Rajapalayam Dog & Puppy Price in India [All Major CIties]

Rajapalayam dog is an Indian breed named after a place in Tamil Nadu, India. It is also known as the Poligar hound, Vellai Moonji Naai and was originally developed as a boar hunting dog and is a very old and rare breed of sighthound.

They are typically white in colour and have pink noses, pale skin and brown or blue eyes. It is one of the most popular dog breeds in India.

These dogs are very affectionate and loyal to their owners and tend to be more aggressive towards strangers as well as other animals.

They have a very aggressive and protective temperament which makes them excellent guard dogs.

They are supposed to be taught to socialize at an early stage to prevent dangerous behaviour from developing.

As times changed, hunting became less popular and so did this breed. This breed is not very popular these days and is also on the verge of extinction.

There were campaigns set up for the breeding and well being of unusual dogs like Rajapalayam. They came to be used as guard dogs for people, plants and property.

If you are looking to buy one, then this article can help you get all the information required like the Rajapalayam dog price in India, various factors that influence the Rajapalayam price, things that you should know while buying a purebred Rajapalayam and all the other details like history of Rajapalayam, its trainability, appearance and grooming etc.

How much does a Rajapalayam Dog cost in India?Rajapalayam dog breed has different price ranges in different cities depending on the breeder, pet shop and the area. Typically, one may have to spend anywhere between Rs. 8000 and Rs. 13000 to buy a Rajapalayam dog breed. 

With increasing obsession towards the foreign dog breeds, Indian dogs like Rajapalayam are on the verge of extinct. In August 2020, PM Modie urged nation to opt for Indog, since they are more brave, accustomed with Indian environment and is less expensive to keep as compared foreign breeds.[01]

Rajapalayam Price in India & Facts

Height65 cm – 75 cm
Weight30 kg to 45 kg
Lifespan09 to 11 Years
TemperamentLoyal, Protective,  Trainable & Confident
Puupy Price₹8,000-₹13,000
PopularityVery Low
GroomingOnce a Week
Common Health IssuesWall eye deafness

Factors influencing the Rajapalayam price in India?

Before you pay a price for this breed of dog, ensure to understand the factors that affect its price. The important ones are mentioned below:

Rajapalayam Puppy cost

The puppy price of Rajapalayam dog breed varies according to the area from where it is being bought.

In the breed’s hometown named Rajapalayam, it sells for Rs. 10,000 or lower prices as the demand there is higher as compared to other towns and cities.

The same puppy may cost much higher if bought outside of its hometown. These dogs were highly priced and popular due to high demand few decades back.

However, reduction in demand and prices has discouraged the breeders from breeding them. Hence the availability and area also play an important role in deciding the puppy cost.

Breeder cost

This is one of the most important factors that influence the price of the Rajapalayam dogs. There are many types of breeders from where you can buy this breed.

It is always wise to go with the reputed breeders because shady breeders dont care a lot about the dogs, all they want is money. Also, do not opt to buy a dog from the pet shops because they do not raise the dog in the right way.

Genuine reputed breeders take proper care of the dog and sell them to those people who will give them a healthy and happy environment.

Daily dog food cost

The average daily consumption of dog food by Rajapalayam dog breed is 3 cups. This means it may incur a daily cost between Rs. 110 and Rs. 170.

The owner can expect a monthly expense of Rs. 3300 to Rs. 4500 depending on the area where the dog is being raised and the dog food that is being bought.

Vet Cost

Rajapalayam is a generally healthy dog breed and may only catch common diseases like any other puppy or dog breed.

Almost all dog breeds may develop genetic disorders as it grows, that are unknown to the breeder and the dog.

The pigment producing cells called melanocytes are responsible for producing the coat and eye color. The same stem cells connected to pigment producing cells produce hearing cells.

If these are absent, white coat Rajapalayam dogs generally develop deafness. There are risks of skin diseases due to bacteria development which is related to the hot and moist areas these dogs are bred in.

All in all, these reasons may lead to certain amount of vet cost for this breed of dog.

Without the common genetic disorders this dog is considered a healthy dog and does not require regular veterinarian visits.

Vaccination cost

The puppies are required to get the Parco and anti-rabies vaccine shot. Adult dogs do not require any vaccine shot.

The vaccine cost varies from state to state but it is priced at a reasonable range.

Grooming cost

This dog breed is not like other sensitive imported dogs that require extra care and grooming efforts but it does need minimal care and hygienic grooming.

It has short coat that needs to be brushes once or twice a week using soft brush or hound mitt.

The owner must adapt a regular grooming regime with bath and brushing teeth to remove tartar buildup and fresh breath at all times.

This basic grooming helps in preventing various skin and gum diseases for the Rajapalayam dog breed.

Grooming cost may include expenses like soft brush for coat, shampoo and conditioner for bathing, nail clippers, toothbrush and towel.

Training cost

These dogs are fairly responsive and alert which makes them easy to train. They are always excited to learn something new from their owners.

It is important to start training and socializing them from an early stage as they are more adaptable during their early stage. This inculcates discipline in them and they become more compliant.

These dogs usually require extra expenditure of professional dog training as they are highly distractible and do not listen to multiple trainers. They are however smart and obedient and can be trained well if started at an early stage.

Skilled and experienced dog owners are more likely to be able to teach and train this breed better.

If the owner is a first timer, it is better to hire a professional dog trainer. The training will incur extra cost but will be worth.

