Tibetan Mastiff Dog – Info, Facts, Health & Puppy Price in India

The Tibetan Mastiff is a very large breed of guard dogs that is traditionally found in the Himalayan region for thousands of years. This breed is not a true mastiff, this term was given to them by the Europeans, who referred to large dog breeds by this name .

This extremely loyal breed is very independent, stubborn and instinctive. They have long been used for looking over flocks of sheep as they are very serious about their protective duties. The Tibetan Mastiff is known to be fiercely staunch and take their master’s call very seriously.

However, they can be a bit unfriendly when anyone unknown treads their territory and hence sometimes pose a challenge to their owners. They are an  admirable breed who will do everything to ably protect their owners.

If you own a Tibetan Mastiff, you will have to make your dog familiar with all the social skills so they don’t feel unwelcome.

They also make for good guardians for kids but can tend to be overprotective in case of sibling feuds towards their loved one. They are generally active during night time as they were originally guard dogs and follow their natural instinct.

Tibetan Mastiffs tend to move around the house after the dark and can be very vocal and full of energy during night. It is recommended that owners have a space indoors for their Tibetan Mastiffs to sleep so that it doesn’t bother others at night. Compared to night time, Tibetan Mastiffs love to relax a bit during the day.

Make it a point that you have a relatively large space around your house or garden where they can play and roam around. As they are prone to catch breed-associated illnesses, be very careful while buying the puppies. Buy them from trusted sellers or transparent breeders.

How much does a Tibetan Mastiff dog cost in India?This breed is not a cheap one that everyone can afford. The cost of Tibetan Mastiff can vary anywhere between 60,000 INR to 2,50,000 INR. These dogs are considered one of the costliest dogs as their maintenance is also not cheap.

The normal Tibetan Mastiff will cost you between 60,000 to 80,000 , but a purebred variety will cost you a moon, even in several lakhs or crores.

Tibetan Mastiff Dog Price in India & Facts

Height68 cm (Male), 63 cm (Female)
Weight48-65 kg (Male), 40-55 kg (Female)
Lifespan10 to 12 Years
TemperamentReserved, Independent, Intelligent
Puupy Price₹60,000-₹2,50,000
PopularityModerately popular in India
GroomingRequire brushing thrice a week
Common Health IssuesCanine elbow and hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, Seizures , entropion and ectropion.

What Factors Influence the Tibetan Mastiff Price in India?

Tibetan mastiff Puppy cost

The cost of the puppy could be between 60 to 80 thousand, however there is no upper limit to the cost of the puppy.

Usually the healthiest puppy would be the costliest. Always look for the puppy who has been properly vaccinated so that it will avoid the possibility of inherited disease that they might carry.

The breeder factor

The cost of these dogs largely depends on the breeder as well. A good breeder will ensure that the puppy is well groomed and vaccinated. Improper breeding will influence the health of the puppies, as this breed is a delicate one.

The cost also varies depending on whether the dog is purebred or not. The purebred variety’s price may be in several lakhs, while a mixed bred would cost you comparatively less.

The dog food factor

Keeping a tab on what your dog eats is very important in case you have a Tibetan Mastiff or wish to own one. They can easily fall sick if not fed with a proper diet. Some of them may prefer dry dog food while others may not. Therefore the best way to determine the likings of your dog is to observe it while eating.

One needs to be especially watchful of the diet in the cold weather. It is recommended that you buy good quality dog food to avoid any illness that may affect your dog. A good idea would be to consult a vet before starting a diet for your dog.

Another option would be to invest in a good quality dog food that is rich in vitamins and minerals that the Tibetan Mastiff needs. Buying the food in bulk may help you save on the costs.

The vet factor

The Tibetan Mastiff would need some extra attention during its first years. They would need at least 3-4 annual visits to the vet during their first year. This includes regular physical examination, vaccination or deworming if necessary.

Some of them might also require flea examination. For middle aged Tibetan Mastiffs, you might need them to take to the vet for heartworm tests, and other blood work. As they grow old, they can suffer from other health related problems like hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism etc. These treatment costs will vary as per the choice of treatment that the owner may prefer.

Get your dogs checked by a certified  veterinary physician. Bottom line is, as long as you take care of your dog efficiently, it will be healthy and happy.

Vaccination cost

Apart from the usual vaccines, there might be some additional vaccines that your Tibetan Mastiff may need depending upon the level of activity that your dog has.

If your dog spends a lot of time outside doing activities like hiking or camping , then it may need to be given a shot of Leptospirosis vaccine to prevent catching infections from the wildlife outside.

Your dog may need influenza if you keep it in a kennel for extended amounts of time. Lyme shot should also be administered to prevent your dog from ticks.

Grooming cost

When it comes to grooming, the cost of maintaining a Tibetan Mastiff is a huge concern for the owners. Professional grooming services include brushing, trimming, styling, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, bathing and cleaning eyes and ears.

