German Shepherd – Price in India & Detailed Breed Information

German Shepherd dog breed is super intelligent, loyal, friendly, diligent and noble. They are excellent hoarding dogs which makes them ideal for service. They are also suitable as guard dogs.

They have an athletic build, are large and super strong. With all the qualities, they also make good family dogs.

If you are looking to adopt one, we are here to help you give all the necessary information to help you go in the right direction and make an informed decision.

How Much Does German Shepherd Cost in India?

Show quality German Shepherd cost around Rs. 50,000 & pet quality dog cost around Rs. 19,000 in India. These prices are for reference since the cost can vary depending upon several factors like the purity of the breed, the city you are buying, vaccination, and the breeder’s reputation.

Factors influencing the German Shepherd price

The first and the most important thing that affects the price of the German Shepherd is the breeder.

You can find this dog breed at various place in India like puppy mills, pet shops, brokers, reputable breeders, and home breeders.

While so have multiple options, you will also come across different ask price at every breeder. Therefore, it is wise to choose to adopt the German Shepherd or any animal in that case from reputed breeders, home breeders or brokers only.

Always avoid buying the dog from puppy mills and pet shops because they breed them only for profits and do not take care of them.

The best place to buy a German Shepherd is from a reputable breeder as they have the top German Shepherd dogs after the Kennel Club of India.

When buying from the reputable breeders and Kennel Club of India, you can be sure of their health and quality.

You can even consider adopting from the home breeders as they are the ones who love dogs and breed them at home. Make sure to ask them for KCI certificates for verification of the dog’s lineage.

You can find a reputable breeder or a home breeder through a broker.

Another factor that influences the dog price in India is the recurring food expense. For an exotic dog breed like this one, it is essential to get high-quality food. The German Shepherds can never reach their full potential on low-quality food.

Make sure to choose a brand that makes breed-specific dog food and the cost for this will vary depending on the brand. You can even feed them home cooked food but they do not reach their brillant size if you only feed the homecooked food.

The average expense of German Shephard dog food is between Rs. 7,500 and Rs. 9,500.

Before you get a German Shepherd, make sure to visit a vet to get an idea of the medical expenses. The recurring vet costs include deworming, vaccination, spaying, and skincare (at a later stage in life).

Another expenditure that affects the price of this breed is grooming. This dog breed has a double coat and Thursday requires daily grooming.  they said a lot of hair especially during summer.  without grooming you will find dog hair in every corner of your house.

You will require good quality dog shampoo se have sensitive skin make sure to choose a mild one and avoid during the dog more than once every month.

You also need to buy grooming brushes that are not too expensive but yes these are expenditures that you will have to incur.

Make sure to purchase some essential accessories like Food and water balls, toys, Tennis balls, collar, collar and other training accessories.

German Shepherd are third most intelligent dog breeds on earth.  training them is literally fun because they are keen learners and super smart.

They can learn a new command in just a few repetitions and the best part is that they enjoy learning new tricks. Hiring a dog trainer can be a plus and you can find a good one between Rs. 5000 and Rs. 7000.

Treats are not costly and they are essential for training your German Shepherd puppy.  we always suggest home-cooked trees and not commercial dog breeds because of the health factor.  you can give them cheese, cooked meat and boiled eggs.

Being an active dog, German Shepherds require daily walk as they cannot live in in city small apartment and in confinement.

You can choose the dog walking services which will cost you between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500 every month based on your city.

How to choose a pure breed German Shepherd in India?

It is very important for you to do the primary research before getting a German Shepherd. This is a heading breed and was bred to move livestock around the farms. You can visit some dog shows to know more about the breed.

As they want to work and be active they require a lot of physical and mental stimulation to stay healthy.  Without having a way to release energy German Shepherds can be destructive.

This breed is ideal for or owners that are going to interact a lot with them, and are ready for this  responsibility. Make sure to devote some time towards training your German Shepherd.

