Can Dogs Eat Instant Noodles Like Maggi?

Maggi noodles is one of the most popular foods that humans love to eat. While you are eating Maggi, your dog might be curious to eat too but can dogs eat maggi?

Maggi is not a healthy option for the dogs. Maggi isn’t toxic to them but contains several ingredients that have minimal nutritional value. Instan noodles like Maggi contains high amounts of salt, sugar, wheat flour, thickeners, wheat gluten, and acidity regulators which is not good for dogs.

Rather, you can feed your furry pet unsalted homemade rice noodles with cooked veggies or chicken.

Maggi and Dogs 

There is no doubt Maggi tastes delicious and this is what attracts dogs towards it. Just like humans, they love the taste and wish to eat.

Maggi is harmful to dogs as it contains some ingredients that are not nutritious and might affect their health.

We have listed down the ingredients that do not make Maggi a good option to feed your dogs.

First five ingredients of Maggi – Refined Wheat flour & Wheat gluten, Palm oil, Salt,  Mineral (Calcium carbonate), Thickeners (508 & 412),

Refined wheat flour (Maida) and gluten 

Maggi noodles are made of refined wheat flour, commonly known as maida and gluten which may be harmful to your dog if he/she has a wheat allergy. But it is wise not to feed your dog wheat because they develop an allergy over time with continuous exposure.

This means that wheat may not cause a health issue at the outset but your furry friend may develop the allergy later with prolonged exposure, which causes health issues.

Below mentioned are a few symptoms that you should look out for:

If your pet dog gets ear infections, bouts of vomiting, diarrhea, or skin irritation frequently, wheat may be the culprit.

In such a situation, consider feeding them wheat-free dog food.

Remember that wheat is not a vital part of the canine diet and they can live without it. Thus, there is no reason to give them gluten treats like bread, and Maggi.

If you occasionally give your pet a bite of your ham sandwich, there is nothing to worry about.

Palm oil 

Palm oil is not harmful to your pet but it acts as a laxative, which can be harmful. Excessive palm oil can lead to an upset stomach.

The quantity of palm oil in Maggi is too little which is not harmful to your dog. You do not have to worry if your pet eats a little Maggi but we do not suggest giving your dog Maggi.


Maggi contains 820.6 mg sodium in one serving and the healthy amount of sodium required by your dog is between 0.25g and 1.5g for 100 gms of food. When salt is consumed at this level, it is not harmful to them.

The content of salt in one serving of Maggi falls in the healthy level but leads to an overdose of sodium at the end of the day with other meals. Excessive sodium is bad for your furry friend.

Other ingredients

Apart from gluten, palm oil and salt which are harmful to your dog, Maggi also contains acidity regulators, sugar, falvour enhancers, humectant and thickeners that are bad for your dog.

Nutritional Value of Maggi

Nutritional Value of Maggi

Alternative to Maggi 

As we now know that Maggi is not good for your dogs, avoid giving Maggi noodles to them. Instead, you can choose to feed homemade rice noodles as they are gluten-free and you have the control over salt.

Noodles are safe to eat for dogs, provided they are made of rice, home cooked and unwaxed. To make noodles healthier, you can add cooked chicken or veggies in to it.

This way, you can limit the amount of noodles in one serving. Make sure not to feed them noodles often.