ideal food for the head and colour development of flower horn fish.

It is a high-quality food that gently improves the head shape of the fish and accelerates growth.

The formula has a high content of spirulina and krill extracts with other colour enhancing ingredients to improve their sparkle dots in 1-2 weeks.

It increases fish’s resistance to diseases by improving the immune system.

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5. TETRA BITS Fish Food (Best Food for Goldfish)

TETRA BITS Goldfish Food

This fish food comes in pellet form which becomes soft and tender in water and does not pollute the aquarium.

This is another Tetra Bits fish food option on this list. This Goldfish Gold Colour Fish Food is developed with the help of an advanced extrusion process without losing any essential nutrients.

These pellets become soft and tender in the water and do not pollute the aquarium.

It is rich in spirulina and carotenoids to improve colour naturally and provide efficient growth.

It is a perfectly balanced formula with all the essential nutrients required by the goldfish or other fishes of cold water.

This fish food is enriched with bioactive composed immune stimulants, omega 3 fatty acids, biotin and other vitamins.

It ensures a long and healthy life by improving immunity and allowing the fish to overcome any source of stress.

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6. Hikari Cichlid Bio-Gold Fish Food

Hikari Cichlid Bio-Gold Fish Food

It contains beneficial pro-biotic living microorganisms to supercharge the digestive process.

The Hikari Cichlid Bio-Gold + Mini Pellets is a floating type of fish food that allows easy monitoring of the amount of food eaten.

It contains beneficial probiotic living microorganisms and ensures full utilization of the nutrition with less waste output.

This formula contains stabilized vitamin C that does not degrade over time and supports a healthy immune system.

It offers an improved digestive process and allows better utilization of colour enhancing ingredients.

It has a high level of easily synthesized astaxanthin for vivid and vibrant colouration.

It offers quick consumption by the pet fish with specially formulated food that has garlic and DL-methionine.

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7. Hallofeed Freeze Dried Blood-Worms

Hallofeed Freeze Dried Blood Worms for Fish

It is made with a special freeze-dry technique with the removal of moisture under vacuum at sub-zero temperatures.

Hallofeed Freeze-dried fish food are blood worms that are dried and frozen using an advanced technique.

It is a unique fish food that is made by removing the moisture under vacuum at sub-zero temperatures.

It preserves the nutritional factors and the flavour for good health and quick consumption by the fish. It is directed to press the firm firmly against the aquarium below the waterline.

This food is ideal for tropical fish, goldfish, marine fish and turtle.

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8. Taiyo Koi Food [Best food for koi fish]

Taiyo Koi Food

It has a balanced amount of nutrients that the fish requires for development.

This Taiyo Koi Food includes alfalfa nutrient concentrate that is naturally rich in carotenoids and helps prevent fading over time.

It improves the health and appearance of the pet fish and contains stabilized vitamin C to reduce stress in an enclosed aquatic environment.

It is a high protein, natural food for tropical and marine fishes. It is a highly flavourful treat that comes in a freeze-dried form with good colour and texture.

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9. Hikari (Best Fish Food for Guppies)

Hikari Fancy Powerful Color Enhancing Diet for Guppies

It serves the purpose of improving breeding habits, growth rates and overall health.

Hikari Fancy Powerful Diet Fish Food is a powerful colour enhancing fish food for guppies.

It was developed through extensive research and served the purpose of improving breeding habits, growth rates, overall health and resistance to disease.

It is suitable for guppies, platies, swordtails and mollies. It is directed to feed fish 2-3 times a day with an amount it can consume within a few minutes.

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10. HIKARI Betta Bio-Gold Aquarium Fish Food

HIKARI Betta Bio-Gold Aquarium Fish Food

This fish food has been developed to provide a high amount of protein to reduce the impacts of ageing.

Another Hikari Betta fish food option is the Bio-Gold Fish Food that has been developed through extensive research for nutritional development of Bettas.

It contains stabilized vitamin C that supports the immune system and promotes a healthy and long life.

These floating pellets are carefully balanced to meet the nutritional needs of the pet fish and provide a superior protein source.

It helps in enhancing colouration and it has grape seed extract which reduces the impact of ageing.

The spirulina offers a high concentration of natural nutrients required in the daily diet of fishes and which is suitable for their high-stress nature.

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How to Properly Feed Your Fish Pet?

Before you feed your fishes, make sure to check out the below-mentioned section as it provides some answers to basic yet very important questions.

What Should You Feed to Fish?

It is vital to know what your fishes eat and feed them accordingly. Know if they are herbivores, omnivores or carnivores.

Most people keep a variety of fishes and thus you require a combination of foods. For instance, tetras are more carnivores and on the other hand, livebearers are herbivores.

In this case, you can keep both types of fish foods and alternate feedings of plant-based and meat protein to keep them healthy and happy.

Make sure you consider the size of the food as well. It should be such that your fishes can eat properly.

Large fishes will not eat flake crumbles and small fishes will not eat large pellets as they will not fit into their mouths. Foods that are left uneaten will pollute the aquarium quickly.

When you are feeding freeze-dried food, make sure to dispense food little at a time using a large syringe or turkey baster.

How Much Should You Feed to Fish?

It is wise to underfeed your fishes than overfeed them as uneaten foods can pollute the water. This can increase the levels of ammonia and nitrite.

Usually, it is best to feed your fishes only the amount that they can consume in 2 to 3 minutes. If you are not certain, feed them in little quantity and see how fast they consume.

If the food is consumed in less than 2-3 minutes, then you can give them a little more. Make sure to remove the remains after 5-7 minutes with a net or siphon hose.

One more factor that you need to consider is the water column your fish feeds in. fishes can either be surface feeders, mid-water feeders and bottom feeders.

Most fishes will learn to eat food wherever available but there are some shy fishes that would wait until the food drifts into the safe zone. In this case, flakes and pellet foods can be ideal options because they linger on the surface for a few minutes before settling down.

Soaking dried foods at the surface will drop faster for the mid-water feeders. On the other hand, bottom feeders like catfish, loaches prefer sinking tablets, pellet foods and wafers.

How Often Should You Feed the Fish?

Usually, feeding your fish pet once or twice a day is enough. A few people even fast their fishes for a day to clear their digestive systems.

Larger fishes have a longer wait time between two meals compared to the smaller ones or the fishes that are too active.

Herbivore fishes can be fed more than twice a day but in small quantities only. Newly hatched and small active fishes have higher metabolism and thus need to be fed often.

Water temperature plays an important role in regulating fishes’ metabolism and influences how much and how often they should be fed.

When Should You Feed the Fish?

Most fishes feed in the early morning and at sunset, except omnivores and herbivores that forage the entire day.

There is no universal rule of feeding aquarium fishes at a particular time but morning and evening are the best times. They understand when ‘feeding time’ is and start swimming back and forth at the surface.

Keep the aquarium light on for 30 minutes before the morning as well as 30 minutes after evening meal. Nocturnal species like catfish, knifefish can feed on sinking foods after the light is turned off in the evening.

What can I feed my fish if I don’t have fish food? If you don’t have fish food, you can feed them tiny pieces of green leafy vegetables, peas, rice, pasta, hard boiled egg yolk and small pieces of seafood like shrimps. Seafood can be a good option but it carries the chances of trasfering the infection to aquarium fish.


We hope to have helped you get all the information required to buy the best food for your fishes. Ensure that you check out the types of fish foods available in the market because not all types suit all fishes.

If you are a novice pet owner, you will be confused on the right time to feed the fishes and also how much to feed them. This is why we have answered all the common questions which will help you make the right decision.