10 Best Dog Beds in India for Large, Small & Medium Sized Pets

As a dog owner, you would do your best to keep your dog happy, and giving your dog an excellent dog bed is an excellent way to reciprocate his love and gives him a sense of comfort and belonging.

We will help you get all the important information that will help you make an informed decision for your furry friend.

Top 10 Dog Beds in India

Best BrandRatingsBuy
1. Pet Royale4.3/5Buy at Amazon
2. Fluffy’s Dog/Cat Bed4.3/5Buy at Amazon
3. Mellifluous4.3/5Buy at Amazon
4. AmazonBasics4.2/5Buy at Amazon
5. PetsLover4.5/5Buy at Amazon
6. Jerry’s Pet4.3/5Buy at Amazon
7. AmazonBasics Cot4.4/5Buy at Amazon
8. Mellifluous Small Bed4.4/5Buy at Amazon
9. Mellifluous Cave Pet Bed4.4/5Buy at Amazon
10. AmazonBasic Foam Pet Bed4.3/5Buy at Amazon

Are Dog Beds Necessary?

Yes, your pet dog requires a soft, comfortable and supportive bed for lounging and sleeping. The bed should provide enough support to his joints and should be a comfortable place to sleep and lounge in.

Below mentioned are some of the most important ways a dog bed is beneficial to your furry friend.

Dogs call warm, comfortable, soft places their own. Dogs do not like to sleep on the cold ground and hard ground. In the wild, they collect leaves for warmth and look for a soft muddy section to lay down.

If you do not give him a bed, he would collect blankets to make a comfortable spot for lounging and sleeping. He may also conquer a spot on your couch or bed. Even if you allow your dog on the sofa and bed, make sure to give him a spot of his own.

Dogs usually are on their feet only about 5 hours a day and you understand what they are doing the rest of the time. They spend around 14 hours sleeping out of the 24 hours. So, now you know why a dog bed is important.

Benefits of Having Dog Bed

Improves Dog Health

The extra comfort and support of the orthopedic dog bed will be beneficial for those dogs who suffer from joint problems, recovering from surgery, hip dysplasia, or broken bones.

The dog bed will also prevent chafing and sores that your dog may suffer from in case of long hours of sitting on a hard surface. These beds also provide a sense of security to them. It is his home and the comfort place he is looking for.

Improve Dogs [& parents] sleep

A study by Mayo Clinic stated that people who slept with their furry pet in their bed hadn’t had good nights when compared to others who didn’t let their dog in their bed. This is mainly because of their movements.

On the other hand, people who slept with their pet in the bedroom (not in the bed) had a better sleep. This is because people have a sense of security with their dog in the room. Make sure not to let multiple dogs sleep in your bedroom, as it can worsen your sleep quality.

Dog bed holds fur

Having a dog bed will help reduce fur and danger at other places in your home. It is obvious that wherever the dog will roam, you will find his fur but by having the dog bed, most of it gets collected in a single place and cleaning is easy.

The dog bed has a cover which you can remove and wash easily. Ensure to keep a backup dog bed cover for the times when there is a cover in washing.

Orthopedic Beds provide joint support

The American Academy of Veterinary Medicine states that orthopedic dog beds benefit older dogs. This is because it provides the required amount of joint support that the pile of blankets does not provide.

If they have mobility issues, climbing on the couch or chairs can be injurious. Orthopedic dog beds provide gentle support to their pressure points and joints. These beds are made from special foam that provides the required support and conforms to your pet’s shape.

Types of Dog Beds

Standard dog beds

These beds are ideal for all dog types. You can find affordable to expensive dog beds. They are round, rectangular, oval or cushion-shaped.

These dog beds do not have rims or edges but are soft, and comfortable to lounge or sleep in. They usually have foam padding or polyester filling.

Orthopedic beds

This type of bed is made from superior quality thick foam that gives extra support and puts less stress on your dogs joints.

These beds are designed particularly for thin and senior dogs that suffer from arthritis or other issues. Orthopedic beds are available in multiple shapes and sizes.

Nest dog beds

Most dogs like to curl up and this type of bed is the best choice. They are standard beds with raised edges.

These rims make the dog bed more comfortable for your furry friend to lounge in and sleep well.

