Kombai [Combai] –  Detailed Information & Price in India

Not many people have heard about this dog breed because it is a critically endangered breed. It is ancient from the state of Tamil Nadu, from the villages of Cumbam-Uthamapalayam.

They are excellent guard dogs, medium in size. Originally they were used for guarding palaces and forts.

Kombai is amongst the oldest dog breeds that are existing today in India. There are a number of sculptures of Kombai war dog in ancient Tamil temples.

If you are planning to buy this dog, then you have landed at the right place. We have mentioned all the crucial details that will help you make the right decision.

We recommend you go through the below-mentioned sections before buying the dog. We suggest you adopt a dog rather than buying one because many dogs in our country need a safe place and love to survive.

How much does a Kombai dog cost in India?Generally, you will have to spend anywhere between Rs. 2,500 and Rs. 8,000 for a Kombai based on several factors like breeders reputation, your location in India, and other costs like healthcare, insurance etc. Often, kombai puppy can be priced at higher level than that of adult & may cost you Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 10,000.

You need to consider multiple factors to understand the cost of raising a Kombai. The health care cost will vary based on the breeder and the area you live in.

Kombai Dog Price & Facts

Height63 to 70 cm (Male), 60 to 65 cm (Female)
Weight34 kg (Male), 29 kg (Female)
Lifespan11 to 15 Years
TemperamentLoyal, Energetic
Puupy Price₹2,500-₹8,000
PopularityModerately popular in India
GroomingRequire brushing twice a week
Common Health IssuesCanine hip dysplasia, dermatitis, anaesthesia allergies, cold intolerance and dermoid sinus

Fun Facts:

  • Kombai dog is most popular in Southern India & named afer the Kombai town.
  • Vokkaliga Zamindars from Kannada presented kombai dogs to Tipu & Hyder Ali and the dogs were trained to rip off the hamstrings of enemy horses.

Factors influencing the Kombai price in India?

There are a number of factors that influence the price of the Kombai. Sometimes, the Kombai puppy costs more than an adult dog. You can find a Kombai puppy between Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 10,000.

Choosing the correct breeder is a crucial decision to make. Only reputable breeders make sure that the dogs are conforming to their health standards. They ensure that the dogs are mentally stable, friendly and not aggressive.

Kombais can be purchase from pet shops, regular home breeders, puppy mills and even brokers. When you are planning to buy a Kombai from a pet shop, make sure to meet the breeder and the puppy’s parents. This will help you understand the background of the puppy.

Puppy mills and breeders only sell Kombai and other dogs for profits. You can consider contacting a broker as he/she will guide you to the best breeders. For this service, they will charge a commission of 10% or 15%.

The cost of the dog would be higher if you buy it from a reputed breeder because they make sure that the dog is healthy and fine. They raise the dogs in a happy environment.

A recurring expense that you need to incur when you buy a dog is the food cost. It will usually cost you between Rs 2500 and Rs 4000 every month.

You also need to take the dog to the vet for a regular health check up which would add to the cost every three to four months. This will ensure that your pet is healthy.

The vet will give you a vaccination card that will list all the vaccinations that you need to give your Kombai. It is important to vaccinate them as per the schedule.

Kombais have a short coat, and they shed very lightly, which makes grooming stress free. They would regular brushing only. You would require regular grooming stuff like a brush, shampoo conditioner, a toothbrush etc.

It is extremely important to professionally train this dog breed as they can be aggressive towards strangers and other animals. Hiring a professional trainer would cost you anywhere between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 12000 as training Kombais is really time-consuming.

One of the best ways to train a Kombai is by giving them treats. Commercial dog treats are expensive and thus, you can balance the expense by making them hoe made treats some times.

When it comes to insurance cost, you need to get a third party liability insurance that covers the costs the owner may incur if the Kombai bites anyone.

Dog walking services are only available in a few cities in India. If you are considering this for your Kombai pet, ensure that the dog is friendly with the walker first since they can be aggressive towards strangers.

The dog walking service may cost you anywhere between Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 depending on factors like the area, the experience of the walker, etc.

Since Kombais are aggressive towards strangers, many airlines do not fly them. Thus, the best option to travel is the Indian Railways with the owner.

