Cane Corso – Price in India, Appearance, Grooming & More!

You see a dog with a wide forehead with crumples and a broad chest? You know it’s Cane Corso! 

They are the guardian/ working dog breeds who love to have the assignment to complete. 

Think wisely before choosing the dog breed. Corsi is among the most devoted dogs but requires an appropriate parent, a strict master while training.

 It is better not to go by the look of adorable puppies. Corso will grow real masculine and guard you like a bouncer!

How much does Cane Corso cost in India?

The average price of Cane Corso in India is anywhere between INR 60,000/- and INR 80,000/-. The prices vary based on its appearance, breeders, the availability of the breed at the location, and factors alike. It is a bit on the higher side since Corso is not a common breed in India.

Factors affecting the cost of the Cane Corso

Some of the most common cost affecting factors if you are buying a Cane Corso includes-

The appearance/gender/age of the dog

The double-coated skin of Corso appears in various shades of black, gray, fawn, red, or brindle. The usual coats will cost you lower, and a rarer one will cost higher. 

Similarly, the eye colors, build, and height (if it’s an adult dog) of Cane Corso affects the price of the dog. 

The cost factor varies depending on the gender of the dog too. Pet parents mostly choose male dogs over females in general. 

Therefore the price of female puppies will be relatively lower. Similar to gender, people prefer a puppy over an adult dog. It leads to a higher price for the pup than an adult dog.

Availability of the Breed

A few breeds are endemic to a region, while others are a rarity. So depending upon the availability of the canine in the geographical area, the cost varies. 

The price of Cane Corso might rise if you buy the puppy from a distance. It involves various cost factors such as transportation, the intermediary people, and more.

The reputation of the breeder

A good breeder will ensure all the conditions of a dog before selling. He takes note of the puppy’s health, its lineage, the purity of the parents’ breed, and many other factors. 

The conditions in which he keeps a puppy also matter, and a breeder with the correct ethics will never exploit any pets. Even if a breeder holding a decent reputation charges more, it should be worth it. 

Buying a dog from an unknown breeder is equivalent to risking your pet’s health.

Purity of the breed

The Cane Corso breed dogs are known for their lineage. The protective instincts, guarding ability, and muscular appearance comes from breeding over the years.

 If the purity of the breed gets hampered, the primary purpose of the guardian dog turns to vain. Moreover, the health of dogs is at stake with mixed-breeding.

There are a couple of pointers that affect the price of Cane Corso in specific.


Cane Corso is a large dog, and the maintenance is proportionately larger.

The very first factor we need to consider is its diet. Larger dogs weighing more eat accordingly. The high-quality dog food will cost you significantly. 

Regular training and physical activities are critical for a healthy upbringing of the canine. 

Every pet parent will not be capable of training them appropriately. So a trainer experienced with guardian dogs will come at a reasonable cost. 

Other essentials which are part of every dog’s upbringing include medical expenses, toys and treats (training commodities), and miscellaneous.

Health Conditions

Every dog is prone to ups and downs health-wise. Breeds specifically have genetically developed issues that are fixable if cared for properly. 

Cane Coro dogs face health problems such as hip dysplasia, entropion or ectropion, demodectic mange, and gastric torsion. The best practice is to enquire with the breeder about the parent’s health issues.

A genuine breeder will be honest and will never hide the facts. It will help you in knowing what’s in the box.

About & History

The Cane Corso breed is a family-only dog that is loving and highly protective of its family. 

Smart, assertive, and confident Corsos will protect their pack to any extent possible. You will find the breed hardly getting along with anyone outside of the family.

These robust and athletic dogs are not for first-timers. They suit pet parents who have experience handling at least a similar breed. Also, ensure you have a fenced backyard if you want the pets in the neighborhood to remain safe.

Molossus dogs, a Greek working breed, were brought home by the Romans to breed with the Italian hounds. Italy has given birth to Neapolitan Mastiff and the Cane Corso, the two mastiff-type breeds.

The dogs came into existence as war/guard dogs and skillful hunters. During the 1900s, two World-wars brought about a decline in the breed. Change in the Italian countryside majorly contributed to the almost extinction of the Corsos.

A group of Italians came forward to continue the breeding and brought them back to recognition worldwide. Only recently has the Cane Corso been recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club.


Did you know? The Cane Corsos can weigh up to 100 pounds! Yes, that’s right, the female weighs between 90 to 100 pounds in general, and males can reach up to 110 pounds. They grow up to a height of 28 inches at the shoulder.

The fierce creatures Corsos are a pack of muscles under their stiff coat. They hold their large head high with an alert expression that makes them appear majestic.

The muscular appeal, size, and endurance are some of the highlighting physical characteristics of the breed.

Many of these Corsos you see shall be flaunting their cropped ears. Let us keep you informed that this is purely for adorning reasons. They have no health benefits whatsoever. The floppy ears make the canine appear cute.