The price of these services will change depending upon the size and the growth of the dog. Some varieties of Tibetan Mastiffs may have a thick coat that might add up in your expenses.

If you are someone who would prefer to take care of your doggo at home, then you would need to invest in some proper grooming equipment. You can expect up to 7-8 grooming sessions yearly if you own this breed.

Some additional grooming services are also offered by the professional groomers. These include dog walking services that take your dog out for a happy stroll in the outdoors or even dog sitting

Dog walkers make sure that your dogs get the required amount of exercise to keep them fit in case you are unable to accompany your dog.  If your dog is not comfortable socializing one will have to shell out some extra money for private walks too.

Tibetan mastiff accessories cost

Other accessories that are a must when you have any dog are good and water bowls, toys, dog collar and a pooper scooper. All these are basic accessories but you might want to invest in some other accessories also that will cost you extra money.

As your dog grows it needs more accessories that will add up in your expenses. These may include shampoo, toenail clippers, stains and odors removal spray etc.

If you are a dog enthusiast then you may want to invest in other accessories like clothing, fences, harnesses and some other things for maintenance.

Training cost

Due to their large size, training this breed of canine could be altogether challenging. The most important aspect when training a Tibetan Mastiff is socializing.

Before you bring in a Tibetan Mastiff in your home, it is a must to check if the dog has been trained to meet the family and socialize. If not so, they can display unruly behaviour. This will also help it to interact with outsiders as well as other dogs.

If at all the dog still shows some aggressive behaviour, then you will need to adopt some special techniques to train your Tibetan Mastiff. As they are guard dogs, they are very protective of their masters and hence training them to socialize with others becomes crucial.

It is a general rule to be patient and consistent while training any animal, so this goes for your Tibetan Mastiff too.

Over the time, proper training will keep your dog happy and calm in the presence of family and strangers. Professional dog trainers are available that will teach this stubborn dog to obey commands, be playful and also help them in potty training. Their charges will go up if you wish to have a private training for your dog.

We recommend you read some books on dogs training and make yourself well versed to help in this section.

Treat cost

Who doesn’t love treats? Right? A true dog owner will love to spoil his dog with all the treats that the dog likes to binge on. While treats may all be good once in a while, the cost of these treats cannot be overlooked.

The treat cost can vary depending upon the amount of treat you prefer to give to your dog. If you are someone who prefers to pamper the dog with treats twice or thrice a week then it will not be much.

Treat cost also vary depending upon the brands so it is actually what you like and your dog’s eating patterns. If you want to give a big treat, divide it into two to three meals. This way will be convenient for you to treat your dog without going overboard.

Tibetan mastiff insurance cost

Since Tibetan mastiff is a purebred dog, it is likely to suffer from certain genetic diseases. It is therefore worth taking an insurance for your Mastiff as its medical expenses could burn a hole in your pocket.

Most of the time pet owners do not take into consideration this factor and end up spending an extraordinary amount on the veterinary bills. Having a pet insurance is a good practice to not only protect your dog but also for saving extra, unexpected expenses.

In the case of Tibetan Mastiff, insurance costs can prove to be a life saver as they can suffer illness at any point of time in their life. Make sure that the insurance covers all the hereditary conditions, as Tibetan Mastiffs are prone to developing them. Despite the best care, such illnesses can not always be avoided.

Tibetan mastiff walking and other services cost

As mentioned earlier, Tibetan Mastiff is a large breed of dog so it can be difficult petting them as well as taking them for walks. Dog walking is an additional cost that will also vary depending on the area you live in.

Having a private trainer that will also take your dog walking will add to the total cost. Other services offered by professionals like grooming or any sort of special training will increase your expenses. So it is better to do a thorough research and then decide where you want to spend the money.

Travel cost

Even if you do not travel frequently, there will be some occasions where you will have to travel with your family. In such scenarios, it is not possible to take your dog everywhere you go. You might need someone who is a professional for taking care of your dog.

If you do want your dog to take along with you, dog boarding is no small thing. It can cost you a lot especially if its a long journey. It could be dependent upon various other factors like time of the year, availability of things and other travel costs.

Irrespective of where and how you are travelling, your Tibetan Mastiff will need an AC as it will get upset in hot weather.

How to choose a purebred Tibetan mastiff in India?

Learn about breed

Make yourself well aware in advance all about the kind of a breed Tibetan Mastiff is. It is very important to know about their innate nature before considering buying these pups.

The most important thing to consider when buying a Tibetan Mastiff is the fact that  it is a working dog who thrives in the presence of loved ones, but also has concerns socializing with others. Make yourself familiar with the kind of habitat this breed needs.

It is a primitive breed that is often classified into two main types, the “Do-khyi” and the “Tsang-khyi”  or the “Monastery type.” The latter is known to be taller in built, heavy and has more wrinkling and haw. 

In India, you would find two major varieties of Tibetan Mastiff. The first one is called “Lion head” and has long hairs, resembling the mane of a lion, hence the name. The “Tiger head” has larger shorter hairs.

