Dogo Argentino – Price in India, History, Temperament & More

Dogo Argentino is an athletic dog that has strength, intelligence and quick responsiveness. This pack-hunting dog is large and powerful with its strong head and a balanced body.

It has a plain, smooth, short coat that is entirely white and some have a dark patch near the eye that covers less than 10% of the head.

How much does a Dogo Argentino Cost in India?

The cost of a Dogo Argentino puppy may vary depending on the location and reputation of the breeder. The puppy cost is between Rs. 30000 to Rs. 85000, which can go up to Rs. 150000 for pure breed show quality dog. 

Dogo Argentino Dog Price in India & Info

Average Price in India₹60,000 – ₹80,000
Height60 cm- 67 cm (Male), 60 cm – 65 cm (Female)
Weight40 kg – 45  kg (Male), 35 kg – 40 kg (Female)
Lifespan12 to 15 Years
TemperamentLoyal, Protective towards family, Cheerful, Friendly & Tolerant
GroomingMinimum Grooming (Once a week brusing & bimonthly bathing )
Common Health IssuesHip Dysplasia, prone to skin allergies and autoimmune disease like thyroiditis & deafness

Factors that Affect the Price

Dogo Argentino is a rarely found breed in India and must be bought from reputable breeders only.

It is important to meet the puppy’s parents along with the puppy. Also, check for all necessary documentation and registration of the breeder and the puppy before buying.

The cost of buying a Dogo Argentino puppy from a reputable breeder is high compared to pet stores and puppy mills. However, it ensures good quality pure bred puppies with fewer or no diseases and deficiencies.

The city or region from where the Dogo Argentino puppy is bought affects the price of the puppy. Locally bred puppy is less expensive compared to getting it from another state or region.

Young puppies are easier to train and socialize and more people prefer a puppy growing up in the family. Hence, young puppies are a little expensive compared to older dogs.

Purebred puppies have fewer chances of developing hereditary diseases. This results in a higher price for purebred quality puppies.

Veterinarian costs include vaccination costs, neutering/spaying costs, de-worming costs, annual health checkups and other medicines costs.

Grooming expenses include costs of grooming brush, dog shampoo and conditioner, dental care, etc. Some basic accessories like collar and leash, water and food bowls and bed also add to the cost.

About and History

Dogo Argentino, also known as Argentine Mastiff, was created by a breeder, Antonio Nores Martinez, in 1928.

This breed is a direct descendant of Cordoba Fighting Dog, who was developed from Mastiffs and Bull Breeds.

It is an incredibly powerful, muscular dog with high pain threshold and bravery that proved useful in dog fights. This breed was crossed with a variety of breeds to check the result and records were maintained of each cross.

Dogo Argentino was well established by the year 1947 when it entered into a fight with a boar and a cougar and the dog won. It gained popularity in native Argentina as well as in nearby countries.

In 1964, the Argentine Kennel Club granted them official recognition. After gaining international popularity, this breed continued to fulfil traditional hunting and guarding roles.

It was also used in the military as personal protection dogs, search and rescue operation dogs.

Appearance and Build

Dogo Argentino has a strong and muscular body with an impressive shape and has a big head. They have large muzzles that roughly measure the same as their skull length.

They have small, dark eyes that are curious and alert-looking and set deep within their head. They have short ears that flop to the outside of the face. This breed has a white coloured coat that is short and tight-fitting and their skin is elastic.

Female Dogo Argentino is generally 60 to 65 cm tall and will weigh 35 to 45 kg. Male of this breed may reach 68 cm height and may weigh up to 45 kg.


This working dog is known for its bravery, stamina and ability to work alongside other dogs in a pack. They are loyal and display devotion towards their master, and can be very protective about their family.

Dogo Argentino puppy must be taught to socialise at a very young age to encourage good behaviour and co-exist with children and other dogs or animals. Supervision is still recommended due to the size of the dog.

It requires essential training to develop into an even-tempered and tolerant dog that accepts new people and pets. They make exceptional guard dogs with great senses and vigilant nature.


Dogo Argentino is frequently aggressive, displays dominance and constantly questions authority. It requires an experienced professional dog trainer as it does not like to take commands from anyone.

It may only obey someone it respects and always requires control, consistency and firmness while training.


Dogo Argentino requires minimal grooming, such as infrequent brushing. It is important to make them comfortable with the grooming routine from a young age to avoid resistance from them later when their size is huge.

A few essential grooming requirements include ear checking, claw clipping, bathing and tooth brushing. These tasks should be introduced to the dog at an early stage in their life to avoid injury to the handler later.

Can Dogo Argentino Survive in India?

Yes, they have good tolerance to high temperatures and hot, humid weather conditions to comfortably live in most parts of India. These dogs have a short, small coat that requires minimal grooming and keeps them comfortable.

Is Dogo Argentino friendly with Kids?

Dogo Argentino must be introduced to a lot of children at a very young age to be comfortable around them when they grow up.

Sufficient training and early socialization from their owners will make them warmer, gentler and more careful around small kids.

However, it is recommended always to keep supervision over canines when leaving them around kids.