Dog Grooming Guide – Best Pet Hair Trimmers in India, & Faq’s

Along with quality food and health care requirements, pet dogs have grooming needs.

Proper grooming helps in keeping the dog clean and hygienic which keeps them away from various diseases.

Dog trimmers help in getting rid of the excess fur and keeping them comfortable. It also keeps the skin around the face, ears, eyes and sensitive areas clean and tidy.

Best Dog Hair Trimmers in India

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Aysis4.2/5Buy at Amazon
Petology4.4/5Buy at Amazon
Wahl CDM4.2/5Buy at Amazon
Surker3.5/5Buy at Amazon
PetVogue3.9/5Buy at Amazon

All these pet hair trimmers looks similar to one that we use for beard trimming but they are designed considering the pets requirement. Often, I tempted to use my personal hair trimmer for our dog grooming but I learnt that it should not be used.

Can You Use Human Clippers on Dogs?

Human clippers should not be used for dog grooming since it increases the risk of injury. Though human clippers and dog trimmers look similar, dog trimmers are more powerful, sharper, have several blades of various sizes and are tailored for better & efficient performance.

Dog clippers vs human clippers

There are many key differences between human and dog clippers that affects the trimming of your dog’s fur.

Let’s know each difference in detail:


Pet clippers work at a faster speed. They have more strokes every minute to trim the thick fur without jamming the blade.

A few dog clippers that you find in the market have varied speed settings. Slow speed is great for precision grooming in sensitive areas. The low-cost pet clippers available may not have speed settings.


The motor in the pet clippers is lighter and quieter when compared to human clippers. This ensures softer vibrations which make it easy for you to handle the clipper and does not cause distress to your pet.

The lighter motor indicates your clipper will run longer and smoother. Human clippers heat up faster and can be used only for some minutes. On the contrary, pet clippers stay cool and can be used for a longer time.


Dog clippers come with two types of blades, unlike human clippers that make a huge difference in trimming.

Skip tooth blades

These blades have gaps in between that allows thick and matted fur to be fed in the blades properly. You can opt for a clipper with skip tooth blades if your pet has a thick double coat. This type of blades also helps prevent painful fur pulling.

Dog clipper with this kind of blade can also be used to do a quick pass through to reduces matting, long fur, and dirt before bathing.

If you are new to using a dog clipper, be careful as it can lead to injury if not used properly. These blades do not have alphabetical markings and have numbers 3, 4, 5 and 7.

Fine tooth blades

Fine tooth blades have a marking of ‘F’ or ‘FC’. for instance, a fine-tooth 7 blades will have a marking of #7F. These blades have less space in between the teeth when compared to skip tooth blades, but more than human clippers.

The length of each tooth is the same as a human clipper. These blades do not work well on dirty hair, thick fur and matted coat.

Blade numbers

Blade numbering for pet clippers is different from human clippers. If they have the same blade number, but remember that the cut length is different and not the same.

The higher the blade number, the shorter your pet’s fur will be.

Grooming combs

Grooming combs are the ones that are over clipper blade, which helps you to adjust the length as per your requirements. Pet clippers are designed to cut longer lengths. Human clippers cut short lengths of 1 inch or less, while pet clippers cut 1/16th to 2 inches.

Cord or cordless

The length of the cord in the corded dog clippers is longer so that you can work around your pet properly.

You can also opt for cordless clippers for easy movement around. This kind will be helpful if your pet is uncomfortable with the process and moves around here and there.

Why do dogs need their coats?

Dog coat protects the animal from hot and cold weather. Coats should be cleaned, mat-free, well-conditioned, frequently de-shed, well-brushed and combed.

The coat provides them insulation from cold and heat. It protects their skin from the harsh external environment and keeps them dry.

Shaving your pet will not make them cooler but will cause sunburn, overheating or even an injury.

So, do dogs need haircuts?

Dogs need haircuts to remove dirt from their hair, avoid matted coats and keep the coat shiny, beautiful and healthy. The frequency of a dog’s haircut depends upon several factors like age, hair length, size of dog and activity level.

Trimming can also help resolve some skin issues like dry skin patches and dandruff. Dogs with long hair require regular professional grooming, particularly in winter. Clea, matt-free and dry coat can protect it from external elements.

Make sure you do not clip short double-coated breed, not even once, because it can cause irreversible damage to the natural coat.