Kennel dog beds

This type of dog bed fits inside the kennel. These are available in multiple sizes and shapes and you can choose one according to your kennel size. If your pet likes to spend most of his time inside the kennel, then this is the right kind of bed to choose.

Donut dog beds

These beds are similar to the nest beds that have raised edges. The edges are super soft, like bolsters for extra comfort and support. This is why they are also known as bolster beds.

The donut beds are super soft and make an ideal space for your pet to lounge and sleep. Make sure not to buy this type of bed for senior and weak dogs as they might have trouble getting in and out of the bed.

Raised dog beds

These beds are built above the floor with plastic, metal or wooden frames. These come in various forms like orthopedic, standard or nest beds, just the difference is that they are raised off the floor.

The frame creates a distance between your pet and the cold floor.

Covered dog beds

The covered dog beds are covered, just as the name states. They look like small tents or houses. They are super soft, comfortable and provide the required coziness that your pet wants. This kind of a bed is suitable for small-sized dogs.

Heated dog beds

The heated beds work as a heating pad that keeps your furry friend warm, just like he likes it. This type of dog bed is safe to use and provides the required comfort to your dogs. They are ideal for dogs having joint problems, senior and thin dogs.

Travel dog beds

If you and your furry friend love travelling, a travel dog is an essential. These are like standard beds that can be rolled up or folded, which makes them portable.

Cooling dog beds

These beds are made of plastic, filled with cooling gel or water, which provides a cooling effect. During summers, these cooling beds provide the cool comfort that your pet requires.

How to Choose a Dog Bed in India?

Type of the dog bed

The primary factor that you need to consider while buying a dog bed is the type. We have mentioned the different types of dog beds in detail in the section above. We suggest you go through the types of dog beds and choose the one suitable for your pet.

Size of the dog bed

Make sure to buy the dog bed as per your pet’s size. Buying a smaller or larger bed would be very uncomfortable for the dog.

Thus, choose a size that is a little larger than your dog’s size. These beds are available in different sizes like XS, S,M, L, XL and XXL, which are suitable for all dog breeds.


A dog bed is a personal space of your furry friend where he/she can rest and sleep. Make sure to choose a bed that provides sufficient comfort.

It is important to buy a dog bed that is cushioned and is comfortable for your dog. Make sure that the material used to make the bed is soft and breathable like velvet or mesh.


Dog beds are made with different materials like denim, fleece, flannel, microfiber and faux suede depending on the type of bed.

Some beds have memory foam that retains the body temperature of your pet.

Simple to clean

Choose a dog bed that is made with material such as velvet, mesh or cotton that is easily machine washable. A particular PVC mesh can be washed under running water.

Having a bed that is less time consuming to clean makes it convenient for you.

Anti-skid base

This is one of the most important features that you should consider while looking for a dog bed. This ensures that the bed does not slip while the dog jumps in and out of it, saving him/her from injuries.


The dog bed should be lightweight and foldable so that it is easy to carry. You will come across travel beds when you shop online. These are ideal for camping and travelling.

Health condition

Before you buy a dog bed for your pet, make sure to understand his or her health conditions. For example, if your pet is a senior or thin, then he or she might be suffering from arthritis or joint pain. In such a situation, it is ideal to get a heated or orthopedic bed.

The heated beds provide the right amount of comfort to the joints and the orthopedic beds provide enough support and give relief to the joints.

Also, buy a bed that is made of materials that your dog is not allergic to.

Chewing behaviour

All dogs love to chew and keep chewing the things they come across, including their bed. In case your dog is also the one who chews his bed, then make sure to purchase a bed made using chew-proof material like military fiber or ballistic grade material.

Top Dog Beds in India for Short, Medium & Large Dogs

1. Pet Royale Reversible Velvet Bed for Big Dogs

Pet Royale Reversable Velvet Bed for Dogs

A velvet square-shaped bed designed for providing comfortable space for pets to snuggle into.

This Pet Royale velvet bed comes in a comfortable large size that allows your big dogs to sleep in all sleeping styles. This bed is designed as per the recommendations of veterinary experts.

It is a plush, luxurious bed made from premium quality and ultra-soft velvet touch fabric for providing enhanced cosiness for pets.

