Can Dogs Eat Sweet? Is Indian Sweet Good for Dogs?

Your dog might be giving you a stare while you are eating sweets. Wondering if you can give your dogs the sweet dishes that you eat?

Continue reading to know if it is safe to give sweets to your furry friend.

Can Dogs Eat Indian Sweet?

Indian sweets like barfi, jalebi etc are not safe for dogs. Traditional Indian sweets are made using an abundance of  sugar, ghee, wheat flour and several other ingredients that are toxic to the dogs in moderate to large quantities. So, avoid feeding dogs sweets.

Indian sweet dishes are loaded with ingredients like flour, sugar, milk, nuts and legumes. Each Indian sweet dish tastes different and is often enhanced with Indian spices.

Yes, dogs too have a sweet tooth just like us, but do not have as many taste buds as we do, although they can taste the sweetness and get addicted to it.

Added refined sugar can cause a number of healthy issues in dogs including diabetes , obesity and dental problems.

Common Ingredients in Indian Sweets & How it Affect Dogs

Wheat Flour and All-purpose flour (Maida)

Most Indian sweets contain wheat flour and/or all-purpose flour (maida) which includes gluten and if your dog is allergic to it, then it may cause serious allergies. Thus, it is always wise to avoid wheat and all purpose flour.


Sugar is an essential ingredient of Indian sweets and no sweet dish is complete without sugar. Just like sugar causes health issues in humans, it does the same in dogs too.

Sugar can cause a number of health problems in dogs like obesity, which is the root cause of many other health issues including dog diabetes. If your dog is overweight then the transition might be difficult but worth it.

Also, ensure that you do not give sweeteners to your dog because it contains a popular ingredient Xylitol which has dental benefits for humans but is not safe for dogs. Thus, make sure your dog food or treat does not contain sugar as well as sweeteners like Xylitol.

Dental diseases are common in dogs and sugar can call for the issues earlier. Make sure you keep a check on your dog’s oral health too.


Most Indian sweets that you buy from the stores contain condensed or canned milk which is tolerable for those dogs that are lactose intolerant but contain high amounts of sugar, which is harmful for them.


Nuts are safe to eat for your furry friend but not a recommended healthy choice. Nuts have Omega-3 fatty acids which is beneficial for your pooch but excessive fat in their diet can cause gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea and vomiting.


Coconut meat in Indian sweets is common. Although dogs should not eat coconut sweets because they contain ingredients other than coconut which are harmful for your pooch, a little coconut meat is in their diet is fine.

Coconut is safe to eat for dogs but it contains medium chain triglycerides which may cause gastrointestinal issues. Make sure you check with your vet before giving your pooch coconut.


Chocolate contains theobromine and is harmful for dogs. They are unable to metabolize theobromine, which can then lead to health problems.

If your dog happens to eat chocolate, watch him/her closely for symptoms and if he/she does, rush to the vet immediately.

Best Natural Treats for Dogs

Why look for dog treats in the market when there are plenty of healthy and natural options available?

There are plenty of natural food items that you can give your dog as treats. Ensure that they are given in moderate quantities only.

Check out the list below for some amazing natural dog treat options:


An entire apple will be too much for the dog, just a few slices are good enough. Make sure to remove the seeds and give them to your furry friend.

Apples are power packed with nutrients and fibre, making them a great snack option.


Rich in beta carotene and multiple other vitamins, a few bite-sized pieces of carrots are a healthy reward. Some dogs like beagles and labs swallow the food without chewing. Thus if your pooch is one of them, ensure to keep carrot pieces of small size.

Green peas 

Most dogs love green peas. Frozen or fresh, both are good for them. Although they love green peas, make sure to go easy-peasy on them and do not overfeed them.


Just as watermelons are loved by humans, dogs love this tasty and hydrating fruit. Ensure you remove the seeds and do not give the rind to your dog.


Bananas are power-packed with nutrients and most dogs love them. It’s a good choice to keep them handy. Make sure you do not overfeed them as they have high sugar content. Thus, just like everything, give bananas in moderate quantities.

Green beans 

Dogs can eat cooked green beans that are plain. They are rich in fiber.


This is a great choice for puppies for its health benefits. Ensure to give them small pieces. You can either give them raw, steamed or cooked, whatever your dog likes but ensure it is plain.

Cooked high-fiber foods are easier to digest for dogs just like humans.

Cooked sweet potatoes

Cooked sweet potatoes are a healthy snack for your furry friend. Make sure to keep them plain and give your dog in moderation. Never give raw potatoes to your pooch.

Strawberries and blueberries 

Dogs love this sweet little vitamin C fruit. Strawberries are high in sugar, so make sure you give them in limited quantities to your dog.

Just like strawberries, blueberries are healthy little nuggets that make a great snack option for your dog. Just like any other foods, ensure you give blueberries in moderation too.

We hope to have helped you understand well the reason behind why dogs can’t eat sweets. Ensure to go through the natural treat options that are safe to feed and healthy. Whatever you feed your furry friend, make sure its in moderate quantity