Doberman Price in India, Maintenance Cost & More!

Doberman is a medium-large sized powerful dog that acts as a protector of its family and creates a strong animal-human bond. They have a noble appearance but are often stereotyped as being aggressive.

It has a sleek look and is a loyal guardian dog with intelligence and energy.

They are often chosen as military dogs, search and rescue and therapy dogs. They are loving, gentle and stable-minded dogs and are great with families that have children.

We have mentioned everything that will help you know more about this dog breed and make an informed decision.

How much does Doberman cost in India?

While considering the cost of buying a Doberman, the owner has to take note of many factors. The area, pet store or breeder cost influences the final cost of the puppy. Normally, one may have to spend anywhere from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 40000, with the average being around Rs. 20000, for the Doberman, depending on the above-mentioned factors.

Doberman Price in India & Breed Info

Height60 cm-72 cm
Weight27 kg – 35 kg
Lifespan10 to 14 Years
TemperamentAffectionate with family,  Trainable, Intelligent, Playfull
Puupy Price₹5,000 – ₹40,000
GroomingModerate shedding
Common Health IssuesBloat, Elbow & Hip Dysplasia, Dialated cardiomyopathy, albinism, hypothyroidism

What factors influence the Doberman price in India?

There are a number of important factors that influence the price of Doberman in India. Lets us look at them in detail.

Doberman Puppy cost

Doberman puppy cost depends on the reputation of the breeder and the care he/she takes for the puppy.

The quality of breeding plays a vital role as top breeders with dogs from best bloodlines are charge a premium price.

It is important to talk to multiple breeders to understand different dog bloodlines in India. South India has some of the best Dobermans in the country and hence the location of the puppy also influences the price.

The demand for the dog and how closely the breed conforms to the breeding standards have an effect on the price. Show quality puppies are priced much higher than pet quality puppies that have minor flaws.

The differences between male and female puppies and their character and temperament are much less. However, male dogs are more active and are costlier than female puppies by Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000.

The breeder factor

Dobermans can be bought from pet stores, through dog brokers, reputable breeders, regular home breeders and puppy mills. Pet shops have many Doberman puppies but do not guarantee quality and purity.

When buying a Doberman puppy from a pet store it is important to meet the breeder, puppy’s parents along with the puppy and to check the KCI papers.

Puppy mills are shady breeders who make false claims of purity, operate only for profit and sell mass-produced puppies in low prices.

Reputable breeders are the only best option to buy a puppy from as they genuinely care about their dogs and find good homes for them. They register their Doberman puppies in KCI and allow potential owners to meet the puppy’s parents.

Dog brokers have contacts with reputable breeders with purebred Dobermans and possess an excellent understanding of the dogs’ pedigree.

Regular home breeders sell excellent puppies with the right mental and physical character at low prices but are not professional breeders.

The dog food factor

Dog food provides proper nutrition for Dobermans to reach their best shape according to their age. They are a large breed and must be fed with top quality dog food.

Dog food consumption cost on an average monthly basis will be anything between Rs. 5500 to Rs. 7500 depending on the dog food brand chosen.

It must be noted that this cost will be a recurring monthly expense for the dog owner.

The vet factor

The vet can give a wider idea about the health of the dog and the medical expenses that may incur.

For a Doberman, the owner can expect an average annual medical expense of around Rs. 4000.

Vaccination cost

A vaccination schedule card lists vaccinations against common diseases in India and can be asked for from the vet.

It is important to follow the schedule to prevent puppies below 6 months from catching any fatal diseases.

Each vaccination can cost anywhere between Rs. 750 to Rs. 1500 in India.

Neutering/spaying is a surgical procedure to sterilize the dog which costs between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 in smaller cities and up to Rs. 12000 in Indian metro cities.

De-worming helps the puppy to retain nutrition from the food through inexpensive tablets costing approximately Rs.100.

Other medical expenses like antiseptic spray, cotton and band-aids cost Rs. 500 approximately and ticks and flea powder, shampoos, etc mat cost approximately Rs. 1500.

Grooming cost

Doberman has a short coat and grooming once a week will help manage their shedding.

It is advised to not use human soaps and shampoos on the puppy and it is not recommended to bathe them more than once a month.

