Saluki Dog as Pet – Price in India, Breed History, Temperament & More

Can you believe it? Saluki is one of the oldest dogs breeds! 

DNA evidence has proved this antiquity. They are some of the best-looking dogs out there with excellent hunting intuitions. 

The medium-sized hounds are known to chase almost anything and everything that moves. 

The strength and perseverance these canines possess are pretty much incomparable. They are magnificent hunters flaunting elegance as they move!

What is the Cost of the Saluki Dog in India?

An average price of a basic category Saluki in India is INR 30,000 to INR 40,000. A puppy registered by the Kennel Club of India will cost you INR 40,000 to 50,000. The price of a show-quality Saluki is anywhere between INR 50,000 to INR 80,000. 

Show quality dogs will come closest to the standards of the ideal breed.

Factors affecting the cost

Many factors affect the price of Saluki if you are looking to buy one.

Type of Dog

As mentioned earlier, breed dogs generally come in three basic categories: Basic, Show quality, and registered. 

The Basic category Saluki will cost you the minimum among all the categories. 

KCI registered Saluki dogs will cost you a bit higher than the basic categorized one. You get a quality guarantee under the Kennel Club of India. 

The registration will ensure the canine’s health and allow you to participate in the dog shows.

Show quality is the most expensive one among all the categories. It is the closest you can get as per the ideal standards of the breed. 

Show category is yet another one that will allow you to participate in the dog shows.

Age and gender of your pet

The most preferred dogs of any breed are males. The higher the demand for a dog, the pricier it gets. 

Similar is the case with younger dogs or pups. They are priced higher as compared to an adult dog. It is always easier to train a puppy compared to an adult pet.

Purity of the breed

Lineage will impact the purity of a breed, plus it depends on the breeder. 

Choose a purebred dog over a mixed one for a healthier pet. The probability of a purebred dog developing genetic health issues is less likely. 

A purebred Saluki will cost you more than a mixed breed since it has the lowest possibility of developing hereditary problems. 

Always choose a trustworthy breeder for the right dog. In that case, spending more is still a worthy choice.

Rarity and availability of a dog

The dog breeds that are readily available and most commonly found as pets in a region will cost you less. 

Dogs that are rare and are specifically bred or brought from elsewhere include the cost of its transportation and others. 

Saluki is relatively a less popular dog in India and is not readily available everywhere. Hence, the price of the breed is on the higher side.

It is, however, still less-pricier compared to a few other rare puppies in India.

Breeder’s Reputation

The reputation of a breeder is one of the significant factors affecting the cost of a Saluki puppy. 

A breeder who is professional and experienced in the field will ensure the right conditions for breeding. He will consider a healthy and purebred parent dog. 

Even litter is cared for properly and kept in the right environment. Hence, when you buy a Saluki from a reputed breeder, you will get a guarantee of your puppy health, breed, and other factors. 

A worthy breeder will demand more for his puppies because of the effort he puts into them. So, if you want to become a happy pet parent of a happy puppy, invest in a reputed breeder.

Champion Bloodline

If any of your Sauki’s forefathers have been champions in any dog shows, your pet is from a champion bloodline. It will add to the cost of your pet. 

Having a dog from the champion bloodline will increase his chances of performing well in dog shows. 

Want your pets to participate and perform well in dog shows? You now know what to choose and how much to pay!


A microchipped dog from the Kennel Club of India will cost you more. 

The club offers you the option of fixing a small chip on your pet. It will provide a permanent ID for your pet plus a few additional features. 

The cost of registration of your Saluki from the club plus microchipping will lead to a higher price.


An adoption is always an option open for becoming pet parents.

If you are looking for a furry friend to bring home, you can consider adoption without the involvement of breeders. 

You may have to bear certain expenses associated with rescuing the dog and its vaccinations. Adoption will bring down the overall cost of your Saluki dog. 

Moreover, it will make you a proud pet parent of a buddy in need of shelter. 

You must be willing to accept that adoption comes with its own set of pros and cons. Only proceed with the process with proper understanding and the right mindset.

About and History

Hunting was the primary reason to breed Salukis by the Arabs. Pharaohs used them alongside falcons for hunting hares and gazelle. 

Did you know? Saluki is one of the 14 dog breeds that exhibit the minimum genetic differences from wolves. Research suggests that the ancient breed is one of the only descendants of the first dogs. Credits for their presence across the world go to their nomadic pet parents. 

One of the theories has it that these canines derive their name from an ancient city Saluk, in Yemen. Another one claims that they derive it from Seleucia in Syria. A different theory suggests that Saluki is a word for hound in Arabic.

Portrayals of dogs with Greyhounds like bodies with feathers on ears, tails, and legs appear on tombs in Egypt dating back to 2100 B.C.E. These illustrations from about 4000 years ago have a very high resemblance to Salukis.   

