Is Kombai Dog Dangerous? Are Kombai Dogs Aggressive?

Kombai (Combai) got a great place in the history of Indian dog breeds. They are well know hunters of old time but now days, Kombai is a critically endangered breed.

Its a perfect breed for those who are looking for the Indian dog breed with ability to guard the places and should have a great agression.

Is Kombai dog dangerous?

Kombai are dangerous dogs due to their agressive temperament but can be trained to be friendly. Although, Kombai is friendly &  loyal with family and their master, they can be extremely agressive towards the strangers & pray to defend their territory as a guard dog. Kombai is not a begineers dog.

So, if you are looking for a dog that go easy with their master but should guard the places fiercely then the Kombai should be your dog of choice. Infact, kombai are the best guard dogs in the world.

The build of kombai is bulkier and has the strongest jaws that supports this breed to hunt on the large animals like bears. Body frame resembles the the terrier dog, but lacks the 270 degree field vision that often found the other hunter dog breeds.

Sturdy build, strong jaw and its hunting instinct makes this breed a fearless fighter. Kombai are often compared to the Bull terrier and Rottweilers but the bear-hunting instinct of this dog is far better than its hunting counterparts.

Kombai dogs are extremely loyal to their master and are inteligent dog breeds.

Is Kombai good with kids?

Kombai dogs is well-behaved with childrens they are familiar with. Kombai is affectionate and loyal pet to the people and kids they are accustomed with but can be aggressive if aroused by strangers.

Kombai dogs can make a good family dogs if trained well but childrens needs to be cautious about how they interact with the dog since kombai  can easily gets irritated with the foul play.

But you can train the kombai to behave well and be tolerant towards the kids for early age of dog. Reward them with treats when they behave well with childrens.

Kombai Jaw Strength and Bite Force

Kombai Dog Jaw

Kombai has the undershot jaw, reverse scissor bite which provides them a firm, powerful jaw grip like Boxer and Bulldog.  In an undershot jaw the lower jaw is positioned longer as compared to the upper jaw.

The rverese scissor bite occurs when there is no gap between the surfaces of  upper and lower jaw teeth. This anatomical position of jaws allow Kombai to have firm grip and provide strong bite force.

Though there is no official record of Kombai bite force, it is believed that the Kombai dog has equal bite force as Pitbull Terrier and can break the bones

So, it is important to practice the bitework while training the Kombai and to socialise them with the treat incentives to not to bite the family memebers and bypassers.