Can Siberian Husky Survive in Tropical/Hot Climate in India?

Siberian Husky is a super popular dog breed in India, mainly for its blue eyes. This breed is often seen in Northern India since they can only survive in the cold regions.

This dog breed is super friendly and medium-sized. They have a thick fur coat, which makes more sense that they can naturally live in cold regions.

If you plan to adopt one but do not know if huskies can survive in India, this article is right for you. It will help you gain more information about huskies and help you make an informed decision.

Can Siberian Husky Survive in India? Siberian Huskies can survice in India if kept in a cool environment and cared properly, otherwise not. Though huskies are capable enough to adapt to any climate, naturally they are adapted to live in an Arctic climate. Due to their thick coat, they can’t tolerate hot climate in tropical areas like India.

Huskies in India

Since Huskies are naturally adapted to cool weather, its difficult for them to keep up with hot weather in India.

But that’s not stoped breeders from breeding huskies in India. Infact, they force huskies to adopt to Indian climate by breeding for several generation, which is not a good practice.

Huskies can adapt to Indian climate but not across the whole nation. If you are living in the colder parts of India, specially ar north, where climate is cold you can keep them as a pet.

Husky in India require more care and proper place to seat, sleep and eat. It is wise to keep AC in their area so that they can live comfortable. Also, get your huskies from a reputed and registered breeder, that way you know they are vaccinated properly and raised in good contions.

How do you take care of a Siberian husky in India?

Huskies are naturally adapted to live in cold regions, but today, they can live in different climatic zones with some extra care.

If you are already a husky owner and want to keep the husky healthy and happy, make sure to check out the below-mentioned tips.

NEVER Shave Your Husky’s Coat

When it comes to caring for your Siberian Husky, one of the most important things that you need to know is that you should never shave your husky’s coat.

This dog breed has a double coat, with a special under layer of fur that regulate their body temperature.  Shaving this layer means the dog is likely to suffer from a heat stroke.

When the Husky pants in the heat it is helping itself to regulate its temperature. If this happens to you, do not panic since it is normal behaviour.

The only time you need to panic is when your dog is panting and seems unresponsive and confused.  This happens due to the heat that he/she cannot tolerate. Thus, do not even make the mistake of shaving the dog’s coat.

Keep Your Husky Indoors At Midday

In a warm and hot climate, people stay indoors between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.  In a few states, companies also allow their workers to rest in summer afternoons.

Ensure that your husky has a cool place to lay down. One of the ideal ways to lay down a young husky is on a patch of tile flooring as it allows the dog to expel heat.

If you have a senior Husky with joint issues, then the floor may be too hard, and it would require a dog bed or carpet. An elevated dog bed is the best way to keep your dog cool and comfortable.

Make sure to unfold the blinds if there is direct sunlight exposure in your house. This will help you against the UV rays and heat. If you have an air conditioner, then ensure to keep your dear pet in the AC room, and he/she will thank you for this.

We recommend you adopt a Siberian Husky only when you can afford to keep the dog in AC all the times to ensure he/she is healthy and happy.

Arrange Husky Pool Party

Husky Keeping Cool in Pool

Huskies do not like to bathe, but they love splashing in a shallow pool. If you have sufficient space, your pet will appreciate you throwing him/her a pool party in your inflatable pool during the summertime.

Remember that your Husky will not be obedient and would shake water all over your space. So, only if you are fine with the water mess he/she would create, throw him/her a pool party.

A dog pool is not the same as a kids pool. The dog pool has lower sides and is thicker to withstand animal claws.

Keep Your Husky Hydrated

You should make sure that animals have access to fresh and clean water, especially during the summers.  Make sure to keep a bowl of water inside and outside the house so that pets do not have to search for water when they are thirsty.

If you will be out of the house for a long time, it is wise to ask a family member or your friend to look in on your pet. Ask him to make sure that the pet has not spilt water and is comfortable and safe.

