Can Chow Chow Survive in India? Cost, Maintenance, Training & More

Chow chow is a cute fluffy bear looking dog that is super popular in the world for its cute looks. This dog breed is also known as puffy-lion dog in northern china.

Another unique feature of the chow chow dog breed is that they have blue-black spotted tongue.

Can Chow Chow Survive in India?

Chow Chows can survive in India with good care and attention but will have a tough time to deal with hot weather if not kept in cool places since it is not meant to live in hot weather. Chow chow prefers to live in cool places and do well in an apartment.

They are very famous for their black tongues and beautiful coats, which make them tolerant to cold climates. This means that they cannot withstand hot weather.

How much do Chow Chows cost in India?

Chow chow dog breed price in Indian usually ranges between Rs. 30,000 and Rs, 60,000 but you may even have to spend as much as Rs.2,00,000 in a few cases. The price of this dog breed depends on a number of factors like the breeder, physical attributions, breed quality, location, etc. 

Factors the Influences Chow Chows Price in India

Location of the puppy

The location where you reside and where you are getting the chow chow influences the price of the dog.

From where you buy – pet store, puppy mills, reputed breeders

Apart from the location, the price of the chow chow puppy depends on where you get it like a pet store, a reputable breeder or puppy mills.

We highly recommend you choose to get the dog from a reputed breeder only. This is because usually pet shops and puppy mills have a negative reputation of only keeping the dog for profit and they do not actually take good care of them.

Puppys age & gender

Other factors that affect the price of the chow chow dog breed are age and gender. Male puppies or dogs are available at a higher price than female ones. The gender of the dog plays a crucial role in determining the price in the area.

Puppies and young dogs cost more than fully grown chow chow dogs. Thus the age of the is an important factor that influences the price of the dog.

Physical characteristics

Physical attributes of the dog have a huge impact on the price of this dog. This dog breed is usually found in two kinds of coats – rough and smooth. A breeder may charge you different prices as per the kind of coats.

The coat colour is another factor that influences this dog breed’s price. They are usually found in red, cream and fawn colours. You may even find chow chows in rare coat colours like black and blue, which may be priced higher.

Breed quality & bloodline

The breed quality also influences the price of the chow chow dogs. A show quality dog is the closest to the ideal canine as in the breed standards.

If you wish to participate with your furry friend in dog shows then the breed quality matters a lot. If not, you can go with the regular pet quality chow chow.

If your chow chow belongs to the champion bloodline, which means that its predecessors were champions in any official dog show, then the price of that chow chow will be high.

Food consumption cost

Food expenses are recurring and thus you need to keep it in mind while getting a dog. Some dogs have nominal food consumption expenses while for some it’s high.

The cost of feeding a chow chow in India is between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 5000 every month which falls in the moderate expense bracket.

Vet and Vaccination cost

Another expense that may affect your decision is the vet and vaccination cost. Vaccination and deworming can help a lot and may cost you between Rs. 5000 and Rs, 15000 for the first year.

Yearly vet fees may be around Rs. 1500 depending on the vet you go to.

About & History of Chow Chow

It is believed that the Chow Chow dog breed originated on the Mongolian or the Siberian steppe around three thousand years ago. It is also known as Songshi Quan in China.

There is a controversy whether the breed was created by cross breeding Samoyeds and Tibetian Mastiffs, which is believed by most people. On the contrary some people believe that the chow chow are progenitors of Samoyed and other breeds like Keeshond and Norwegian Elkhound.

In recent times, the first chow was found in the west and later brought to Britain in 1780. It was recognized by the Kennel Club in 1894 and the American Kennel Club in 1903.

Chow became super popular when Queen Victoria had a Chow Chow dog as a pet.

Appearance of Chow Chow

This breed has a double, thick coat which may be smooth or rough. Multiple colour variations are mentioned below:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Fawn
  • Blue
  • White
  • Cream

Many people prefer solid coat colours and most chow chows have lighter coloured hair on the underside of their hindlimbs as well as the tail.

It has a muscular, broad head, with evident padding around the ears and eyes. The teeth of your chow chow should be a close-set with the lower and upper rows snugly between each other.

The tongue and lips are usually blue-black in colour. The ears are rounded and small and point forwards. This gives the breed a trademark scowling look.

They have muscular forelimbs and well-developed upper limbs and shoulders. Their hind limbs are upright. Males measure between 19 and 22 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 25 and 32 kgs. Females measure between 18 and 20 inches and weigh between 21 and 27 kgs.

Character & Temperament

Chow chow is stubborn and aggressive, which makes it unsuitable for novice pet owners. By nature, they are independent and friendly. You need to keep them in control to enjoy a good relationship with them.

If you handle them well, then they are one of the most obedient and loyal pets. They are aggressive guard dogs as the breed is naturally distrustful towards strangers.

Since this breed is bred as hunting dogs, they are generally not ideal to be around small pets and young children as they may not be able to understand the warning signs of Chow Chow becoming intolerant. For adults, they are a loyal guardian.


Training the chow chow can be tough when compared to most other breeds. They usually respond to training from a single individual whom they bond with. Since this breed is naturally stubborn, it may take some time to train the furry friend of yours.

Train them young and create a healthy dominance that the dogs respect, which is difficult to train later. When trained with patience, this dog breed can learn and obey commands well.


This dog breed needs a moderate level of activity. If the dog is spending too much time indoors then he/she requires an hour of walk every day but this would not be possible during warm days as they are prone to overheating.


Chows shed heavily and this can be more noticeable in the warmer climates. They need brushing daily. Make sure not to wash their coat regularly as it can affect its coat and skin quality. Do not clip your furry friend as it can damage their hair.

Brushing the teeth is a good habit but something difficult to implement. You can try to implement this habit in your dog and see how it goes. If they start getting aggressive, you can discontinue or get professional guidance from the vet.

Are Chow Chows Aggressive And Dangerous?

Chow chow can become aggressive and dangerous since they are often found to be very protective towards their parents and want to protect their owner by any means possible. Early socialisation and training can help them become obedient & loyal family pets.

How to Prevent Aggression in Chow CHow?

Good training

Inculcating good habits in your chow chow when they are a puppy is the best way to avoid picking up any bad habits in the future.

Better upbringing

When raised correctly, chow chows can be sociable and can get along with others. Some would not show any signs of aggression and it all depends on their personalities and how well they are treated by the owners.

Is Chow Chow the Right Dog for You?

Chow chow are not an ideal dog breed for first-time pet owners. They can be stubborn and aggressive and difficult for novice owners to handle.

Tiny mistakes in their upbringing can have huge implications in their future, thus it is better for an experienced dog owner to adopt this breed.

If you are ready to put in a lot of effort in raising, and grooming chow chow, they can be very loyal and an affectionate companion to you. With the right upbringing, chow chow can be affectionate towards other people and animals.