Kanni Dog – Price, Temperament, Lifespan & Breed Facts

Kanni dog looks similar to a Greyhound. Yes, the Kanni dog may look like a coursing hound, and is popular in South India.

This dog breed is also known as Maiden’s Beastmaster in South India. This royal breed is only found in two colour variations – black and sable and black and tan.

How much does a Kanni dog cost in India?

The Kanni puppy costs between Rs. 6000 and Rs. 13,000, but these dogs have not been sold but gifted often. If you are looking to buy one, understand that the cost usually depends on several factors like the type of breeder, area, etc. But you can expect to find one under the price range mentioned.

How can you tell if a dog is Kanni?

Kanni dogs are medium in size, and the most popular colour they are often seen in are black and tan. They have a tan spot near their eyes. Here are some tips that will help you identify the original Kanni.

  • The dog must be healthy, active and alert. Do not choose nervous and inactive puppies.
  • The puppy should have a rectangular body
  • Its gait should be elegant and ungraceful
  • The preferred coat colour is black and tan
  • Its coat should be soft, smooth with dark colour
  • Do not buy a Kanni from a puppy mill or a pet store. They keep them only for profits and do not actually take good care of the animals.


Kanni is an ancient dog breed. According to experts, there are references of this breed in the Tamil literature, for example, Vettai Nai, which means hunting dog could be Kanni dog, according to experts.

Experts also believe that dogs like Rajapalaym, Kombai and Chippiparai have a common ancestor.

The very popular Maruthu Pandiyar brothers had Kanni and Kombai dogs. Kanni means maiden in Tamil. In villages in southern India, there is an unusual custom of exchanging Kanni dogs as wedding gifts between the groom and bride. Some villages still follow this tradition in India.

A wildlife conservationist described the Kanni dog breed as Cheetah like dogs. It is difficult to find historical information about this dog breed.

All the details available today in the world about this breed is mostly from word of mouth. There are no written ancient records of this breed’s lineage.

Chippiparai & Kanni – What’s the difference?

The Kanni dog breed is often confused with the Chippiparai dog. Kanni and Chippiparai look the same to novice eyes, but there are some slight differences between the two.

There are differences only in their size and colour. The Chippiparai dog breed is silver brown and the Kanni has multiple colours. The only solid way to determine that these two breeds are different is to undertake genetic research.


The purebred Kanni is slender, strong and long. These dogs are graceful and elegant. This dog has a straight head and a long muzzle. The ears are low and hanging. Their eyes are large, oval and always have an alert expression.

This dog has a symmetrical body, it is square, not too tall or too long. Every part of the body is proportionate. The head, neck, limbs and other body parts are proportional.

This dog has a broad chest like a Cheetah. It has a bony tail with a bit of bend towards the end. The Kanni dog has long, strong and bony legs. Their front legs are parallel and blend into the shoulders.

It is elegant and not clumsy. While running, this dog keeps low, and the front legs cross with the rear legs.


Kanni dogs are curious. They are super affectionate towards their owners and family members but uninterested in strangers.

They are active and ready for some work. They love playing fetch the ball. They are very courageous too and make brilliant guard dogs.

They are super intelligent and wise and are also known to make great choices when their master is absent. Kanni dogs are quiet and bark only when required.

They do not like being alone and can get bored easily. For example, they can chew on shoes or furniture when bored. When these dogs are kept in isolation, they can become uncontrollable and too aggressive.

If you are a novice dog owner and spend a lot of your time at work, we wouldn’t suggest you get the Kanni dog as they need special care that a first-time owner may not be able to give.


The Kanni dog breed has a short coat but still requires grooming. You can apply good quality coconut oil on their skin once every week to keep their coat healthy.

They shed their hair but it is is not quite noticeable like other dogs. There is no special care required to keep their coat in the best condition.

Make sure to not bathe your dog more than twice a month as it can strip natural oils from their skin. This can cause dry and flaky skin and the court also loses its shine.

They do not require professional grooming and light grooming daily is sufficient.


Like all Hound dogs this breed is curious and intelligent.  they always want to please their owners.

You can even train them by using clicks and whistles. This dog breed is stubborn, but with the right training and a little patience they can be very well trained.

They have fine tuned senses which makes them tough to focus on one thing. Make sure their training sessions have frequent intervals.

Positive reinforcement training works wonders for the Kanni dog breed. They can learn better and faster by harnessing their prey drive.


The Kanni dog breed require intense exercising sessions. They can get bored easily when left alone.

Hounds and game dogs require intense exercises and space compared to other dogs, which means that this breed is not apartment friendly and cannot live in confined areas. They require a lot of space to run and play.

These dogs love to be in the parks. Kanni puppies are taken to rice fields to learn how to hunt field mice. This helps them use their speed, hearing and sight efficiently.