Mudhol Hound Dog Price in India & Breed Information

Mudhol Hound is a breed of sighthound from India which is also known as Maratha hound, Pashmi hound and Kathewar hound.

The Kennel Club of India registers this breed by the name Caravan hound while the Indian National Kennel Club registers it under the name Mudhol hound.

This breed can be considered a direct descendant of the Saluki or the Afghan hound. It was introduced to the Deccan Plateau of western India from Central Asia and Arabia.

This dog breed is mostly found in Karnataka, Maharashtra and some parts of Telangana. It is majorly popular in and around Mudhol Taluka of the state of Karnataka.

If you are looking to adopt or buy this dog breed, it is important for you to know about the various aspects mentioned below that will help you make the right decision.

What is the price of mudhol dog?Mudhol dog breed has different price ranges in different cities depending on the breeder, pet shop and the area. Typically, one may have to spend anywhere between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 15000 to buy a Mudhol dog.

Mudhol Dog Price in India & Facts

Height65-70 cm (Male), 60-65 cm (Female)
Weight23-30 kg (Male), 21-25 kg (Female)
Lifespan11 to 15 Years
TemperamentCourageous, Loyal, Graceful
Puupy Price₹8,000-₹15,000
PopularityModerately popular in India
GroomingRequire brushing once or twice a week
Common Health IssuesLiver malfunction,Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV), Marasmus, Vulnerable to Cold & Rain

Factors influencing the Mudhol price in India

Before you make a decision, it is important that you consider the below-mentioned factors taht will help you know more about the breed.

Mudhol hound breed must be bought only from a reputable breeder after thorough observation of genuineness. This is because the pet shop only raises the dog for profits while breeders make sure that the pet is healthy.

The puppy cost is affected by the breeder, shop from where it is bought and the location of the shop or breeder.

Dog food consumption cost is a recurring cost that incurs depending on the dog food and the area where the Mudhol dog is being raised. You can buy food from over the counter and also feed Mudhol home-cooked food.

Ensure to make the dog happy when he/she behaves well with dog treats. this encourages them to train and behave well.

Homemade treats are less expensive compared to commercial treats, but it is still an expense that will incur recurrently.

It is a healthy dog with fewer veterinarian expenses but it may include vaccination cost, neutering/spaying cost and other medicines for preventing ticks and fleas. Make sure to check with the vet about the vaccination list throughout the period.

This dog breed does not require daily grooming. bating and cleaning them once a week is sufficient.

Mudhol hound breed grooming cost may include a brush for coat, toothbrush and nail clipper. Accessories cost may include the cost of belt, bed, food and water bowls and toys.

This breed requires consistent training with a positive approach of presenting treats to encourage good behaviour as it has a naturally nervous temperament.

You can even hire a dog walker to take him/her for a walk daily. This is an extra expense that you may have to incur, which ranges between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 2500 per month.

About & History

Hunting dog breeds were bred by Bedar tribes in and around Halagali near Mudhol Taluka in Karnataka.

They were also bred by Maratha warriors in Maharashtra for hunting, guarding farms and houses and as a loyal companion.

These hunting dogs were the ancestors of today’s Mudhol hound dog breed.

They are the descendants of Afghan and Saluki dogs that were brought to India due to the trade of ancient India with Arab nations.


Mudhol hound has an appearance of grace and elegance with fitness and stamina. It has a transparent bone structure and musculature under its smooth and lean skin.

They are medium-sized dogs that are longer than tall and have a rectangular structure. They have a high ability to run fast and sustain high speed over long distances with their exceptional stamina.

Character and Temperament

These dogs have a super-active and playful character and prefer to live in packs.

They are affectionate towards one single person, usually the owner and may need to be observed around children and small puppies due to their hunting prey drive.

It has an aloof temperament, but when treated with the dignity, it proves a great companion. They do not like meeting strangers, and most people use this dog as guard dogs.

It is important to teach socialization and good behaviour through positive reinforcement.

Meeting many people, listening to different sounds every day with consistent training will help this intelligent and devoted dog breed to socialise better over time.


Mudhol hounds have an aloof and stubborn character which requires patience and consistent training.

It is recommended to start training this breed from the puppy stage keeping short training sessions.

These sighthounds with fine-tune senses are distracted easily and require a firm trainer with patience. Any harsh behaviour towards this breed will escalate the nervous temperament it has.

This breed has high prey drive as it is a hunting dog and needs to be trained well not to scare or harm small dogs or other animals.

Time, patience and repetition will help train the dog and improve its socialisation skills.


Mudhol hounds have single short coat which requires minimal grooming. Their hair can be brushed once or twice a week to keep their skin in top condition.

Follow a regular regime of brushing teeth at least once a week to remove tartar build-up to ensure fresh breath and prevent gum diseases.

Their toe nails need to be clipped regularly to prevent them from getting chipped. It is advised to start grooming regimes from an early age to prevent temperamental behaviour upon touching their mouth, feet, ear at a later stage.

Mudhol hound in Indian Army

The Mudhol Hound dog breed has been seen in the Indian Army lately. Mudhol dogs were deployed to Jammu and Kashmir in 2017.

The Army understands if the dog has a unique combination of awareness, strength, intelligence and agility can be used in border protection and surveillance.

It is said that the Mudhol breed was used in the Indian Armies centuries ago and was known as Marath Hounds. They were known for taking down humans and horses. This dog breed was also highly efficient in the battle. After the Britishers took over, Mudhols were not used in the battleground.

Mudhol Hound is Karnataka’s native dog breed. They have joined the Special Protection Group squad that provides security to the Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi.

Two male Mudhol hound puppies were taken on 25th April 2022 by a team of SPG for training from the Canine Research and Information Center. This dog breed is super intelligent, strong, aware and agile and thus it is the first indigenous breed in the Prime Minister’s SPG squad.


We hope to have helped you get all the information necessary that will help you make the right decision of buying.

Mudhol hound is an ancient and remarkable dog that is known for its speed and stamina. It is intelligent and loyal towards its owner. Its popularity on rise since the PM Modi praised the desi hound breeds in his Mann Ki Baat.

It is important to consider all the expenses and factors before considering buying a Mudhol hound breed.

It is a healthy dog with less health expenses but still has some expense that will incur. It is a native dog inching towards extinction and buying this dog will be great motivation for the genuine native breeders for breeding more of them.