What dogs should not be shaved?

All double-coated dogs should not be shaved, since shaving these breeds alter the texture of the coat and derange the natural cooling process of the dog. Dog breeds like Huskies, Malamute, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Australian Shepherds have double coats and should not be shaved, ever!

How do I choose a dog clipper?

There are certain factors that determine the selection of dog clippers and below mentioned are some of the important ones:

Consider the level of grooming

When you looking to buy a dog clipper, the first thing that you need to consider is the level of grooming and what do you need them for. Maybe your dog visits the groomers often and require touch-ups in between the sessions? If yes, then you need to invest in lighter, and affordable clippers.

If you are attending dog shows and wish to style your dog, then you can consider buying professional clippers with a variety of blades and attachments. This will help you give different looks to your dog.

Consider the type of dog’s hair

Another important aspect to consider is the dog’s hair type and coat. The thickness, texture and length of the coat affect the level of grooming as all these things determine which clippers work best.

For instance, a fine hair dog or short coat dog will need a different level of grooming when compared to the one that has a longer coat.

Choose a clipper with attachment if your dog has a long and thick coat. On the other hand, if your dog has matted or tangled hair, then taking him/her to a professional is the right option, especially if you are a first-timer.

Consider pet’s temperament

Being a pet owner, you understand how difficult grooming can be. This is because most dogs do not enjoy grooming. They become restless and cannot stand still for a while, which makes it all the more difficult for you.

If your dog moves a lot during grooming, then you can opt for a cordless dog clipper as they provide you with full flexibility.

If dogs are uneasy, they become more stressed by loud noise, thus ensure to buy a clipper that has a quiet operation.

Go for a quality brand

You of course wish to buy clippers that get the job done but also last long. Thus, make sure you are buying from a reputed brand.

There are many reputed brands available in the market like Wahl, Aysis and more that provide high-quality hair clippers.

Accessories and blades

High-end professional clippers come with attachments and extra blades as well as brushes to suit varied requirements.

Choose a clipper with an attachment guide if you are new to this and your pet is restless while grooming. This will help you trim the coat properly.

With clipper blades, the higher the number, the shorter the trim. Every blade is labelled in detail. Keep in mind that the numbering varies with brands and thus double check before using.

Types of Dog Hair Trimmer

Rechargeable hair trimmers

These are also known as cordless clippers since they operate on battery. They are durable and you need to recharge them whenever the battery is down. But it can be annoying when the battery drains while you are trimming your pet’s coat.

These are ideal for professionals as well as beginners. They can be used anytime and anywhere, provided the battery is full.

Plug in hair trimmer

These are the corded trimmers that come with a long cord to be plugged into the electrical socket. These are available in a number of variations at a different price range.

You do not have to worry about charging the clippers like rechargeable trimmers in the middle of the trimming session. But you cannot use this type of clipper anywhere as it requires a socket.

How do you use dog Clippers for the first time?

If you have done your research and bought a clipper, here is a step by step guide on how to use the clipper for the first time.

Bathe your pet dog

Before you start trimming, it is vital to bathe your pet dog. This will clean his coat by washing away the dirt and grime. Using a clipper after bathing him/her is way better than trimming a dirty one.

Bathe your dog with warm water with a gentle dog shampoo. Lather the shampoo into his/her fur before rinsing it off. After the dog is clean, pat dry with a towel.

Brush out the fur

It is important to brush any clumps and knots in your dog’s fur before clipping. Use a grooming brush to comb through. This will also shed hair and leave only good ones.

Check the direction of the fur growth to ensure you run the clipper in the same direction.

Test your pet’s tolerance

Clipper’s sound and movement may terrify the dog, especially when he/she is not ready for grooming. Thus, turn on the clipper before you start the process and let him/her get accustomed to it.

After some time, try the clipper on the coat. In the beginning, your dog may panic and start jumping. If this happens, gently hold the pet and calm him down. Try to get help from a family member or friend while you are trimming.

Start with the neck

Once your dog is accustomed to the dog clippers, start trimming. Make sure to start from the dog’s neck and then work your way down to the shoulders. Ensure to shave towards the natural fur direction.

After you are done trimming the neck area, start with the back and then work your way down to the sides.

When it comes to trimming the legs, lightly pick up one leg and run the clipper downwards. After the front legs are done, start with the hind legs.