Doberman accessories cost

Doberman will need basic items like bed, towel, food and water bowls and play toys.

The accessories may also include a collar and leash and a total expense of approximately Rs. 3500 can be expected.

Training cost

It is recommended to hire a good trainer for Dobermans as they are an aggressive breed and require consistent training.

This will cost approximately between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7000 per month.

Treat cost

It is not recommended to give commercial treats to Dobermans.

Giving homemade food treats like eggs, paneer, cheese, meat and veggies are healthier and better for these dogs.

Doberman insurance cost

Health insurance is not required for Dobermans as they are a healthy breed but liability insurance is recommended. Liability insurance will cover legal expenses in case of attacks on strangers.

Many theft cover policies are also available with good pet insurers in India. Pet health insurance will cost between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 9000 with options as cheap as Rs. 1000.

Doberman walking and other services cost

Dobermans are aggressive towards strangers and do not mix well. Proper socialization is needed before introducing them to strangers who take them for walks.

Hence, availing of dog walking service for this breed is not recommended.

However, if they trust strangers or socialize well, a dog walker with charges between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500 per month can be hired.

Travel cost

Dobermans can be taken along in cars or trains. If the owner does not plan to take the dog along, kennel or dog hotel service can be availed.

Is Doberman Banned in India?

No, having Doberman is not banned in India but in 2016, Indian goverment (DGFT) banned the import of foreign dog breeds for commerical and breeding purpose. Import will only be allowed for defence forces, police forces and some research and development organizations. People who already own a pet and have required documents to prove it can import them.

Popular breeds like Dobermans are famous in India but these dogs are often abandoned due to difficulty of maintenance as they cannot completely acclimatize to Indian weather.

DGFT ban foreign dog breed import

About & History

Doberman dog breed originated in Germany and is named after its creator Karl Doberman. The developer had a risky job of tax collection and was a dog catcher who crossbred different dogs to develop a guardian dog for personal protection.

He had easy access to different dog breeds but the exact ratio of the mixture is unknown. The mixture probably includes Beauceron, Rottweiler, Weimaraner and the German Pinscher.

Doberman was the official war dog of the US Marine Corps during World War II. Initially, they were bred to be fearless and aggressive but have turned friendly over the years.


Dobermans are medium-large dogs with a compact and athletic build. They have a short coat with different colours like black, red, blue and fawn.

They have cropped ears and docked tails in countries where it is permitted. They have medium-sized pendant shaped eyes and feature a long tail.

A feature that stands out is the Dobermans stand on their toes and not their footpads.

A male Doberman weighs around 40 to 45 kg with a height around 68 to 72 cm and a female Doberman weighs between 32 to 35 kg with a height around 63 to 68 cm.

Character and Temperament

Dobermans are devoted and loyal guard dogs with alert and watchful nature. They are extremely skilful and versatile which make them great family dogs.

These dogs need to be socialised and trained for stable character and to prevent their stubborn tendency from surfacing.

They can be dominant, hence it is important that the owner keeps a firm and consistent attitude.

They are highly intelligent, healthy, happy dogs who value companionship and attention and are fast learners. It is important that the owners learn to control their inappropriate barking habits.

Dobermans have great instincts to predict potential danger or threats as they have a natural protective tendency and guarding skills.

They had an aggressive and intimidating character which has now been reshaped over the years.


Dobermans are extremely intelligent dogs with talent. They learn very quickly and are very easy to train.

They tend to dominate, hence owners must pay special attention to this behaviour and act firmly.

They have an innate sense of protection and hence show aggressive behaviour. This can be controlled through proper socialization with other animals and people from an early age.


They have short coats that shed less and can be easily maintained with weekly brushing with a bristle brush. This helps in keeping their coat healthy, shiny and good looking.

Their nails grow quite fast and need to be trimmed regularly if they do not wear them down naturally.


Dobermans are highly intelligent dogs with natural protective instincts which make them excellent guard dogs. There are many expenses that need to be considered before buying this breed.

It is a large breed and requires a good amount of food and care. These dogs are healthy and happy generally and require very less grooming. They are loyal and are great for families with children.

We hope to have helped you get all the information that would help you make an informed decision.