The dogs have got pear-shaped eyes with varied colors and shades. You may come across some of the most beautiful colored eyes on Coros, such as a striking yellow or blue. You will find a small tail-anchored to the end of the spine.

The most common coats and colors Corso appear in are black, gray, fawn, red, or brindle. They carry a short, double-layered coat that is thick. The texture of their skin is sometimes so tufted that people often compare it to a cow’s skin.

Temperament & Character

Corso comes from a long ancestry of working dogs and has very well adapted to the human world. It has made the breed of a sensitive and profound temperament.

These dogs can understand the tone of your voice, whether you are praising or enforcing a rule on him. It helps you in rewarding or staying strict while correcting your pet. Corsi responds quite well to such actions and instructions.

The strong-willed Corso is highly protective of his home. They are ideally very affectionate towards the family, including children. The breed, in general, isn’t very friendly with strangers.

Corso as a breed is dedicated, eager to please, intelligent, and adaptable to their human families. He can take over an unwitting pet parent because of their dominant nature. The Corsi will look for ways to tackle boredom and may, at times, turn violent.

The pet parent of these dogs must give them tasks to do. He will never turn inappropriately fierce, provided he is under the supervision of a confident, uniform pet parent. These dogs can pose a threat in public if not trained and cared for properly.

The working breed must be capable of working under high-stress levels. Your doggie might not be of correct disposition if it fails to manage its dictated temperament.

Corsi has a strong prey drive and might chase almost anything smaller in size and moves. Corso might not be a good idea if you have other pets at home. Early socialization, however, should help you deal with this aspect.


Cane Corso is the dog for you if exercise, training, and plenty of space are something you can offer to your pet. One may not find it hard to train the breed because of his intelligence and determination.

Early socialization and responsible breeding are essential factors with large dogs like Corsi. If you live in the countryside, you can engage him with livestock. If not, a Corso can indulge in dog sports like agility, dock diving, adherence, or hunt.

The working dog needs regular physical activities such as a hike, run, and more. Morning evening walks are a must to keep up the muscular build of the Corso.

Learning must go on continuing to develop skills and demeanor for everyday conditioning.

If you have children/ other pets at home, get your Corso introduced to them while he is very young. Supervise the interactions with your pets or children with Corsi. It will develop a coordinating relationship among all of them.

Large dog breeds often prefer having ample spaces to patrol around. They need ways to vent out their energy, like more walks, large fenced yards, etc. Corsos are happiest when they are indulged in some activity and got something to think about or work.

Consider getting your pet into a kindergarten as a puppy it will help them socialize. Take it light and easy-going with the puppies. Their musculoskeletal system takes time to develop.

Keep an eye on the behaviors of these dogs, do not allow them to get away with unreasonable actions. A trainer who understands the attitude of guardian breeds will help you the best.


Grooming isn’t a big deal for Cane Corso. Considering the dog’s size, it might seem like a big task. It includes brushing once a week, infrequent baths, brushing his teeth, and checking the toenails.

The shedding of Corso is pretty much throughout the year. The undercoat sheds constantly and increases the most during the season, spring. 

Hence, daily brushing during the spring season helps. You can use a natural bristle brush or mitt for this.

If you prefer to keep his sleek coat shiny and sheen, use a conditioner/polish. Bathing him once in three months or when he is dirty will suffice. You can use a mild shampoo for this coat.

Other grooming activities include brushing his teeth using a soft brush for oral health, checking his ears, and trimming the toenails. Ears are a breeding ground for several microbes, so you can clean them occasionally using wipes. Most of these are for general health and hygiene.

Is a Cane Corso a good family dog?

The breeding of Cane Corso was to guard possessions and even hunt large prey. He may seem ferocious and is powerful for real. 

It is the case when you meet him for the first time because he is not a dog who will gel well with people outside of the family. Once you know him as a close acquaintance or he becomes a part of your family, you will see the actual nature of Corso. 

Cane Corso is a loyal and affectionate family dog who will guard his packs to any extent, including children. So, he is no doubt a great family dog. He needs regular socialization beginning from a young age to get along with children or other pets in the family.

What is bad about Cane Corso?

The defending and territorial nature of Corso makes them aggressive. They are used to patrolling the yard and keeping an eye for intruders. It makes them hostile towards other animals or humans. 

They may ideally not attack but may bark to alert their masters. Corso may appear bad because of these genetic characteristics. These canines will remain friendly and harmless with proper socialization from an early age.

Does Cane Corso bark a lot?

The breed is known to bark a lot less compared to others in general. They do, however, have the issue of incessant barking and howling. One of the possible reasons is that the pups are facing separation anxiety. 

Another reason can be that the dogs are pack animals and often bark when they want to gain attention. They want their packs to hear them asking for something. 

They may bark if they feel like playing or having an extra dose of treats and alike.

Cane Corso dogs are tough breeds to have as protector canines. They also need equal care and training to remain under control. 

The massive size will require a significant quantity of food and a good time for grooming. Consider Cane Corso to be the one for you if you appreciate the idea of a large dog that’s shielding and muscular.