Rampur Greyhounds – Price in India, Temperament & Breed Details

Did you know? Rampur Greyhounds are one of the fastest dogs and can run at a speed of over 40mph. 

The athletic build makes them appear more handsome and magnificent. They are highly loyal and known to be one-owner dogs. 

Despite being one of the best dog breeds, Rampur Greyhounds are less popular. They are on the verge of extinction. Give the blog a further read to know more about these dogs.

What is the cost of Rampur Greyhounds in India?

The price of Rampur greyhound in India falls between INR 5000/- to INR 18000/-. Similar to the dogs of other breeds, the price varies based on age, health, and even the breeders. It is a rare breed and on the verge of extinction. Lack of recognition by any kennel club is the reason for the lower prices.

Factors affecting the cost 

Following are some of the factors affecting the cost of a Rampur Greyhound.

The appearance of the dog

A few physical attributes influence the overall price of a dog. Such as the coat of Rampur Greyhound appears in the colors of Fawn, Grey Brindle, Fawn and White, Brindle and White, and Tan. Rarer the color or shade gets higher the prices of the canines become.  

Gender and Age of the dog

Puppies and male dogs are more in demand always. People choose younger ones since it is easier to train them and to keep them free of diseases. Similarly, male dogs come with no extra cost of future pregnancy or those associated with caring for a litter.

Hence, a dog that is just a month old is any day expensive as compared to the one that is about nine months old. Similar is the case with female and male canines.

Purity of the breed

Rampur Greyhound is, in itself, a rare breed since it is on the verge of extinction. Additionally, chances of developing health issues in purebred dogs are lesser.

Mixed-breed comes with a hereditary line of various dogs and breeds. It gets uncertain to determine the health condition of such dogs. That’s one of the reasons why the purity of the breed determines the cost of the dog.

A purebred dog is always priced higher as compared to a mixed breed.

Location of availability

Rampur Greyhound is a breed receiving popularity only lately. It is because of the lower numbers that are remaining.

The breed’s origin is associated with India, unlike the exotic ones from exotic places. That’s the reason the Rampur greyhounds never got the deserved recognition.

Thus the dogs of this breed are hard to find everywhere. It is even harder to find a purebred one. Despite all of these factors, the canine cost is relatively lower. The cost of any canine varies based on its availability and location.

The reputation of the Breeder

A reputed breeder is ethical and honest with his work. The primary reason for his reputation itself is his work.

So the cost factor of a dog will definitely increase if a reputed breeder is involved with its breeding. However, it will ensure the purity of the breed as well as the health quality of the dog.

The cost of any canine doesn’t end with just procuring of a dog, it’s just the beginning.

There are various costs associated with the dog’s first-year food, toys, grooming, medical expenses lifelong (including their vaccines, neuter/ spaying, etc). One must consider every individual aspect before deciding to buy or adopt a dog.

About & History

The source of the Rampur Greyhound is from a town in North India called Rampur. The primary purpose was to curate something that could hunt and kill jackals. Ahmad Ali Khan, a Nawab of Rampur, interbred Tazi and English Greyhound.

The result was astonishing that Rampur Greyhound could hunt large animals such as tigers, lions, leopards, and especially jackals. Single-handedly they could take down a golden jackal. These Greyhounds have been around for about 300 years now. 

Although the breed has gained popularity lately, only a few are alive today. With no more need for hunting and changing times, they are on the verge of extinction. A purebred Rampur is hard to find because of the breeding of many other English hounds. 

The loyalty of these dogs is commendable. They are one-owner dogs and have got high protective instincts. They are gentle and lively with children, yet they are shy among strangers.

However, they can knock over small children because of their size, especially while running around. So one shouldn’t leave the children and the breed unattended.


Rampur Greyhound is an athletic dog with a sleek body, tall legs, a long nose, and a slim torso. The narrowness of the torso is a unique feature of the breed. Large oval eyes give them a good vision while hunting.

The coat of the breed appears in shades of solid colors. Some recognized color varieties include Grey, Brindle Black, FawnWhite, White & Black. The short, smooth and short coat is also easier to groom. They have thin and whip-like tails, reaching to the ankles.

