Chippiparai – Price in India & Detailed Information

Chippiparai has a lean frame and has typical sighthound features with long legs. They were named after the village of Sippipparai in the Virudhunagar district.

These dogs were historically kept by royalty in Southern India and are mostly found in regions of Virudhunagar, Tirunelveli, Thenkasi, Thoothukudi and Madurai. This breed is made for speed and is usually white.

It is from Tamil Nadu, India and is known to prefer a single master. They were used for hunting small animals, and due to their intelligence, they excel as police dogs today.

If you are looking to buy or adopt one, there are some factors and points that you need to know to ensure you have taken the right decision.

How much does a Chippiparai dog cost in India?Normally one may have to spend anywhere from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 22000, with the average being around Rs. 10000, for the Chippiparai itself depending on the breeder, pet store and the area.

You, being the owner has to consider many factors while calculating the cost of buying and raising a pit bull.

Factors influence the Chippiparai price in India?

It is always advisable to buy Chippiparai from reputable breeders around the hometown of this dog as it encourages genuine breeders.

Top quality dog food ensures balanced nutrition, but it may also like the taste of cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables, cooked eggs which must only be 10% of their meals or offered as treats. This is the recurring expenditure that you need to bear.

There can be expenses related to vaccination during the early days of the puppy and neutering/spaying cost by six months of age to avoid unfortunate diseases.

Chippiparai’s grooming needs include brushing, inspections for ticks and fleas and cutting out all mats from the coat before a bath.

Chippiparai requires accessories like a collar with license, leash, food dish, water bowl, bed, toothbrush and toys.

Also, training the Chippiparai can be started by the owner as soon as it is vaccinated, and later they can be enrolled in training programs.

It is important that the Chippiparai dog breed be enrolled for regular walking or exercising services to avoid boredom and remain healthy and active.

How to choose a pure breed Chippiparai in India?

Know the Physical traits of Chippiparai

Chippiparai is a medium sized breed with a broad chest and tucked abdomen. It has an aerodynamic frame with long, bony legs and a whip-like long tail.

Their head is narrow, long and comes with powerful jaws. They have elastic tendons in the legs for fast and long strides and are known to gulp air in their large chest while running.

These features make Chippiparai one of the fastest dogs in the world. They have a short coat and comes with a rectangular body.

Check the Breeder Reputation

Chippiparai dogs are majorly bred in the hometown of the dog in Tamil Nadu, India. These breeders have the pure breed quality dogs that have descended from their ancestors who served the royalty in ancient times.

It is advisable to buy Chippiparai dogs from these reputable breeders after thoroughly checking how genuine they are.

Kennel Club of India maintains the dog breed standards in India and provides important proof at the time of transfer of ownership.

Check for the KCI registration of the breeder along with other formalities before buying this breed.

This registration comes in handy if the owner further decides to breed the dog in future.

Try to Meet the Parents of Dog

Genuine breeders will always have information about both dog parents and guide them better before buying the breed. It is important to ask the breeder to meet both dog parents while the puppy is there with you to see how they interact with each other.

This helps in checking for any possible genetic problems in the puppy which may not be seen at the puppy stage.

The behaviour of the puppy with and without the parents must also be checked to understand nature and temperament better.

About & History

There were different hunting dogs in ancient times that were used by royalty.

One such game hound from South India is called Chippiparai, which is known for being courageous, loyal and intelligent.

Different stories state the genuineness of the dogs, and each breeder claims their dog to be the most genuine.

However, these dogs are one of India’s oldest breeds and knowledge about them is only passed by words.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has made studies that create the remaining Chippiparai dogs’ documentation to understand them better.

Character & Temperament

This breed has excellent character and is not known to be aggressive. They suit any family and are excellent with children as they can tolerate ear and tail pulling.

These dogs are inquisitive dogs that are always sniffing and smelling and only bark when necessary.

They are wise decision-makers and have limitless energy, which always keeps them eager to play.

Chippiparai dogs are loyal, loveable, affectionate and always ready to please their master.


Chippiparai dogs enjoy playing fetch and have natural prey drive which can be used by dog handlers to harness them. These dogs are fascinating, intelligent and loyal.

Chippaparai Dog Seated on Rock

It is good to use their playful character to train them while making it an enjoyable experience. This helps in increasing the bond between the dog and its master.

These dogs are easily distracted ad hence require frequent short training sessions.

They can jump as high as 7 to 8 feet when trained properly and jumping helps their overall health.


Chippiparai dogs do not require much grooming as they have short and smooth coats with minimal shedding. They are couch friendly dogs.

Breeders recommend adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to their food and applying coconut oil on their coat to provide natural nourishment.

It is better to check for ticks and fleas during warm weather and cut out the mats from their coat before bath time.

It is advised to carefully rinse off all soap from the coat to avoid dirt from sticking to soap residue.


Chippiparai dogs are one of the most intelligent dogs in India. They are loyal, affectionate and loveable and are great with children.

Certain expenses may occur while raising the Chippiparai dog breed. It is advisable to consider all expenses before buying a Chippiparai.

This breed is majorly bred in the dog’s hometown. It is very difficult to find a genuine breeder, but time and patience can help find a reputable breeder with genuine purebred Chippiparai.

We hope to have helped you get all the information possible to help you make the right decision.