Is Doberman a Good Family Dog? Are Doberman Good with Kids?

The Doberman is a deep-chested, strong dog breed, medium-large in size and has a sleek body.

They are athletic and muscular, having immense endurance and strength. They were served as Marine Corps official dogs during World War II.

Doberman Pinschers are also known as Dobies or Dobes, are loyal, intelligent and fearless.

These traits and their personality have made them ideal police, guard and war dogs. Apart from this, they are also fantastic family dogs.

Is Doberman a good family dog?

The well-trained and pure breed Doberman Pinscher can make a fantastic family dog since it is an affectionate, sweet, playful and amazing guard dog. Doberman is protective towards the children in the family as long as they are raised together, socialized and respect each other.

Make sure to train your Doberman if you have children. Teaching them young for socializing with children will set the tone right.

Doberman Pischer is one of the breeds that is found on the Insurance Blacklist because it has a protective nature for its family, property and himself. It wouldn’t think twice before attacking anyone who he thinks is a threat.

If you have children at home, it is suggested that you get a Doberman puppy that can be raised with the child. This way the Doberman can become an amazing family dog.

Trained Doberman Pinschers do very well with kids and in social situations. They are great therapy dogs as well.

Doberman has an obedient and protective temperament. This breed was first bred in Germany and gained the reputation of a fierce guard dog.

They are actually gentle and not very aggressive by nature, but when it comes to protecting themselves, family or property, that’s when they can be aggressive.

Doberman has an image of being a sinister and sharp dog, but many families who have had a Doberman pet often consider him the most loyal and loving family pet. The fact is that, a Doberman can be gentle, friendly, and stable unless to threaten him/his family or barge into his property.

Here are five reasons why a Doberman Pinscher can make the best family dog

  • Dobermans are loyal to their family.
  • Doberman is an amazing guard dog that will protect your kids and family.
  • Dobermans are affectionate, friendly and sweet with family kids, provided they are raised together. When raised together, they see the kids as puppies in a pack.
  • Doberman puppy has great energy and can be an amazing playmate for your young kids when they are introduced at a young age.

Are Dobermans aggressive?

Dobermans were common police and guard dogs initially and have a reputation of being aggressive towards strangers. The Doberman Pinscher was involved in 9 dog-bite fatalities from 1979 to 1988.

This breed is commonly described as aggressive in the legislation. The Dobermans can be trained and socialized to be brilliant family pets and companion animals.

Do Dobermans bite owners?

Any large breed can attack its owners. This behaviour is a result of poor training and lack of socialization. It can also be the result of physical abuse by the owners.

This breed was bred to be personal protection dogs. They are loving, friendly and loyal family dogs. They protect their family from strangers. The fact is that, the dog is a reflection of its owner. If the owner treats the dog badly, abuses him, then the dog picks up the behaviour and vice versa.

Are Dobermans good for beginners?

No, Doberman can be a difficult dog for new owners. Although, they are gentle by nature, their protectiveness and powerful nature can be the issue sometimes, especially for those owners who cannot put in time to train and socialize the dog.

We hope to have helped you get a lot of details about Doberman Pinschers that will help you take the right decision of getting one or not. We understand every person is different and so is their routine, we suggest you to get a Doberman only if you are able to train and socialize him young.

Also, if you have children, make sure to get a Doberman pup who can be raised along with the child. When raised together, Dobermans see children as pups of the pack.