Take breaks in-between

Even if your pet is used to trimming, make sure to take breaks in between strokes. This ensures that the blades do not overheat and it does not become unbearable for the dog.

Spray coolant or lay them on a baking tray, if the blades get too hot.

Trim the sensitive areas last

Usually, dogs panic when clippers get near to their delicate areas. Leave the sensitive areas for last.

Ensure you are not getting the clipper too close to their skin while clipping the sensitive areas because if the dog panics and tries to run, you may hurt him/her accidentally.

Praise your furry friend

Grooming can be difficult for your dog, thus ensure you praise them throughout the process. If you feel that the experience is overwhelming for the dog, take breaks and treat them. This will help them stay calm.

Do not worry if you are not able to trim the entire coat for the first time. Some dogs panic more than others and it may take a few sessions to get used to this.

Best Dog Hair Trimmers in India

1. Aysis Professional Automatic Rechargeable Pet Hair Trimmer

This Aysis Professional Automatic Trimmer is a rechargeable pet hair trimmer that is user friendly. It has a low noise precision motor that ensures a quiet and comfortable trimming experience.

It has 3-6-9-12 mm adjustable and detachable guide combs and features a unique blade design that prevents pets from getting hurt.

It has a high-quality titanium blade, ceramic comb and comes with a comfortable, anti-slip handle.

This clipper is equipped with a precision motor that generates low sound and vibration for a quiet and comfortable trimming experience.

It allows 5-degree fine-tuning functions for a professional cut, charges in 5 hours and can be used for 60-70 minutes. This device has a slim, lightweight design that reduces wrist fatigue and allows cordless operations after charging.

It works effectively on all-breed hairs including long, short, thick, matted, curly or fine without causing pulls.

This set includes a black trimmer, 4 guide combs, stainless steel scissors, stainless steel comb, nail cutter, clipper, oil, cleaning brush and power adapter.

Buy at Amazon

2. Petology Professional Automatic Rechargeable Pet Hair Trimmer

This Petology Professional Automatic Rechargeable Trimmer is a pet hair trimmer with sharp and durable blades made with high-quality titanium and ceramic.

It is a user friendly trimmer with adjustable and detachable guide combs and a low noise precision motor. It can be fully charged in 5 hours to provide constant use of 60 to 70 hours.

It offers 5-degree fine-tuning functions from 0.8 mm to 2 mm for a professional cut and works on all dog coats.

It features a titanium acute-angled blade combing with a ceramic movable blade for smooth and safe trimming

This trimmer ensures safe and smooth trimming without snagging with the help of the titanium acute-angled blade combing with a ceramic movable blade.

This product is suitable for all breeds with long, short, thick, matted, curly, fine hair and operates with causing pulling.

It has a charging indicator light, fine-tuning knob blade and the set includes a trimmer, rechargeable batteries, guide combs, oil, cleaning brush and power adapter.

Buy at Amazon

3. Wahl CDM Cordless Pet Clipper

Wahl is one of the most trusted and popular personal grooming appliance brands.

This Wahl CDM Pet Clipper has a cordless design which makes it convenient for use anywhere. It can be fully charged in 3 hours to provide 210 minutes of trimming operation.

It provides four adjustable length settings to trim different hair lengths and get desired results for the pets.

This clipper has four adjustable length settings which make it suitable to trim different hair lengths.

It comes with 4 additional combs of varying lengths of 3-6-9-12 mm for use according to the hair length of the pet.

The LED indicator shows when the trimmer battery is fully charged or when it is low using green and red lights respectively.

Buy at Amazon


Can you cut a female dog’s pee hair?

A female dog’s pee hair area is extremely delicate. Make sure to educate yourself enough before trimming the pee hair. Not trimming the pee hair can lead to irritation, stinking and can be a cause of infection. Make sure to cut the hair carefully.

Is it better to cut a dog’s hair wet or dry?

Usually, clean and dry dog hair is easier to trim. Bathe your dog and dry him/her thoroughly before you clip. Do not trim a dirty dog because the dirt may clog the clippers and make trimming super difficult.

We hope to have helped you get the right answer on whether you can use human Clippers on dogs. Apart from this, we have also tried to answer the common questions that dog owners have in their mind.

To make your search simpler we have also reviewed some dog clippers that you can consider buying.