Exercise Husky during Cooler Time of Day

Whether you take your pet out in the park or on the street for exercise, the best time of the day is early morning or evening during the summers. It will help to avoid heat-stroke.

A study conducted in 2020 found that exercise is a most common factor triggering heat-stoke. Keeping dog in hot car and outdoor can also be the reason for heat-stroke.

Your husky obeys you and loves to exercise, but they cannot tolerate extreme heat. So, make sure to carry a water bottle and a drinking bowl to keep your furry friend hydrated during the hot months.

Take Care of Husky Paws

Siberian huskies paw pads are sensitive to heat and can burn if the pavement or driveway is too hot.

We do not recommend you walk outside with your Husky in the hot weather but if you do, try to stay in the shade as much as possible. You can even make your pet wear dog shoes that would protect his/her claws.

Do Huskies need AC?

Make sure to let the dog stay in a cold place in your house. Air conditioners work amazing for them, and they love being comfortable in an AC room. If you cannot afford an air conditioner or cannot keep it on always, get an air cooler for your Husky.

Signs to Look Out For In Your Husky in Hot Climate

Huskies are suitable for living in a cold climate, but they can adapt to warmer climate zones. You need to be extra careful and make sure he/she does not overheat.

There are a couple of signs that you need to look for to ensure your Husky is healthy.


Overheating symptoms include rapid breathing, heavy panting, higher body temperature, extreme thirst, glazed eyes, high heartbeat and pulse rate, weakness, bloody faeces, bright tongue and/or gums stumbling and even unconsciousness.

These symptoms are prevalent in Siberian Huskies because their double coat was made to retain heat. Usually, these types of breeds are overexerted often than breeds with a light fur coat.


As per the American Kennel Club, the most common dehydration symptoms in dogs are lower energy levels, loss of appetite, panting, sunken or dry eyes, losing skin elasticity, lethargy, and dry nose gums.

You can notice some of these symptoms in your dog when they are sick with something else. Thus the ideal way to test the Husky for dehydration is with the pinching test.

Gently pinch their skin between your fingers, if the pet is dehydrated, the skin will take longer to get back in its normal shape.

Another way is to check your husky’s nose or gums. A healthy Husky will have a moist mouth, while dehydrated pet will have dry gums.

Besides visual clues, you can even touch and feel their gums at a place – if you are dehydrated, the place will remain white for a long period than normal. If you still cannot find out if your pet is dehydrated or not, it is wise to take him/her to the vet for an examination.

What to Do if You Think Husky is Overheating?

Do not panic and follow the below-mentioned steps!

Give some water to your dog. Large dogs like a grown-up Husky requires more water to stay healthy since he/she is more active. Take a lot of water breaks during the hot days and feed your pet some ice cubes to cool them down quickly.

Keep your Husky puppy in the shade when it gets hotter. Make sure to give your pet the required break from the sun. This is how you will be able to check if your pet is just hot or overheating.

Huskies have a lot of energy and love being outdoors. Make sure your fairy friend has a place to relax outside that is cool, so the best would be to keep a dog pool filled with water in your backyard that they can escape to when it gets hot.

Husky of course, need to go outside for potty breaks but avoid being outdoors for too long during the day, especially during the afternoon when the temperature is the highest.

If you think your husky has overheated, use lukewarm wet towels to cool him/her down. Ensure the wet towels are not too cold but only lukewarm. If your dog is dehydrated or overheated, make sure to take him/her to the vet at the soonest.

Huskies require their double coat to regulate body temperature (you know, you cannot shave their coat off); extra hair on their coat can overheat them quickly. Brush your dog often to remove extra hair.


We hope to have helped you answer your question on – can Siberian Husky survive in India. Also, we have tried to out down a few points that can help you take care of your furry friend.

Also, if you live in a warm or hot climatic condition, make sure to check out the signs of overheating and dehydration, as that will help you take utmost care of your Husky.

Also, remember the steps to take before seeing a vet if you think your husky is overheating. If you any tips to take care of your pooch, please drop down in the comments sections below for our fellow pet owners.