Siberian Husky – Price, History, Temperament & More!

A Siberian Husky is super popular for its grey eyes, thick fur and friendliness.

It is medium sized and was developed to work together with dogs of the same breed to pull light loads at medium speeds on frozen areas.

This breed is dignified and super friendly. They are ideal to live in Northern India where the temperatures are chilly.

How much does a Siberian Husky cost in India?

Popularity of Siberian Husky is on rise in India. If you are looking out to buy one, you need to spend anywhere between Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 80,000 for a Siberian Husky. Also, maintainance cost will be high since the husky adapt well to cool climate and in India you might need provide husky an air conditioner.

It is not possible to keep the dog in warm and hot climatic conditions. This breed can stay healthy and alive only in chilly regions like Northern India.

Siberian Husky Dog Price & Facts

Height53-60 cm (Male), 50-55 cm (Female)
Weight20-27 kg (Male), 15-22 kg (Female)
Lifespan12 to 14 Years
TemperamentMischievous, Outgoing, Loyal
Puupy Price₹60,000-₹80,000
PopularityModerately popular in India
GroomingRequire brushing once a week
Common Health IssuesHip  dysplasia, pogressive retinal atrophy (PRA), hypothyroidism, cataract, corneal dystrophy, and overheating

What factors influence the Siberian Husky price in India?

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and a lot of due diligence and research is required before you take this step.

Owning a Siberian Husky in India comes with its own additional costs and factors. We have covered all the major factors that affect the cost of a Siberian Husky in India.

Siberian Husky Puppy Cost

Since Huskies are not indigenous to India, they are considered an exotic breed here. Thus, buying a husky puppy is the first of the many costs you will incur.

While the price changes depending on which city you live in, you can expect the cost to be upwards of Rs. 60,000.

Show quality puppies that are imported can cost as high as Rs. 1 Lakh. Going for Indian-bred huskies will not only be cheaper, but will also be easier for the dog to adapt to the climate.

Breeder factor

Breeders usually do not have a fixed price but they start with a base market price. From thereon, it depends on more factors and how much the customer is willing to pay.

The price is affected by the reputation of the breeder, quality and health of the pup, pedigree of parents and Kennel Club of India registration.

You should ensure that the breeder is ready to support and guide you while raising the pup.

Dog Food Factor

As mentioned above, Huskies are not native to India and are working dogs.

Hence, they need a premium quality dog food that is high in protein content. Serving them homemade Indian food should be completely avoided.

Dog food will be one of the recurring monthly expenses that you can expect to be around Rs. 10,000.

There are a lot of options available for commercial dog food that vary in price, quality and taste. We recommend that you settle on a food brand only after thorough research.

It is also important to consider what your dog likes and dislikes. If you find that your dog is not eating a particular brand’s food, you should try something different rather than forcing the dog to eat it.

Vet factor

The life expectancy of Huskies in India is less than in its native polar regions.

The average lifespan here is 10 to 12 years and they face many health issues over their lifetime. Monthly visits to the vet are a must.

Some common ailments that affect huskies in India are: dehydration, overheating, corneal dystrophy (an eye disease), dental diseases, hair loss and many others. After food, you can expect the veterinarian visits to be the next highest recurring expense.

Vaccination cost

Apart from the regular vet visits for common illness, vaccination and deworming are other costs that you will incur. Usually, vaccine shots are given to the pups before they are sent to your home.

If not, you can get your pup vaccinated for around Rs. 750 to Rs. 1500. You can use a vaccination card or a vaccination passport to keep track of the vaccines administered to your dog.

It is also advised to get your dog neutered since breeding is an expensive venture that is not for everyone. Moreover, neutering has several health benefits. It is a one-time thing and can cost anywhere between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 15000.

Grooming cost

Grooming your husky daily will be a big part of your routine. Their thick fur coats are suited for extremely cold weather and not for the heat and humidity in India.

Your husky should be kept inside during the day in an air-conditioned room if you live in a warm city. Your electricity bills will surely increase since the AC is to be kept on almost all day.

Huskies also require hair care and skin care products that are quite expensive. They should be used regularly to ensure the good health of their skin and fur.

The fur coat should be combed through daily, to get rid of knots, matts and bugs. The average grooming cost will be around Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000.

Accessories cost

High quality accessories are needed to ensure maximum comfort for your furry friend. Some of the must-haves include: a bed, a collar, a leash, bowls for food and water and a bunch of toys to entertain your dog indoors.

Make sure you choose a comfortable bed size so your dog does not feel uncomfortable.

The toys should be large enough so that they are not swallowed by your dog. You may consider getting an anti-spill feeder if your dog is a restless and messy eater.

Training cost

While you can always train your dog yourself using treats, it can take considerable efforts and time.

You can hire a professional trainer that can help develop their skills, make them learn commands and improve their mental health. Their fees may cost up to Rs. 10000 a month depending on their reputation.

Treat cost

Treats are cheap and nutritious small snacks that help you bond with your dog. You can give it to them as a reward for a positive action. This will encourage good behaviour and help them become well-mannered.

You can buy them at stores or even make them at home using cooked meat, eggs or veggies. This should not cost more than Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000 a month.