This bed comes with an extra detachable cotton cover that can be removed while washing the bed. This cover is made from soft cotton fabric and is suitable for slipping over the seat for providing the feel of soft cotton. Its reversible and detachable central inner cushion allows you to switch it between the sides.

Buy at Amazon

Fluffy’s Luxurious Both Side Soft Dog/Cat Bed

Fluffys Luxurious Both Side Soft Dog Bed

A luxurious bed for dogs suitable for both indoor and outdoor usages.

The fluffy’s soft bed for dogs is designed for providing luxurious comfort for pets. The central cushion of the bed can be reversed and used from both sides.

It comes with a durable, soft, and round mattress inside. It is an easy-to-clean bed that is fully machine washable. This bed comes in reversible colours.

This comfortable pet bed contains durable polyester filling that provides long-lasting usage.

The polyester-filled cushion and high-quality soft fleece make it an ideal and convenient place for pets to stay comfortable in hot and cold climates. Its anti-skid bottom provides a firm grip on the floor.

Buy at Amazon

Mellifluous Cat & Dog Bed for Small Pets

Mellifluous Reversible Super Soft Velvet Round Cat Dog

This is a lightweight and durable bed that can be carried anywhere.

Mellifluous round bed for pet dogs features stylish design exquisitely created with durable materials. It is an ergonomically designed bed for pets that provides enhanced comfort loved by your furry friends.

It highlights a modern, space-saving and adorable round design that boosts the decor of your living spaces.

This bed provides soft velvety touch and features attractive two-tone colour finishing. It is an all-weather bed suitable for everyday usage.

It is a complete machine washable dog bed that fits easily within any standard washer. Its anti-skid base prevents its movement and makes it stay in its place.

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AmazonBasics Octagon Bed for Small Dogs

AmazonBasics Octagon Pet Bed for Dogs

This octagonal shaped pet bed is designed for providing a sublime sleeping space for small dogs.

This AmazonBasics octagon pet bed provides a premium relaxing place for your cute little dogs to snooze and visit dreamland.

This pet bed has ultra-soft plush flannel combined with ample fill for ensuring cushy and supreme softness.

The pet bed has polyester canvas sides and bottom for providing improved strength and softness. Its unique colour scheme with creamy texture offers cosy warmth. It is suitable for machine washing and air dry only.

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Petslover Warm Fleece Winter Beds [small to large size dogs]

Petslover Warm Fleece Winter Beds

A warm fleece winter bed filled with foam-filled fabric and comes with a cushion pillow.

It is a smartly designed ethnic designer bed with a base pillow and bolsters to provide optimal comfort and superb support for pet friends.

It is made from ultra-soft microfiber that offers extreme fluffiness for dogs. It comes with a non-skid bottom that provides a firm and secure grip on the floor.

It is an all-weather designer bed that can be easily carried anywhere. It is suitable for both dogs and cats to curl up and snooze in peace at home or elsewhere. You can also carry it in your car.

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Jerry’s Pet Products Super Soft Dual Round Dog

Jerrys Pet Products Super Soft Dual Round Dog Bed

Super soft bed filled with soft foam that provides maximum comfort for your pets.

This Jerry’s round shaped bed for pets provides plush and fluffy comfort in all weather conditions.

It is made of highly durable material that makes it suitable for everyday usage and ensures long-lasting comfort. This bed comes with a base pillow and bolsters that offer optimal support and cosiness.

It is filled with ultra-soft microfiber that provides extra fluffiness and warmth for your cute pets. Its non-skid bottom contains special resin material that ensures a firm grip on the floor and resists its movement when pets hop over it. It is made of high-quality and washable velvet fabric.

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AmazonBasics Small Elevated Cooling Pet Dog Cot Bed

AmazonBasics Small Elevated Cooling Pet

It is an elevated cooling pet bed that is hygienically packed and provides comfortable space for pets.

This AmazonBasics brings the world of comfort for pets like dogs and cats in the form of elevated cooling pet beds.

This bed can lift the pets up to more than 7 inches off the ground. It comes with screws and a hex tool for providing simple assembly.

It has durable mesh PVC fabric that provides enhanced breathability to keep the pet cool and provide immense relief during hot summer days. Moreover, its cot-style elevated design ensures the free flow of air from all directions.

