Do Dogs Think Humans are Cute?

Dogs are one of the cutest pets humans can have. Most dog owners treat them as their children. 

But do you know what dogs think about humans? Do dogs think humans are cute? Well, this article will help you get an answer on if dogs find humans cute or not. 

No, dogs do not think humans are cute. Instead, they consider humans as a part of their pack or another pack. It depends on the context too. A dog owner is seen as a part of the pack while a stranger may be seen as a potential threat. Thus, it basically depends on the dog’s perception. 

What do Dogs think about Humans?

Dogs depend more on humans for love, security, and everything compared to their species. The most substantial brain-based dog evidence states that it comes from a new brain imaging report that detected odors in a dog’s brain. 

The Animal behavior researchers at Emory University taught the dogs to stay still in the MRI machine and used functional magnetic resonance imaging to understand their neuronal reactions to familiar and unfamiliar odors of other dogs and humans.

For dogs, the owner’s smell provides them with great insights into social conduct. 

The aim of the owner is to build a positive and affectionate bond with the pet so that it welcomes you in its pack.

The crucial factors to building a strong relationship with your dog include:

  • Time spent with the dog
  • Dog’s bond with you
  • Dog’s health

How do Dogs see Humans?

Pack members

In short, dogs see their owner as a pack member. Dogs build a bond with their owners. They begin to rely on you for everything like affection, love, food, etc. 

This is why dogs see their owners as pack members or even leaders. If you are dominant with your dog, they will see you as a leader, which is the ideal hierarchy, especially when you have more than one dog in your house. 

This will make sure they respect you and are not aggressive. 

Food provider

For all those thinking that dogs think humans are cute. This is not the fact. They consider you as the food provider because you give them food. 

They notice you giving them food, and this builds a relationship. This is the perception of the dog. They see you as a food provider, and this values you.


We hope to have helped you with an answer to your question. Dogs do not think humans are cute. They see them as a pack member or a leader and a food provider.