Alaskan Malamute – Detailed Information & Price in India

Alaskan Malamute is a huge breed of dogs that were bred was endurance and strength to drag heavy goods.

These dogs are similar to other breeds like husky, arctic, as well as the spitz breed like Canadian Eskimo Dog, Siberian Husky, Samoyed and Greenland Dog.

The Alaskan Malamute is rare to find in India since they cannot live in warm and humid climates. If you wish to raise one, you will have to keep them in a cold climate/room with an AC always.

Before you purchase one, ensure to check out all the details and information about the Alaskan Malamute, that would help you make the right decision.

How much is an Alaskan Malamute cost in India?Alaskan Malamute is one of the most expensive dogs. In India, it can cost you anywhere between Rs. 2,00,000 and Rs. 3,50,000. 

There are many factors that determine the price of the Alaskan Malamute like the type of breeder you have purchased it from, dog food cost, insurance cost, grooming cost, etc.

Also, If you live in a warm and humid city then you need to keep the Alaskan Malamute in an air-conditioned room 24/7, which increases your electricity bills.

Alaskan Malamute Price in India & Facts

Height63 cm (Male), 58 cm (Female)
Weight38 kg (Male), 34 kg (Female)
Lifespan11 to 14 Years
TemperamentPlayful, Affectionate and Loyal
Puupy Price₹2,00,000-₹3,50,000
PopularityLow in India
GroomingRequire brushing every week
Common Health IssuesCanine Hip Dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, Chondrodysplasia, Cataracts, Polyneuropathy, Seizures and Gastric Torsion (bloat).

Can Alaskan Malamute Survive in India?

The Alaskan Malamute Breed can survive in India but it is not meant to live in a hot and humid climate.

If you are someone who lives in the colder regions of Northern India, then you can definitely buy one. On the other hand, if you live in the hotter parts of the country and wish to buy one, then you would have to keep this dog in an air-conditioned room 24/7.

Keeping the dog in an AC room every time can increase your energy bills and cost you a lot. Thus, make sure you can afford this fixed expense before buying the Alaskan Malamute.

Do not even think of buying one and shaving their coat off in the summers thinking that they would feel less hot. This is a very bad idea and would affect the dog’s health to a great extent.

We recommend you do not buy the Alaskan Malamute if you cannot keep him in a cold space always.

Factors that influence the Alaskan Malamute price in India?

There are some factors that affect the price of Alaskan Malamute. Make sure you consider these before making a decision.

One of the most important factors that influence the price of this dog breed is the breeder’s cost. make sure you do not get your dog from a pet shop because they do not take proper care of the animal and just sell it for profit.

The best option is to choose reputed breeders that take actual good care of the dog and a trustworthy.

Another factor to consider is the dog food cost. You need to consider the money you will spend on feeding your dog. Since they are large dogs, they will require a big portion of food.

Grooming cost – This dog breed has short hair but a double-thick coat and frequent brushing like other hairy dogs. But you need to buy the basic grooming essentials like hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, and towels.

Walking services are not available in every city of India. It is available only in a few metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc. You will have to incur a few hundred every month, basically depending on the dog breed.

Make sure to get the Alaskan Malamute trained by professional trainers so that they are disciplined.

Dog treats can be expensive if you buy it from the market but it is necessary to encourage good behaviour in your dog. If you want to save some money you can even make dog treats at home.

How to choose a purebred Alaskan Malamute in India?

When you are looking to buy an Alaskan Malamute in India it is very important to ensure that it is purebred and not a crossbred.

Many Pet Shop owners sell crossbred Alaskan Malamute as purebred. Ensure to follow the points below to be certain of choosing a purebred Alaskan Malamute.

Learn about the breed

There are some things that you need to learn about this breed that will make you ensure that you have chosen a purebred dog.

Size of the dogs – Since they are large dogs, the males should ideally be 25 inches in height and weigh around 40 kgs. Females should be 23 inches and weigh approx. 35 kgs.

Tail – Purebred Alaskan Malamute has a well-furred and curled tail.

Ears – The ears of this dog are triangle, medium in size and have little rounded edges.

Eyes – they have almond-shaped eyes that are dark brown and medium in size.

Muzzle – They have a large and bulky muzzle.

Overall built – the purebred Alaskan Malamute is well muscled with sloping shoulders and a strong chest.

Coat – They have a thick coat that can withstand cold.

Colour of the coat – the colour can be black, grey, red, sable or even white.

White markings – Alaskan Malamute has white markings in their underbody, legs, face and feet.

Buy from a reputed breeder

It is always good to buy any dog breed from a reputed breeder because they are the ones who really take good care of the animal, unlike pet stores who are only interested in profits.

Registered with KCI

The pure breed Alaskan Malamute should be registered with the Kennel Club of India (KCI). This is a professional body that maintains the dog breed standards in India.

About & History

The Alaskan Malamute is one of the basal breed.  This means that it can trace its origin to a thousand years back when the modern selective breeding efforts where produced.

Genetic studies suggest that this breed shares some common ancestry with Alaskan Husky and the Siberian Husky. Back then the Malamute was used as multi purpose dogs to drag carriage over snow and ice. They were even used to hunt dog and locate seals.

These dogs were capable of pulling carriage of approximately 1.5 metric tonnes on ice for long distances. This proves how strong they are. They are also known as companion dogs and would also shield their owners from attacks from other animals.

Alaskan malamute has incredible stamina and strength and thus was also called into service during World War II.


The appearance of an Alaskan Malamute is similar to a wolf. They are large powerful and strong without a bulky frame.

They have a thick “which has a dense undercoat of up to 5 cm in length. The coarse outer hair longer on the neck and the tail.  the colour of the coat can be –  dark grey, light grey, gold, black or red.

Most malamutes have a cap or mask marking around your head. The head of this dog breed is broad and has a black or brown nose.

Their eyes are dark brown almond-shaped. If you find an Alaskan Malamute with blue eyes then there might be some fault as per the US and UK Kennel Clubs. They have medium-sized, furry and upward-pointing ears.

The malamute’s neck, back and loin are muscular. The male malamute is heavier and taller when compared to the female.

Character and temperament

Alaskan Malamutes are affectionate dogs and their bond strongly with everyone. They are happy when they are with their family while receiving attention and physical contact from their owners.

This breed is very loving and gentle with whom they are friendly and thus they are not ideal guard dogs.

They are very dependent on the owner and when you do not give attention to them they can be disobedient. It is rare to find a malamute being aggressive but when they do it becomes very difficult to handle due to their message strength.

This breed makes a good family pet,  but it is very important for even the youngest member of the family to express dominance over the Alaskan Malamute.

If you are considering buying a puppy then you should observe the behaviour of the litter and avoid very dominant as well as very withdrawn puppies.


They are intelligent dogs who understand their owner’s intentions and emotions but are not obedient as they do not respond to verbal comments always.

When they are puppies you can house train them and they usually enjoy lead walking. It is important for you to train your Malamute puppy for socialization and also to control.


The Alaskan Malamute has a thick and heavy coat that sheds heavily all your round.

You need to brush their hair daily to ensure that the coat is in top condition. Bathing is not required frequently as it strips essential oil from their hair and skin.

They have thick and strong nails that required sleeping monthly. Make sure to inculcate this habit from the time they are puppies.

Another habit that you should introduce them to when they are puppies is brushing their teeth. Make sure to brush their teeth at least four times a week.


We want to have helped you get all the information required that will help you make the right decision if you would want to buy an Alaskan Malamute or not.

Remember that they are meant to be lived in in cold regions only and this is the most important factor to consider while you make the decision.