Buy from Reputed Pet store or breeder

It should be a no brainer that when you wish to invest in such an expensive dog, you must ensure that you buy it from a reputed pet store or breeder.

A good breeder will take care of all the vaccinations as well and will also help you in taking care of your Tibetan Mastiff in a proper way. Some good pet stores or breeders will also offer you a trained dog that will make the interaction easier with your family.

Ask pet store to arrange a meeting with puppy parents

Only someone experienced or a puppy parent can tell you properly about the puppy. You can always go an extra mile and ask the pet store to arrange a meeting with the puppy parents to get some tips on how to raise your Tibetan Mastiff.

About & History

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the oldest known breeds in the world.

It is distantly related to the grey wolves and is considered to be a foundation of most molosser breeds like the Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain dog etc. This breed was discovered by western explorers in the Himalayan regions and since then made very popular in the western culture.

The Tibetan mastiff was used in two primary roles in the olden days, one being a pastoral dog and the other being the one that provided protection against predators to the villagers.

It was only until the 19th century that King George IV developed an admiration towards Tibetan Mastiff and introduced it to the United Kingdom.


The Tibetan Mastiff is a large dog that is well built with an impressive coat.

This dog has a large, broad and heavy head and a well -defined stop. They can grow very tall and often be the centre of attraction. It has a deep muzzle and strong jaws containing large scissor like teeth suiting their guard dog identity.

They have brown eyes and a dignified look on the face that instantly makes them stand apart. Their ears are usually forward drooping close to the side of the head.Tibetan Mastiffs are most prominently known for their mighty hairy appearance.

They have strong muscles, a hairy mane and a moderately broad chest with a back that is straight and flat. The hairy mane is more prominent in males than the females. Due to its origins, they have a thick coat with dense, soft secondary hairs.

Their tail is in proportion and set high in line with their back that gives them their distinct gait. In spite of their large size, they are very agile, light and can spring extremely well. This is because of their well angulated strong limbs.

They are even known to be so strong that early Tibetans believed they could even wound or kill a tiger! These canines can reach a weight of about 48-65 kgs for adult males and about 40-55 kgs for adult females. Males can grow upto a height of 68 cms while females grow upto a height of 63 cms.

They have big hairy paws as well as feathered tail and hindlimbs. Tibetan Mastiffs come in very impressive colours like tan blue, black, tan gold sable etc. On the whole they are truly one of the best looking dog breeds that will sure prove to be quite a sight when you take them outside.

Character & Temperament

It would not be fair to call this breed very temperamental but there are some key points that you must know if you own a Tibetan Mastiff.

This breed have a natural protective instinct and could show an uncanny willingness and vigilance if they sense any danger to their master’s family, or even in general situations. This could also mean that they would not be able to readily welcome the extended family and other strangers that might get around your family.

They can pose a problem when irked or aroused so it is always better to be extra attentive when you and your family members find yourselves in such situations. They are quick to react even in the presence of the family if they misinterpret anyone because of their body language or the tone of the voice so watch out for this all the time.

It thus proves crucial to train your dog to interact with children and other pets or strangers when they are young. Inter dog aggression, especially with the same gender dogs of other breeds is also not uncommon.

Leaving aside all of this, Tibetan Mastiffs are very affectionate dogs that would do everything in their power to love and protect their family.


Training a Tibetan Mastiff is not at all easy. It needs a great deal of patience and consistency to train them. Training has to start during puppyhood so that they don’t pose a problem later on.

Tibetan Mastiffs are not used to obeying commands readily so it is a real challenge to teach them to listen and obey to their family. They tend to think about themselves so only a good training ritual will prove to be useful in the long run.

They need to be trained firmly but with respect and kindness so that they feel comfortable. This approach will make it easy for the owners to handle their innate protective instinct with ease.

Socialization skills should be taught to Tibetan Mastiffs only during puppyhood as it will be difficult to tackle an adult  Tibetan Mastiff.


When it comes to grooming, it would be advisable that you brush it’s coat atleast thrice a week. Due to their thick coat that is meant to protect them cold weather, they generally don’t shed a lot.

Wash their coat with a good quality shampoo once every six or eight weeks. If the hairs are unmanageable, you might need to visit a professional groomer. But they have strong toenails that would need special care and attention.

It is better that you visit a professional groomer to clip your dog’s toenails. Many Tibetan Mastiffs also have rear see claws. Make sure you pay attention to them as well as you do not want them to grow long and pierce your dog’s surrounding skin causing it discomfort.


Although owning a Tibetan Mastiff is no simple deal, the fact that this dog is a stunner in itself cannot be denied. Being a purebred dog, they have their own distinct character that makes them stand out among other dog breeds.

While Tibetan Mastiffs are considered to be some of the costliest dogs in the world, the joy that will bring in your life due to their sheer protective , loyal and loving nature will all be worth it.