Best Calcium Supplement for Dogs – Tablets, Syrup, Calcium Bones & More!

Good calcium intake helps in improving and maintaining proper bone health and prevents calcium deficiency. Including calcium rich food in the dogs’ diet may be difficult as they may not like consuming some items.

Calcium tablets are enriched with optimum ratio of all necessary elements for improving dog’s health.

We have mentioned a list of the best calcium supplements for dogs to keep them active and agile with improved bone health. We have also mentioned a few other important things like suplement buying guide, clacium deficiency symptoms and faq’s

Can I give My Dog Human Calcium Supplement?

No, you should not give human calcium supplements to the dog. Human calcium tablets are made for the humans and has higher dose of supplements for the weight of dogs. Also, some ingredients in human supplements can be toxic to dogs.

Since, human and dogs are different species, their nutrional need also differes,

Human has more average body weight as compared to the dogs and required supplements that matches to humans daily need. This amount of supplement is much highr for the dogs.

Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency or Low Calcium in Dogs

Calcium deficiency in dogs can cause a number of disorders like kidney failure, inflammation of the pancreas, hypocalcemia and parathyroid gland failure. Make sure to check for the below-mentioned symptoms of low calcium in dogs:

  • Lack of appetite
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy
  • Seizures
  • Convulsions
  • Muscle twitching

In case you find any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then you should see your vet. he/she will diagnose your dog properly and prescribe a calcium supplement if your pet has a calcium deficiency.

How to Choose Calcium Supplements for Dogs?

Always make sure to consult your vet about what supplements should you be giving your pet, if any. Keep a tab on your dog’s calcium dosage as excessive calcium in their body can have an adverse effect on their health.

Excessive calcium in the bloodstream can lead to weakness, appetite loss and stones in the bladder or kidneys.

It is important to monitor calcium intake in puppies too, although they need more calcium than adults for their growth and development, excess calcium can cause problems with skeletal growth.

Below mentioned are a few important guidelines that you need to consider while choosing calcium supplements:

  • Check out brands that have commissioned clinical studies of their supplements
  • Check the lot number of the supplement as this is a sign that brands use for quality control checks
  • Read the labels carefully to double-check safety and quality
  • Choose reputed brands with confirmed expertise
  • Never give human calcium supplements to dogs as they contain ingredients that are dangerous to them
  • Do not fall prey to claims that are too good to be true. Calcium supplements are only supplements and do not cure any illnesses.
  • The best option is to consult your veterinarian

What is a Healthy Daily Amount of Calcium for a Dog?

AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) suggests that an adult dog should get at least 1.25 mg calcium/kcal, which means 1.25 gms for every 1000 kcal.

You need to take into account your dog’s size and weight to determine how many calories they require daily.

What can I give my dog for calcium?

To increase calcium, you can give several natural food items to the dogs. Calcium rich food like yougurt, cheese, chicken, fish, broccoli, kale and dark leafy vegetables are tolerated well by dogs and helps enhance the their calcium level. To ensure what is best for your dog, talk to your vet.

Best Natural Sources of Calcium for Dogs

Type of FoodAmountCalcium Content
Yogurt1 cup450 mg
Cottage Cheese0.5 cup65 mg
Broccoli [Cooked]1 cup180 mg
Chicken1 cup [140 gm]21 mg
Salmon Fish [Cooked]100 gm15 mg

Below mentioned is a list of natural calcium sources that you should include in your dog’s diet, of course after consulting the vet, especially if your dog is taking calcium supplement too.


Yogurt is a superb source of calcium for your dog. Make sure to add it to their daily diet as they even have healthy fats. Puppies love yogurt more than adult dogs.


Cheese is given to puppies as an extra source of calcium. Many dogs like the taste of cottage cheese too, plus it is also easier to digest.

Vegetables [Broccoli, Kale, Dark leafy green]

One of the most important sources of calcium is vegetables. You can add sweet potatoes, broccoli, beans, spinach, etc to your dog’s diet.

Some dogs like vegetables while some don’t. You can either cook these vegetables or give them raw.

Meat – Chicken & Fish

Dogs usually enjoy chicken and it is also a great source of protein and calcium. Fish like sardines, trout, salmon have high calcium content too.

Before you feed them fish, make sure to cook it well.

Bones for dogs

Bones are a rich source of calcium and can hurt your dog’s mouth and also cause indigestion. If they eat the bone without chewing it properly, it can damage your dog’s internal organs. Thus, the ideal way is to give them ‘ground bone’, which is nothing but bones ground into powder.

Can dogs drink milk?

Milk is packed with calcium and can be a great source of nutrition for dogs. Since many dogs are lactose intolerant its not a healthy option to feed your dogs. Milk can give them gas, cause bloating or upset their stomach.

Best Calcium Tablets for Dogs in India

1. Drools Absolute Calcium Tablet

Drools Absolute Calcium Tablet

This tablet is great for dog nursing a large litter of puppies for extra calcium.

Drools is one of the most popular and trusted dog food brands in India. This Drools Absolute Calcium Tablet is a highly palatable, semi moist tablet that helps prevent calcium and phosphorous deficiency in dogs.

It is enriched with the optimum ratio of calcium to phosphorus for a healthy skeletal system. These supplements help in keeping the dogs active and agile and prevent any painful deformities.

It contains a blend of essential ingredients with many nutrients to maintain strong bones and teeth and to promote better joint health.

These work great for dogs nursing a large litter and dogs with calcium deficiencies. Fussy eaters easily consume these tablets compared to calcium-rich food items.

It is advised to consult a veterinarian for the correct dosage depending on your dog’s health.