They have an extraordinary balance, which is due to the flexible toes. They have hare-like feet which are webbed, adding to the grace of their power. Rampur Greyhounds weigh between 27-30kgs. Males measure between 60-75cm, while females are relatively short, measuring 55-60cm. 

Temperament & Character

Rampur Greyhounds as pets have no issues with adjusting. The breed thrives the most with human companionship and is fiercely loyal towards the family. They are very gentle and fragile towards children and are hardly aggressive towards humans in general. 

The temperament of these dogs is to chase smaller animals and preys. So greyhounds may be less friendly to other animals in the house. Early socialization will help the dogs come out of the social zone and avoid unpleasant experiences. 

They might be charged up and running around at times while lethargic during others. They are highly active and lively as long as they have a good companionship. Hence, the breed requires regular exercise and walks. They can run at a pace of 30 km/hr, so be mindful to keep them on a good leash at public places. 

The high-energy breed is very attentive to humans. They have an instinct for protection. The size of the greyhounds and their qualities make them the finest watchdogs. 

A house with a yard environment is most suitable for such dogs. However, regular exercise should benefit if kept in an apartment. They also make excellent neighbors due to their character of barking less often. 


One can easily housetrain Rampur Greyhounds. They listen to one person’s command since they are pack animals. Greyhounds consider that the human who leads them around is the master of the pack. 

Even though they aren’t an intelligent breed, their nature of being very quiet makes them learn things faster. Training to respond to recall is a must module in the process. It will help you avoid any potential mishaps. 

A daily walk or jog is essential for these dogs. It is, however, advisable to keep them on a leash. Begin your training with an extendable lead, but ensure to train them to work off-lead. Socializing will help the breed to come out of its usual shy character. 

Simple methods and positive approaches will get them to learn better. Harsh methods reduce the efficiency of training because of the temperament nature of these dogs. 


Rampur Greyhounds are very clean and tidy, so grooming is not a big deal on these dogs. You will not even require a professional groomer. An occasional brushing will do all the job. It is a good idea to get your pet used to the grooming process at an early stage.

Brushing once or twice a week shall be beneficial for their shedding. The breed does shed in contradiction to the short coat it carries. These dogs will love massaging as a favorite kind of pampering. So a soft brush or a hound mitt will be an ideal feel-good thing for the greyhound.

Do not miss brushing their teeth once or twice a week. It will ensure fresh breath, prevent gum diseases, and remove tartar buildup. Your pet will also require clipping of toenails regularly. 

Are Rampur Greyhounds intelligent?

Rampur Greyhounds are average with intelligence, but they are quick learners. One of the reasons for this is that they have a quiet temperament, despite being very protective of their humans. It is therefore easy to train and even housetrain them.

They are dogs with athletic build and protective instincts. It makes them genetically prepared for training and learning for shows and physical activities. Moreover, they follow one human’s order whom they consider their master. It should help you train your greyhound better.

Do Rampur Greyhounds bark a lot?

The greyhounds are known for barking rarely or only while with other greyhounds. Laid-back and quiet nature is the primary reason for this behavior. Greyhounds are highly gentle for their size and appearance. The breed gets along very well with children and even older people.

The specific trait of barking less makes them favorably appropriate for apartment living. Nevertheless, they are very protective of their packs and the leader. If they come across someone or something suspicious, they quickly react.

Why do Greyhounds need muzzles?

Greyhounds are the fastest running dogs. The racing of these dogs is a leisure activity. The dogs are stimulated and aroused while racing. It gets them very excited may bite their co-racing dog.

The muzzles, therefore, prevent them from doing so. Another reason for wearing muzzles might sound silly. It is for the pure purpose of identifying the dogs, especially during photo finishes. 

Why does greyhound lean on you?

Greyhounds are sensitive and attached dogs. They love to display their affection using their body. It can mean leaning/curling up against you, putting up their body weight against you. It isn’t an uncommon behavior, and many dogs display similar acts. Smaller dogs usually prefer sitting on laps, while greyhounds use their weight to show attachment.

Greyhounds are great dogs for families, especially with kids and older generations. They always love, protect and depend on their pack. 

If you are looking for a pet that’s protective plus obeys your command, then Rampur Greyhound is the one for you. The appearance and few other traits make them the best watchdogs. The gentle behavior and loyalty of the dogs make them the best breed a family can have.