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Mellifluous Small Size Dog and Cat Cave Pet Bed

Mellifluous Small Size Dog Bed

This is an ultra-soft pet bed with velvety touch for ensuring cosy and luxurious comfort for pets.

A Mellifluous small size pet bed is meant for medium-sized little puppies and kittens. It is made of durable material that allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The lightweight and durable construction using high-quality foam makes it suitable for use in all climatic conditions.

This bed is easy to wash, and its anti-skid base easily withstands the movements of pets without moving the bed.

It has a cave design with a half-dome covering over the bed. It comes with a super-soft pillow and has a good stitching quality that promises years of comfort.

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Mellifluous Small Size Dog and Cat Cave Pet Bed

Mellifluous Small Size Dog and Cat Bed

This is an ergonomically designed and innovative pet comfort solution for enhanced warmth and cosiness.

Mellifluous cave pet bed features a cute and trendy design suitable for housing your small-sized dogs and cats perfectly.

This lightweight and portable bed can be easily carried anywhere within your home and elsewhere. Moreover, it is an amazingly designed bed that improves the decor of your home interiors.

Its velvety touch and ultra-soft fabric is filled with premium quality foam that provides warmth and coziness for your pets in all seasons. It is suitable for daily usage. You can easily clean and maintain it for years.

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AmazonBasics Ergonomic Foam Pet Dog Bed

AmazonBasics Ergonomic Foam Pet Dog Bed

The ergonomic foam pet bed that supports achy joints and alleviates pressure points.

It is a durable and soft foam dog bed by AmazonBasics that provides soothing relief to various pressure points like hips, shoulders, etc; in pets.

It allows your furry friend to enjoy snuggling up in a plush and cosy bed. Its ergonomic foam interior offers relaxing and resting sleep for your pets.

It has swirl plush top and polyester canvas sides that provide an effective cushion against little toes and puppy paws. The bottom part of the pet bed is made of strong oxford fabric that ensures a firm grip and added strength.

This indoor bed can be easily cleaned by washing its removable cover in a washing machine.

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Do Dogs Need Soft Beds?

Dogs love a firm surface (not the floor – it’s too firm) and not a too soft pillow type surface that does not offer the required support and comfort to their joints. An olde dog would sink in the softer surface and may find it difficult to get into and out of it.

A dog bed with a memory foam is an ideal surface for the dog to sleep in as it can help relieve pressure, provide sufficient comfort and distribute weight evenly. Memory foam beds offer the right amount of muscle support and comfort, thus they are ideal for young and old dogs.

How many beds should a dog have?

It is recommended to have multiple beds instead of relocating one throughout the day indoors and outdoors. Keep different beds in the living room, porch, and kitchen so that you do not have to keep shifting a single bed everywhere.

Your pet wants to be with you, thus keeping different beds in areas he frequently visits with you, to have a space to call his own.

Where should I put my dog’s bed?

Before we get into the places where you can keep your dog’s bed, remember not to keep changing the location unless required.

Make sure not to make your dog sleep outside. They are social animals and do not like it if you isolate them. Also, keeping them outdoors exposes them to extreme temperatures and can also be a victim to animal thieves.

Keeping your dog bed in the bedroom

If you wish to be close to your pet, then keeping the dog bed in your bedroom is a good option. Keep your pet’s bed besides the bed or near the foot of the bed. In this way, you both can ensure a good night’s sleep.

Select a warm place

Your dog cannot pile blankets if they feel cold. This is why it is essential to keep the dog’s bed in a warm place. It will help your loving pet to sleep comfortably.

Select a quiet place

If you have puppies or senior dogs, it is very important to make sure that they have a quiet place to lounge and sleep in.

Keep your pet’s bed in a place where there is not too much noise and distraction. This will help him get a good sleep and he/she will also not disturb you.

Why does a dog circle before lying down?

Your pet would turn into circles before lying down. This is a sign of self-preservation that makes him know that he should position himself in a particular manner to ward off an attack.


We hope to have helped you understand the essentials that will help you buy the right dog bed for your furry friend.

Make sure to check out the types and buying guide that will help you buy the one that suits your pet’s needs the most. We have also researched and reviewed the best dog beds that will help you save time and buy the most appropriate one.