As the Arabs refer to the breed as the Noble, he is an elegance to the speed, strength, and endurance. Salukis are the happiest and healthiest where they get to exercise, run and chase. It is advisable to provide the breed with a good 300 to 400 feet sideways area that is covered.


Saluki males are 23 to 28 inches at shoulder level, size differences among the females are considerable. The breed weighs between 75 to 150 kgs. The long narrow head, sleek and muscular body make them appear like a skinny supermodel.

Various shades of a Saluki include golden, grizzle and tan, white, cream, black and tan, fawn, and even tricolor (white, black, and tan). The entire body of the breed can be smooth with trim featherings at parts. 

A few of them may have the backs of the thighs and sometimes the shoulders, on the legs, and the underside of the tail covered with feathers.

Ears are the prominent feature of Salukis. They are long and covered with hair that’s silky. You will notice a black or liver pigmentation of the nose. Their pear-shaped eyes reflect the high intelligence level and the warmth they shower.

Temperament & Character

They are fast as the wind, strong as an athlete, and gracefully balanced like an athlete. All credits of these attributes go to the slim, leggy appearance of the canine.

Saluki is a dog who is highly devoted to you but will hardly express it. They will love you wholeheartedly but will not demonstrate it actively. These beautiful dogs have got reserved personalities. 

Due to the dedicating character of the breed, they will do well in companionship. Salukis, therefore, cannot be left home alone all day. They are not meant for apartment living, and for Salukis fenced yards are recommended. Let’s keep you informed that they can jump over anything that’s less than six feet!

Salukis are generally very calm and temperate. But can turn sheepish over time. As pet parents, you can avoid this behavior with early socialization. They need to be brought out and introduced to different environments regularly.

These typical sighthounds have a very high prey drive. They will chase and kill small animals like cats, squirrels conveniently. Salukis are habitual of stealing food wherever and whenever.

You will find this breed to be the least bit aggressive despite being valiant hunters. It makes them less of a guard dog but credential watchdogs because of their trait of alertness.


Salukis are one of the cleanest breeds, not even a dog scent! They are hassle-free to groom and a low-shedding breed. A smooth or feathered coat of Salukis hardly requires any attention.         

Dead hair can be removed by brushing them once a week. Feathering is prone to tangles, removing them needs combing once or twice a week. Combing/ brushing will distribute the natural skin oils evenly across the coat.

Bathing will be a requirement only if your Saluki is dirty. Otherwise, a gentle wipe down with a damp cloth will do the needful.         

We recommend you brush your Saluki’s teeth twice or thrice a week, daily is even better. It will prevent canine gum diseases from developing. Are the Nails of your pet clicking while they walk? It’s time you trim them down. Trim your dog’s nails once or twice a month or ask your vet to do it for you.

Are Saluki dogs good pets?

Salukis are some of the best pets one can have. Experienced pet parents, especially those who like calm yet alert pets, will love to have them around. They are highly devoted in general but will not display affection outrightly. Since these dogs are avid hunters, they are better off without other pets at home. They make good company for the grown children, while not recommended for homes with younger kids. Since these dogs are of good size, they may topple down small children.

Is the Saluki the fastest dog?

Salukis holds a record in the Guinness Book as the fastest dog attaining 68.8 km/h. Typically Greyhounds are given credits as the fastest dogs, but only up to a distance of around 2500 feet. Salukis are faster when it comes to longer distances. Salukis are capable of jumping over anything less than six feet in height. So, as Saluki pet owners, ensure you have a fenced yard and long enough for your pet to run out his energy.

Are Salukis aggressive?

Salukis are shy dogs around strangers. Despite being devoted, they hardly demonstrate. They are the kind of dogs who enjoy sitting by your side but not on your lap. They are quiet by nature and prefer companionship, in contrast, with their hunting instincts and endurance. These traits make them good watchdogs, but non-aggressive behavior makes them less likely as guard dogs. The non-aggressive behavior of Salukis makes them excellent family dogs.

Are Salukis stubborn?

Salukis are intelligent dogs who are capable of independent thinking. These very traits make them stubborn and manipulative. You can deal with this behavior of your dog by remaining consistent. Ensure you direct them the right thing while training. Stick to your words and actions to display that you mean what you say. Teach your Salukis to respect you so that they drop whatever they are up to when you say “No.”

Are you a pet parent with significant experience? An affectionate dog, yet keeping his calm is your kind of pet? Need a companion for your jog who is equally good-looking to sprawl across your living room? Then Saluki is your loyal life-long partner.

Just ensure your neighboring pets are safe and you have a high-fenced yard! You can also consider adoption if you choose this breed!