Are Kombai dogs aggressive?

This dog breed is not very friendly; thus you may say that they are aggressive. They are very friendly and excellent with people they know, like family and friends but can be aggressive towards strangers as well as other dogs.

Make sure you are around when Kombai and the children play together because the dog may get irritated with foul play.

Kombai dogs are very smart, and it is tough to train them. If you are willing to buy one, make sure it is trained by an experienced professional. As they are very loyal and friendly with the owner and his or her family, they may get trained under their guidance.

About & History

Kombai dog breed is native to Tamil Nadu – Southern India. This breed was originally developed by the Indian royalty to hunt large and dangerous animals like bear,  later, they served mainly as guard dogs to farmers in rural areas.

Compared to other Indian hunting dogs, the Kombai looks different because of the fur running down his back, which grows in the opposite direction than the rest of his body.

This breed is very rare today, even in its native land. Many experts are of say that it has come close to extinction.

Kombai is also called the Indian Bear Hound, Tamil Bear Hound, Indian Bear Dog, Tamil Bear Dog and is also spelt as Combai.


The Kombai is a medium-sized dog breed and the weight, as well as the height of every dog, varies significantly. So we cannot have a range for their height and weight.

This dog is a muscular and athletic breed and does not have any feature that would impair its ability to survive. Despite being muscular, it looks lean and fit and not bulky.

The tail of Kombai is medium to long and straight to curled in an upward circle. The face and head of this dog breed are narrow but wider than other sighthounds.

The skull and muzzle of the dog are not different and blend very well with each other. It has a long muzzle, as long as the skull.

The muzzle of Kombai is wider and stronger than most other dogs of a similar breed. The ears drop down from the sides and fold backwards, and many Kombais also have two different looking ears.

The most defining feature of this dog breed is its coat and this is what differentiates it from other Indian dogs. It has a smooth and short coat keeping it cool in the Indian sun.

The length of the coat is uniform all over the body. It has a slightly shorter coat on the face, head and front of the legs.

When it comes to the dog colour, it varies substantially. Most Kombai dogs are tan, red, or brown. Most of them are darker on the backs and sides then on the chest and under the belly.

Most members of this dog breed have black masks on their muzzles and black marks on their ears. Many even have white marks on their underbelly, feet and chest.

Character and Temperament

One of the main and most defining features of this dog breed is its temperament. This is why the breed is here for centuries.

Many people compare this breed to Bull Terrier and also Rottweiler. It is a fierce breed towards its enemies. Kombais form a close bond with the family and want to be in company with their families.

They are very loyal to their owners, and a few people say that it is very tough to find a new home for them. When this dog breed is trained properly, they are very gentle with children and are fond of playing with them.

Since they can be aggressive, it is important to train them by a professional and is not ideal for a novice dog owner.

This breed is kept as a guard dog for centuries as they are highly suspicious of strangers. It is essential for Kombai to get proper training and socialisation. They are very protective, territorial and super alert, making them an excellent guard dog.

This dog breed is very aggressive, as you know, and can attempt to attack any canine animal it considers as its enemy. On the other hand, it is very trustworthy with the dogs it has been raised with.


This dog breed is very low maintenance. It never requires any professional grooming. All it needs is an occasional brushing.

Kombai needs the routine maintenance that all breeds need, like ear cleaning and nail clipping. This dog breed shed hardly any hair, to which you can safely assume that they do not shed or shed very lightly.


They are eager learners. Kombais are very intelligent and master most commands. Training this dog breed needs patience because they can easily get distracted. Make sure that their training sessions are short as long sessions can frustrate them.

They are dominant by nature and an untrained Kombai can assume to be a leader of the pack and this may lead to aggression. Choose to buy or adopt this dog only if you can train them.

Early socialization will help them differentiate between friends and enemies. They are a powerhouse and can drag an adult with ease. Most experts suggest leash training to avoid leash pulling.


Kombais are super intelligent and make excellent guard dogs. They are very friendly with their owner and the family but may become aggressive with strangers.

Make sure to train this dog otherwise professionally; it can be tough to handle and command him, especially for novice dog owners.

We hope to have helped you get all the information that will help you make the right decision.