Treat cost

Commercial dog treats are very expensive in India but treats are necessary to encourage good behavior in dogs.

Treat costs for Rajapalayam dogs can be reduced by providing homemade treats instead of commercial treats.

Homemade treats certainly lower the expenses but it is still to be considered as an additional expense in raising the dog.

Rajapalayam walking and other services cost

The flouring business of dog walking service is available only in some cities in India.

Dog walking services can be booked on daily or monthly basis for nurturing activeness in dogs like Rajapalayam.

A dog walker can be hired for Rs 500 to Rs. 1500 per month. It is important to inculcate socialisation and note that the dog is friendly with the dog walker to ensure safety.

This breed is generally only affectionate towards their owner and aggressive towards all strangers.

How to choose a purebred Rajapalayam in India?

Learn about breed

It is very important to learn about the breed before buying Rajapalayam dog in India. The appearance and the build of the dog vary if it is not bred in its hometown.

Rajapalayam pure breeds are only breed in their hometown which they are named after. This place is in Tamil Nadu, India and has many breeders that breed Rajapalayam.

Get the dog from reputed breeder

It is very crucial to buy the dog from a reputed breeder. Shady breeders have less knowledge about breeding and raising Rajapalayam puppies.

These people sell dogs to pet shops and potential buyers without maintaining the breeding standards of the Rajapalayam breed.

Genuine breeders take care of the dog in the correct way and sell them only to people who are willing to provide a healthy growing environment for the dogs.

Try to meet parent of pup

To understand the originality of the breed, it is recommended to meet both parents of the puppy. This ensures detecting any genetic disorders and to understand the potential future behaviour of the puppy.

Genuine breeders have both parents as they have bred them by following correct breeding standards. Hence, if the breeder is not  able to provide parent information it is possible he is a shady seller.

Physical traits of Rajapalayam Dog

There are certain misconceptions about this dog’s looks that are spread by false breeders to make profit.

Spotted puppies and black Rajapalayam are not genuine pure bred dogs. They are cross puppies sold by false breeders.

About & History


Rajapalayam dog was a companion to the kings and royal families. They were considered the royal hunting dogs who bravely took on wild boars.

These dogs are medium to large sized sighthounds and originated in a town named Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu, India.

It is one of the oldest native Indian dog breeds and is officially registered in the Kennel Club of India.

After the ban on hunting and other dangerous activities that affected animal life, Rajapalayam dogs began to excel as guard dog, police dog, military dog and companion dog.

With the decrease in demand for this dog breed, there are less breeders who breed them.

However, there has been continuous effort by Government of Tamil Nadu and other authorities in bringing back the demand and existence of this dog.


The town of Rajapalayam is in the foothills of the Western Ghats and the farmers in this town lived on the edge of the forest.

Rajapalayam was used as a guard dog for their farms and was also fit for their hunting games.

During the Nayakar rule in the 17th century, these dogs were used as war dogs to bite off the hamstrings of the war horses of the British. They showed courage and made many horses unfit for battle.


The head of this dog indicates its stable and loving character and must be in balance with its body.

The dog must have an alert look, oval eyes and triangle shaped ears that are hanging and not erect.

They have long front legs with muscular shoulders and are straight and close to their body. The hind legs are sturdy and well defined. The hind legs must be parallel to each other when viewed from the back.

Other physical traits of original Rajapalayam breed include long neck that blends into their shoulder, deep chest and straight topline.

They generally have tucked abdomen and tail that blends correctly with the body.

Rajapalayam dog has a gait as majestic as that of a horse. It must have movement which is steady and effortless with legs that remain in line with their body while running.

Character & Temperament

Rajapalayam dogs are extremely loyal to their owners but they do not like being touched more often.

They are great companions for older children but do not make a good choice for younger children.

It is recommended to carefully monitor their behaviour when interacting with small children.

It is good to make them socialize with strangers and other animals at an early stage to avoid dangerous behaviour later.

They have a high prey drive and are unfit to co-exist with multiple pets. They may turn into rebel if their original trainer is changed and require consistent and firm training.

Rajapalayam is truly an useful dog that can be helpful for several things.


These dogs are intelligent and excited to learn but training them is a challenge because of their stubborn nature.

It is important to have the same training professional from the start to the end of the training as they turn aggressive to change and strangers.

It is recommended to train the puppy as soon as possible as it is adapts well and become compliant. It is much difficult to train this breed once it gets older.

Hire a professional dog trainer who is extremely good at training as this breed to be responsive and alert.

It is crucial that the owner becomes a part of the training sessions as it is difficult for this breed to take commands from more than one person.


Rajapalayam dogs need little grooming for their short and dense coat. It is important to keep them clean at all times as they are prone to many skin issues.

Applying oil on their skin keeps them well maintained. They do not shed a lot and are couch friendly dogs. Bathing them keeps them fresh and clean but they are not very fond of water.

It is recommended to have them on leash or use a hose to bathe them regularly.


Rajapalayam is an intelligent and powerful Indian breed of dog. It has had great history and has helped as hunting dogs, war dogs and guard dogs. They continue to help in guarding farms, properties, homes and as companions to people.

These dogs are not as sensitive as imported dogs and adjust well to Indian climate but need care in terms of health.

It is important to note that these dogs must only be bought if proper care and comfort can be provided to them from time to time.