Can Dogs Act Weird After Grooming? Do Dogs Get Upset After Grooming?

Grooming your furry pet is essential to keep their coat in check and free from ticks as well as fleas. Many dog breeds do not like to be groomed regularly, while some love being pampered.

If you find your dog is acting weird after grooming, make sure not to ignore it but understand its feelings. Rather read below to understand more about it to make your pet happy.

Why is my dog acting weird after grooming?

Grooming seldom causes weird behavior in dogs but some dogs may feel uncomfortable after a grooming session. Cutting fur of dogs can make them feel lighter, confused and may trigger itching or head shaking. Generally dogs are not clinically depressed but may feel embarrassed due to grooming. Sometimes dogs may act strange, weird, aggressive, tired or uncomfortable after grooming.

Some dogs love their new haircut and feel comfortable with it unlike others who do not like the change.

Actually, it also depends on the owner’s reaction. If you are laughing or not happy with the grooming, it can give negative feelings to the dogs and they might feel its their fault.

Your dog might feel weird after coming home from the grooming session, especially if it has had a huge change. It might look angry or annoyed, stay away from you or hide from you.

If your pet has had a drastic change at the grooming parlour, it is normal to behave unusual for a few days.

Your pet may be uncomfortable with the changed look. Many dogs also feel weird while someone is brushing them which may cause itching.

Understanding Canine Feeling

Maybe you would have cut a lot of your hair in the past and felt light and nice like most of us. But some people like the ones with autism spectrum disorders find this uncomfortable and distracting. The same is the case with your dog.

Grooming can make your dog think that there is something wrong and it may be upset. Your pooch can show that it is upset through depressed behaviour.

Sometimes, it is wise to de-stress your pet when they are stressed with a jacket until the fur grows back. The jacket can help them feel comfortable, secure and loved. Make sure to hug and cuddle them as you used to before the grooming session.

Things to look for after grooming

  • Aggressive dog, upset or feeling like he/she is in pain
  • Shaking their head and ears in water or too much itching
  • Blood in nails or pain while defecating
  • Sleepy or overheated dogs – they may have been drugged by the groomer to stay relaxed, which is definitely illegal

Practicing Good Grooming

Accompany your dog for grooming

Make sure not to just drop your dog to the groomer but stick around and show them love! Watch and motivate your pet while the grooming process. This will help them be comfortable and you will get the cut you are looking for. Also, this will ensure your pet knows that you love him/her.

A good groomer will be happy if the pet parent sticks around. Also, you may be able to get some tips on keep your pooch’s coat soft and shiny.

If you are not able to stick around at the groomer while the grooming process, ensure to reward your pet for behaving well. No matter what the groomer does, cuts off more fur than required, do not worry it will grow back! Make sure to show love to your pet.

Watch for grooming accidents

Your dogs mood after grooming may have to do with what happened during the grooming process and not the hair cut.  remember that even the world’s best groomer may have a minor accident while doing their job.

A tiny cut may make your pet feel skittish, particularly if they do not know the groomer and you did not stick around during the process.

Matted fur can lead to extra close shave which may cause tiny cuts. Also, haircuts can be itching and shampooing your pet in that mood may even lead to shampoo going in their eyes.

There may be a few types of mishaps that may happen. The best thing to do is take your dog to the groomer often so that they get used to the sounds, sensations and minor grooming mishaps.

You can take your pooch for the grooming session once in every eight weeks. Make sure to take him/her to a good and experienced groomer.

Calm Down Your Dog

Now that you know the reason why your dog may be acting weird after the grooming session, there are some things to calm him/her down.

Below mentioned are a few tips that you can follow before, during and after the grooming session.

If you pet is scared in the car while on the way to the groomer, try relaxing him/her and make them enjoy the ride.

Also, let the dog be used to being handled by the groomer in sensitive areas. Touch them in those areas and calm them down. Make sure to go slowly and give them treats for behaving well.

You can carry his/her favourite toy to the groomer. You can also give him/her some treats and talk to him/her in a calm voice while the grooming process is going on, especially if your pet does not know the groomer.

If your dog is scared of the haircut, shower him with love and compliments. It may take some time for him to start feeling comfortable with the new haircut, till then give him/her treats and your dog will be happy again.

Remember that just like us, your dog has feelings too and may be uncomfortable with the new haircut. Make sure to love them, treat them, give compliments and make them comfortable after the grooming sesh.

Grooming at home

You can even groom your furry friend at home. Extra brushing can keep your pet’s coat healthy, detangled and help him/her feel good.

Little to no matting will help the groomer give your dog the haircut you wanted. Extra grooming time at home can make your groomer’s job easier.


We hope to have helped you understand why your loving pet acts a little weird after the grooming session and what you can do to help him feel comfortable and stay happy.