Insurance cost

We highly recommend you to buy pet insurance for a dog that is so premium and exotic.

As mentioned earlier, Huskies face a lot of issues in this climate, and insurance will be quite helpful. A good insurance plan that covers everything can cost up to Rs. 15000.

Walking and other services cost

Walking your dog during the day is not ideal as they may suffer from dehydration and exhaustion. Also, they do not bond well with strangers.

If you really wish to take them out, make sure it is relatively cool and always watch out for signs of discomfort from your dog.

Other services include grooming, trimming of nails and general cleaning, which is offered by many pet shops. Depending on the size and age of the dog, it may cost up to Rs. 2000 for a single session.

Travelling cost

Travelling with your Husky can be difficult. Since Indian Railways do not allow dogs in passenger areas, the husky has to travel in non air conditioned coaches.

This might cause a lot of discomfort to the dog. So you need to evaluate if it is absolutely necessary to travel with your Husky.

How to choose a pure breed Siberian Husky in India?

It is important that you buy a pure breed Siberian Husky and the below-mentioned tips will help you choose a purebred.

Dog’s size 

Siberian Huskies are usually mid-sized. Males are between 21 and 23.5 inches tall and weigh approximately 20 to 28 kgs. Female Siberian Husky is between 20 and 22 inches tall and weighs 16 to 23 kgs.


Huskies have thick and triangular ears. They are medium in size, erect, rounded at the tips and set high.


This dog breed does not have a curled tail but may stand sickle when it is at attention. Otherwise, the tail hangs down from the back. The tail is well-furred and fox-brush-shaped.


Siberian Huskies have almond-shaped eyes that are moderately spaced. They can be blue in most cases but also brown and in some cases, the dog may have one of each colour.

Overall body structure 

Husky’s body is moderately sized and well-furred. They have a straight back, effortless gait, firm muscles.

Length of the coat 

They have double coats of medium length which makes them well-furred. The under-coat is soft and dense and the outer coat is smooth and straight.

Coat’s colour

The coat colour of the husky can be any from solid white to black. They may even have brown, red and grey coats.

Agouti coat 

Agouti is used to describe the Siberian Husky having a coat of alternating bands of dark and light coloured fur. Not all huskies have this kind of a coat.

White markings 

Many huskies have white markings and they can be found on their stomach, chest, legs and tail. You can even spot a variety of markings on the head.

Energy levels

This dog breed is super energetic. Since they are sledge dogs, they require a lot of activity to release their energy.

Desire to be around people and other dogs

This dog breed is pack dogs which means that they like being around other dogs and people, provided they are trained to be socialized.

Independent thinking 

They are super intelligent but this does not mean that they will quickly follow all your commands. Thus, training them might be a little difficult. They are good at solving problems and very clever.


Huskies are super friendly and make amazing family pets, provided they are socialized and can release sufficient energy.

About and History

The Siberian Husky was previously called the Arctic Husky, and before that, the Siberian Chukchi. This is because they were bred by Chukchi Indians who lived in the Soviet Arctic around 3000 years ago. [01]

They were later introduced to the North American continent. It is now domesticated in all parts of the world but remains native to cold regions.

The Huskies are now popular companion dogs, but they are also the world’s lightest and fastest sled dogs. Their high metabolism and energy makes them a perfect candidate for sports activities.


Siberian Huskies come in numerous beautiful colour combinations, and the most famous ones include Black-White and Grey-White.

A fully grown male Husky is a medium sized dog measuring 50 cm – 60 cm in height and 20 kg – 27 kg in weight, with the females being a bit smaller.

Their movement is effortless and it almost looks like they glide when they are running. They are really nimble on their feet with long strides that derive their power from the hindquarters.

Character and Temperament

Siberian Huskies are one of the most loved and recognised breeds around the world.

They are known to be highly affectionate, lovable and friendly. They are not aggressive at all and are also good around children.

They are also quite intelligent, energetic and uplift the mood of everyone around them.

All these qualities make Siberian Huskies a great option to consider for dog lovers and potential dog owners. Huskies behave well with other dogs but they should be made to socialize at a young age.


Owing to their relatively high intelligence, Huskies are able to learn and grasp things quickly.

Sometimes, their high energy can make it difficult for you to handle them, but with proper training and an active lifestyle, that should not be an issue.

Positive reinforcement remains one of the best ways to train any dog. Huskies are natural hunters, so if you train them well, they will effortlessly listen to your calls.


Huskies are native to cold regions and have an extremely high metabolism, as explained by their energetic nature.

It is advised to play with them and exercise daily for at least an hour. They need to have an appropriate means of releasing their energy, else they tend to become overweight.

Huskies have a thick fur coat that causes a lot of shedding. The coat is made of two layers: a protective outer coat and a dense inner coat to retain body heat. You should brush them regularly to get rid of loose and tangled hair.

We hope to have helped you get all the information about the Siberian Husky. Make sure to check the factors that affect the price of the Husky in India. Also, learn more about the breed by going through the sections like about and history, trainability, appearance and temperament.

Also, we have mentioned the tips that will help you choose a pure breed Siberian Husky.