When German Shepherds are puppies the difference between male and female is not quite noticeable.  but same is not the case when they are young adults. Thus, you need to decide whether you want a female or male German Shepherd.

The major difference is that the female GS will go into heat twice every year if they are un-spayed. They are also smaller in size and lighter than the males.

Sometime male German Shepherds can be more territorial than females and can control scent marking with the right training.

Females are mre protective towards their family. When you are looking to get a German Shepherd puppy for a young adult make sure how to choose a reputable breeder. You can also talk to the local wet for some ethical breeder recommendations.

You can even contact breed clubs to get more information on German Shepherds. Make sure to meet the puppies parents and notice how they behave.

If you are planning to get a female German Shepherd make sure that she is bred ethically. If you are getting a puppy make sure it is more than 8 weeks old Because puppy should never be separated from their mother until they are 8 weeks.

Make sure to know about the puppies health from the breeder before you get one home. Learn about its vaccination and working procedures adopting one.

Know about the dogs lineage and understand is they have any inherited health issue from their ancestors. Also ask the breeder if the dog is tested for Degenerative Myelopathy. Dogs with DM may suffer from paralysis at a later stage especially in the hind legs.

About & History

This breed was accepted as a dog breed in Germany in the 19th century. It was bred with combining the features of different shepherd dogs.

Shepherd dogs were used in Germany for moving livestock and protecting them. They were calm, intelligent and could work independently, without a human direction.

A few GS ancestors were like wolves while others are heavier and lop-eared. Some even have light coloured coats.

The modern Shepherd looks more like a wold but is not related to the animal in any way.


It is a large dog with a long body. It has a wedge shaped head and long muzzle. The eye colour is dark and nose is black. The dog’s ears are medium-sized, erect, taper at a point, open at front and parellel to each other.

It has a scissor bite, its upper incisors overlap the lower incisors. The forelegs are straight from all angels and parallel. The chest is broad and deep (not too broad).

The hind legs are parallel when you view from the rear and muscled thighs. The tail extends till the hock joint, at leats. The male dogs are larger than the female German Shepherd.

They ahve a thick weather proof double coat. The outer coat layer is harsh and the under coat layer is soft. The coat colour variations are as follow:

  • Black and gold
  • Black and tan
  • Black and reddish tan
  • All black
  • Black suede and mask
  • Gret with dark gradient

German Shepherd is a ground-covering gait, and smooth. Some German Shepherds from reputed and approved breeders have a tattoo on their ear, mostly the right ear. Microchipping is a modern alternative to tattoos.

Character and Temperament

This dog breed is calm, with a stable temper, high tranability and can perform a variety of tasks. They are super intelligent and thus you need to keep them entertained.

They are loyal, courageous, confident, gentle, resilient, friendly, observant and active. They are great with people and other animals, which makes them brilliant family dogs.


Since this dog breed is super intelligent, their training should start young because they mature quickly. The Verein für Deutsche Schäferhund club compares German Shepherd’s growth with humans:

When the dog is 6 months, it is equivalent to a 10 year old child and when it is 1 year old, it is equivalent to a 20 year old adult.

Make sure their training involves a lot of motivation and treats. They can be trained to almost anything, from a guide dog, to a protector, to a happy family dog to even a tracker.


German Shepherds shed a lot and thus they need to be rushed regularly, otherwise you will see excessive hair around your house.

Bathe your Shepherd pet only when essential because bathing too often can strip off natural oils from the skin.

Clean their ears and trim their nails often.

Is a German Shepherd a good family dog?

German Shepherds are very gentle and family protectors when the right training is given to them. It is a suitable dog breed for active households. They are intelligent and protective towards their owner family, thus is an ideal choice for a family pet with children.

Are German Shepherds high energy?

German Shepherds are super intelligent and active, thus they require sufficient mental stimulation and exercises. Since they are protective in nature, train them to socialize when young.


We hope to have helped you understand more about German Shepherd dog breed which will help you make an informed decision. If you are planning to get one and ready to devote time to them, you should definitely go for it because they make excellent family pets.