Pugs Favourite Food – What Pugs Can Eat & Can’t Eat?

Pugs really look different than all other dogs and are the most popular small dog breeds in India. On top of that, several Vodafone commericals made pugs famous in India.

Though they are adorable pets to have, keeping with pugs diet habits can be tricky unless you are aware about what pugs can and can’t eat.

So, what is pugs favorite food & how often should pug eat? Pugs are endless eaters, enjoy variety of flavors and are not picky for food. Fresh food, kibble, raw meats & fruits are pugs favorite food. Pugs needs to be fed thrice a day and can have small snack treat between the meals.

Small dog parents tends to feed them twice a day with ocassional snacks between the meals, pugs are a bit diiferent to follow this rule. They are endless eaters and should be fed three times a day to keep the healthy growth.

But while doing so, you should remember that pug should get measured meals at a specific time of the day so that you can keep track of calories and doesn’t overdo it. Since, pug is a small dog breed, a bit of extra calories can make them overweight.

Once you buy them, you need to watch their weight carefully than yours 🙂 Pugs are known to eat all kind of food that comes their way and hence can end up becoming obese.

Also, pugs are sensitive to the common food items that goes well for other dog breeds, so it is important to watch not only how much they eat but what they eat. We have compiled some information that will help you to understand what food is ok to feed your pug and what food should be avoided.

Pugs like variety of flavors and can eat lot of things without getting sick. However, some human food can be toxic for them like mushrooms, raw potatoes, grapes, peach pits, avocados and chicken bones.

Grapes tops the list of fruits that you should strictly avoid giving your pug. Though, science does not have a concrete answer for why grapes are toxic to dogs, it is found that ingesting grapes & raisines can lead suddden kidney failure in the dogs.

What Food You Should Feed Your Pug?

Pugs enjoy eating several human food like baby carrots, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, cooked green beans & meat. Give them lean meat like chicken, lamb, beef & fish to provide proteins. Apart from human food, pugs can eat dry dog food for smaller dogs.

One of my friends pug, enjoy munching on the fresh baby carrots alot!

Fresh, raw baby carrots are low on calories, fats and has fibers. So, baby carrots are good dog treats and help cleaning dogs teeth, improve bowel movement & provides host of nutritional benefits  to dogs with ingredients like Vitamin A & Beta-carotene.

You can feed you pug with fresh baby carrots. To help them chew it better & digest, you can chop or grate them in tiny pieces. Carrot juice is a good option too but it looses all the benefits of fibers.

Pugs alos like to eat potatoes but the boiled ones. You shouln’d be feeding your dog a raw potato. Potato can make a great filler with shredded bones or raw meat.

Pugs loves to eat the kibble for smaller dogs. The dry dog food that are made for the smaller breeds can be a good choice for pugs.

Since, kibbles are made keeping the dogs nutritional needs and comes in small size, it will help your pug to gain the strength.

Sometimes pug can have wet dog food but it need to refulated since wet foods are high of fats and pugs are prone to obesity.

Pugs loves eating meat. Raw or cooked, they can eat both but it should be lean meat that the fatty ones to avoid obesity. Chicken, lamb, beef & fish are some good option to begin with.

Pugs can eat veggies like baby carrot, spinach, peas, green beans, boiled potato, and kale. To feed the pug with these vaggies, you need to mix it with meals.

What Food You Should Avoid Feeding Your Pug?

There are several snack items you need to avoid feeding the pugs like grapes, pits of fruits, avacado, raw bones of meat, mushrooms, onion, tea and coffee.  There are more to this list but these are few common food items that needs to be avoided for pug.

Tea and coffee does no good for dogs. Often it add more sugar to pugs diet and dogs are more sensitive to tea and caffeine that the humans. An ocassional sip of coffee doesn’t hurt the pug, giving them more than that is not allowed.

IF you pug mistakenly drank too much coffee or ate tea bags then you need to keept under observation to rule out the signs of poisoning.

Pet parents may not realize that caffeine can be toxic to their pugs.

Food to Feed Your PugFood Not to Feed Your Pug
Baby Carrot (Shredded)Grapes
Boiled Chicken (without salt & spices)Pits of fruits, Apple seeds
Boiled PotatoesMeat bones
Green BeansNamkeen
Kibbles (for small dogs)Mushrooms
Pumpkin (Moderate amount)Tea & Coffee
SpinachFish Bones
KaleChicken bones