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2. Wowdog Calcium Tablet Dog Supplement

Wowdog Calcium Tablet Dog Supplement

Pet parents with fussy eaters can relax as these tablets are easily consumed by pets

This Wowdog Calcium Tablet Dog Supplement is enriched with an optimum ratio of calcium to phosphorus for a healthy skeletal system.

These are semi moist tablets that are highly palatable and promote better joint health.

It keeps the dogs active and agile and prevents calcium deficiency. This product has a blend of essential ingredients for maintaining the good dental and bone health of dogs.

Fussy eaters easily consume these tablets making it easy for pet parents to administer the prescribed consumption.

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3. Boltz Chewable Calcium Tablet Dog Supplement

Boltz Chewable Calcium Tablet for Dog

This calcium supplement is developed under veterinary guidance in chicken flavour for dogs to easily eat.

Boltz Chewable Dog Calcium Supplement Tablet contains high calcium content for growth and fitness. These tablets are developed in chicken flavour for quick, easy consumption by dogs.

It is very effective for the overall body growth of puppies and large dog breeds. It is developed under veterinary guidance and helps in the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth.

It fulfils dogs’ calcium and phosphorous needs and also contains magnesium, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, iron, etc.

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4. Freprimecal Calcium Tablets

Freprimecal Calcium Tablets for Dogs,

It comes with a blend of natural calcium, phosphorous and vitamin D3.

This Freprimecal Calcium Tablet is suitable for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. It has a combination of natural calcium, phosphorous, vitamins D3, proteins and collagen.

These tablets are great for growing pets, lactating pets and old dogs to prevent calcium and phosphorus deficiency.

It helps in improving the strength of bones during lactation, stimulates healing of the fracture, and aids physical growth and tissue repair.

It prevents osteoporosis and other degenerative bone disorders in dogs and cats. These tablets also contain minerals like copper, zinc, magnesium, iron and amino acids.

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Best Calcium Syrups for Dogs in India

1. Pawsitively Pet Care Skycal Pet Liquid

Pawsitively Pet Care Skycal Pet Liquid for Stronger Bones

This calcium supplement fulfils the increased demand of calcium in dogs with fractures and low bone strength.

The Pawsitively Pet Care Skycal Pet Liquid is a dog calcium supplement for stronger bones and teeth and good growth in pets. It contains calcium, phosphorus with vitamin A, D3 and B12.

Vitamin A helps in healthy vision and cell growth while vitamin B12 forms red blood cells and maintains the functioning of the nervous system.

This supplement helps in the good development of bones and improves the overall health of dogs.

It fulfils the demand for extra calcium in the bodies of lactating pets and dogs with fractures for a speedy recovery.

For puppies and cats 5 ml consumption and for dogs 10-20 ml consumption is recommended.

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2. Virbac Nutrition Ostopet Calcium & Multivitamin Pet Supplement

Virbac Nutrition Ostopet Calcium and Multivitamin Pet Supplement

This is a growth enhancing supplement for pups and young dogs for increasing resistance to diseases.

Virbac Nutrition Ostopet Calcium and Multivitamin Pet Supplement help in forming strong bones and for fast growth.

These are regular supplements for feeding dogs and cats that work as growth enhancing supplements.

It comes in a palatable strawberry flavour to ensure quick consumption and supports normal growth and development efficiently.

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3. Calcimust Pet Calcium Supplement

Calcimust Pet Calcium Supplement

This calcium supplement provides strength to weak pets by making bones and muscles stronger.

The Calcimust Pet Calcium Supplement is a highly palatable supplement with calcium and phosphorous content.

It comes in liquid form and is suitable for pups and pregnant or lactating pets.

This flavoured supplement helps in healing fractures faster by making bones and muscles stronger.

This product contains the goodness of vitamin A and vitamin B12 to provide strength to weak pets.

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Best Calcium Bones for Dogs

1. Drools Absolute Calcium Bone Jar

Drools Absolute Calcium Bone Jar

Provides calcium to the pets for healthy bones and good dental health.

Another Drools supplement on this list is this one. This Drools Absolute Calcium Bone Jar comes in dry form and has a chicken flavour. This supplement is a non-vegetarian product and is recommended for dogs.

It contains the optimum calcium and phosphorus ratio to make dogs’ teeth and bones healthy. It is highly digestible and perfect for using as treats during training.

Chewing on this supplement helps in cleaning the dogs’ teeth. It is advised to give 1 to 2 bones per day to dogs with up to 20 kg and 2 to 4 bones to dogs with more than 20 kg weight.

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2. Gnawlers Dog Treats 30 in 1 Calcium Milk Bones

Gnawlers Calcium Milk Bones

Protein abundant milk bones improve digestive problems and are safe for chewing.

Gnawlers Dog Treats Calcium Milk Bones is suitable for all breeds of dogs from 2 months of age. It helps in maintaining strong bones and muscles and improves digestive problems.

These protein abundant milk bones rub off the tartar and plaque formation from the teeth to clean them and provide fresh breath. This product is safe for pets to chew on.

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3. Meat Up Calcium Bone Pouch

Meat Up Calcium Bone Pouch

These delicious bone supplements for dogs enriched with calcium and phosphorus.

Meat Up Calcium Milk Bone supplement contains ingredients that keep the dogs’ bones healthy. It helps them to function with optimal strength with the correct ratio of calcium and phosphorus.

It contains essential vitamins to improve connective tissue and tendon strength. This product is digestible and safe for all dog breeds of different ages, shapes and sizes.

It keeps the dog’s teeth clean and in good health and also strengthens gums and jaws. These milk bone supplements are suitable for being used as treats while rewarding the pets.

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Calcium plays a very important role in a dogs growth and development. We hope to have helped to gather all the important information on it that would help you make the right choice.

Make sure to check out the different sources of calcium in our article to have varied options to feed your dog. We have even mentioned various calcium supplements that you can go with, but make sure to consult with your vet first.