Bulldog as Pet in India – Price, Maintenance, & Breed Details

Bulldog is a medium-sized dog breed that is heavy in weight for the size it is. It is not active and thus the owner needs to put in efforts to make him/her exercise so that it does not become overweight.

This breed got its name for its ability to hold bulls in bull baiting. It is also known as the British Bulldog or the English Bulldog.

How much does bulldog cost in India?

A bulldog puppy costs between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 50,000 in India. Most Bulldogs fall into this price bracket but it may vary depending on a lot of factors like where you get it, show quality, area, etc. A puppy usually costs more than an adult Bulldog and a trained one costs more than an untrained one. 

What factors influence bulldog price in India?

Below mentioned are the factors that influence bulldog price in India:

There are pet shops, good breeders and top breeders. The bulldog puppy from a top breeder will be costlier when compared to a good breeder and pet shop. The reputation of the breeder will play an important role in determining the price.

The dog’s health is of utmost importance for a top breeder. Another reason why top breeders charge more for the dog is that they have dogs from the best bloodlines.

The quality of the pup matters a lot when it comes to getting one. The price of the pup is largely influenced by its quality. The puppy must be close to the breed standards. The more they relate to the standards, the higher the price.

The Kennel Club of India recognized the bulldog and also certified the pedigree. They follow Unit Kennel Club breed standards.

Also, a show winner will be priced higher compared to others. Thus, keep this in mind while you are getting one.

In India, a female bulldog costs less than a male bulldog. Irrespective of the gender, choose the one that suits your family the most. The fact is that there are no tangible differences between female and male bulldogs.

Bulldogs are rare to find in India. There are a few places from where you can get one but we totally recommend you avoid pet shops and puppy mills. This is because they trade them for money and usually are not concerned about the dog’s health.

The best place to consider getting a bulldog from are the reputable breeders. This is because they take care of the dog, there are fewer chances of health issues, they ensure purity, pedigree and quality.

Getting a bulldog from a reputable home breeder is also a good option to consider. The dogs are taken care of, have the right mental, physical and social character and the owner can guide you.

The bulldog breed you choose also influences its price. The French bulldog and English bulldog are two distinct breeds in India.

The demand for this dog breed also affects its price. They are in demand in large cities and thus expect prices to be higher than other places.

To be healthy and in shape, dogs require the right nutrition just like we do. You can expect the monthly cost of dogs food for a bulldog will be between Rs. 3,500 and Rs. 6,500 depending on the brand you select.

Expect to incur a few medical expenses around Rs. 6,000 which will include vaccination cost, spaying/neutering, deworming, etc.

Accessories cost also add up as you would require basic essentials for your bulldog bed, collar, leash, play toys, food & water bowls, towels, etc.

We recommend you give homemade treats to your puppy like paneer, meat, veggies, cheese, eggs, etc.

Bulldogs are stubborn and thus you would have to train them to be friendly with your family and socially. This would make you spend between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 7,000 each month.

Bulldog is not an aggressive dog breed and it is fine if you do not get third party liability insurance.

We suggest you get health insurance coverage with a theft cover if you would like to protect your investment.

Pet insurance can cost hundreds or a few thousand depending on the company you choose and the inclusions.

About & History

Bulldog is one of the oldest native breeds of Britain. They were used for bull-holding and bull-baiting in the past. This breed also participated in dog fights.

This is what made them develop into a strong breed with large heads and muscular jaws. After bull-baiting, bull-holding and all the dog fights were banned under the Animal Cruelty Act in 1835, the Bulldogs weren’t as popular.

The bulldogs of the past were more athletically able than the one’s today. Bulldog is now a companion dog and a famous mascot.


The bulldog can come in multiple colours and combinations accepted by the UK Kennel Club.

  • White & red
  • White & fawn
  • White & bindle
  • White
  • Red fawn
  • Red brindle & white
  • Red brindle
  • Red
  • Fawn brindle & white
  • Fawn brindle
  • Fawn & white
  • Fawn
  • Brindle & white
  • Brindle

Some colours like merle indicate health problems are thus not recognised by the Kennel Club. The bulldog has a short, dense and smooth coat. This breed does not have a particular ideal height but their weight should be between 23 and 25 25 kgs.

The female bulldogs are slightly smaller than males. They are compact and have a powerful appearance. They are popular for the loose skin around their throat and have a strong neck.

The front legs are shorter than hind legs and have tight toes and flat feet. The tail is low set and of medium length. Their eyes are positioned fairly low and wide apart from each other. They are round, medium sized and dark in colour. They have folding downward ears which are described as ‘rose’ ears.

Character & Temperament

This breed is affectionate, strong, kind and brave. They can be stubborn sometimes. They are loyal to their owner and dependable on them. Since they are patient and friendly, they are ideal family dogs and are protective of children.

They are friendly and social which also means that they can be anxious and depressed when alone and not given attention. They can be good with other pets and not suitable as guard dogs.


Bulldogs can be stubborn sometimes and it could be difficult to train them. Most of the time they like to be with their owners which makes training easier during that time.

They are fast learners and immensely encouraged by food. They are adaptable to different situations and can be house-trained.


The bulldog has a short and smooth coat that sheds fairly and does not need any specialized grooming. Weekly brushing is sufficient to avoid shedding around your home.

Many bulldogs have extra loose skin that can cause irritation and infection. Thus, ensure regular bathing with shampoos and other essentials bathing products. Make sure to see a vet regularly to understand the skin situation better.


We hope to have helped you understand better about bulldogs which will help you make the right decision. Make sure to know their needs, character, temperament, trainability, etc.

Bulldogs are friendly, social and adaptable. They like to be with their owners and are friendly with children, thus making them ideal family dogs.