Indian Pariah Dog – Price in India, Health & Other Information

The Indian Pariah dog is commonly also known as the Indian native dog and Desi dog. As you can tell by its name, this dog breed is native to the Indian subcontinent.

The dogs have erect ears, a curved tail and a wedge-shaped head. They can be trained easily and this why they are often used as police or guard dog.

The Indian Pariah is an example of the ancient group of dogs called pye dogs. It is said that the ancestors of this breed date back 4500 years.

If you are planning to buy or adopt this dog, we recommend that you know in detail about this dog and then make a decision.

We have mentioned all the details that will help you know more about the breed like the Indian pariah dog and puppy price, the factors that influences the price across the major cities in India and all other imformation you should know before buying the Indian pariah pupy.

How Much Does Indian pariah Dog Cost?The Indian pariah dog breed is available at different prices based on the city, breeder, etc. Usually, you may have to spend between Rs. 2500 and Rs. 8000 to buy an Indian Pariah dog breed in India. 

Factors that influence the Indian pariah price

We always recommend that you buy any dog breed from only reputable breeders in your city. This is also something that encourages genuine breeders.

One of the most important and recurring cost factor that influences the price of the Indian Pariah in India is the food. You need to ensure that you are giving balanced nutrition to the dog including foods like cooked eggs, vegetables, cottage cheese, etc.

Remember that these items should be given as treats to your dog and should not be more than 10% of their meals or as advised by the vet. You can buy your pet ready treats from the market once a while. This is a form of encouragement to the dog while training.

You also need to regularly visit the vet for regular check-ups to ensure that your pet is healthy and has no underlying health issues.

It is very important to vaccinate the dog in the early days. You will have to incur neutering and spaying expenses by 6 months of age to prevent any diseases. The vet can provide you with a list of vaccines that you need to give the Indian Pariah.

The Indian Pariah has a short coat and does not shed a lot. This means that he does not require daily grooming.

You need to invest in quality grooming products like brush, shampoo for ticks, conditioners, nail clippers etc. Make sure to check on the pet for inspections for fleas, cutting out the mats from the coat before a bath.

Bathing and brushing them once a week is enough.

This dog breed requires basic dog accessories like a leash, food dish, bed, toys toothbrush, water bowl and collar with a license.

Training the Indian Pariah is not tough but it is suggested to hire a professional to do so. If you are not a novice pet owner, you can also try training this dog breed.

A few metro cities in India have the facility of dog walking service. You can hire a walker between Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 per month depending on the city and area.

Are pariah dogs dangerous?

The Indian Pariah dog breed is mildly aggressive towards other dogs and pets. But if they are familiar with them at an early age, this dog breed becomes friendly and caring.

Also, they love other dogs and pets, but they are dominant and territorial, making them aggressive towards other animals, sometimes.

Make sure to train the dog socially so that it is friendly towards humans, other dogs and animals. They love being around people. The Indian Pariah breed is super alert and thus not quiet.

About and History

The word ‘ pariah’ was used for any stray or feral dog. It comes from the Tamil word paraiyar, which was used to describe the lower class of people in the Indian caste system.

The Indian Pariah dog is the one that lived with humans in the Indian subcontinent. This dog breed has a number of regional names like pye dog, and desi dog puppy.

Indian Pariah Dog - Desi Dog Puppy
Desi Dog Puppy

Many Kennel Clubs use ‘Primitive’ for these dogs as they resemble to the early domesticated dogs. Any official Kennel Club does not recognise this dog breed. It is recognised by the Primitive and Aboriginal Dogs Society who have dropped the word ‘pariah’ for INDog.

This dog breed does not have any recorded origin. The digs have evolved with humans in India without any selective and interference breeding.

The physical features of this dog breed are similar to the fossil remains that are found around the world like China, which tells us what a domesticated dog would have looked like in the past.


The Indian Pariah dogs are medium-sized when compared to other dog breeds. The height of these dogs ranges from 51 to 65 cms and they weigh anywhere in between 12 and 20 kgs.

This dog breed has a wedge-shaped head with huge and erect ears. The tail of this dog hangs down and curls at the tip. When they are excited or happy, the tail is held high.

The coat of this dog breed is short. The upper coat is coarse and the undercoat is soft. The colour of the coat varies from light fawn to dark reddish brown.

Often, the coat is of a uniform colour with white marks on their face, limb and chest. Some dogs have other coloured coat too, but it is rare. Some Indian Pariah dogs are completely black while a few are pied.

Character and temperament

This dog breed is cheerful and friendly. They are very social and would interact with other dogs and people.

The Indian Pariah loves to be around people and other dogs that they consider as family. They are known to have a very strong bond with the owner.

They are territorial to dogs outside of their area/group. This is what makes them good guard dogs.

They are very alert and cautious to new situations and react immediately to the threat. This cautious and territorial behavious is often expressed as barking, yes! They are a noisy breed.

They are undoubtedly an intelligent dog breed. This dog breed can get bored of one activity and would want something new unlike other breeds who would chase and fetch a ball for hours.

These dogs are different from other domestic dogs. They have an annual breedng season betwee August and January. They become very territorial and aggressive towards some males dogs, especially after the sun sets.

During this time, the make Indian Pariah are on high alert for intruders and aggressive towards strangers.


As you know they are an intelligent breed and can be trained well. They love to work with their owners to complete the tasks.

Make sure to start training the Indian Pariah when they are puppies to tailor their personality. It is important to keep interesting training sessions for them as they can easily get bored with repetitive training activities.

They love being to new places to experience fresh sights and smells. As they are territorial, they may get aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs and adults.

Thus, it is wise to expose them to other dogs and people while they are puppies. This will help them react positively in new situations when they are adults.


The Indian Pariah dog breed is super low maintenance. They hardly shed and thus you only need to brush them weekly to ensure their coat is in a good condition.


The Indian Pariah dog breed is very friendly, intelligent and love being around family. It is not very tough to train them but advised to get the puppies trained by professionals so that they have a positive outlook towards situations and strangers at a young age.

We hope to have helped you get all the ifnormation that would help you make the right decision of buying or adopting the Indian Pariah to your loving home.

Make sure to check out all the sections so that you know more about this dog breed and also the expense that you would have to incur.