Siamese Cat as Pet – Price in India, Colours, Temperament & Training

This breed originated from Siam, Thailand, where it lived in sacred temples before being domesticated for the first time in Shanghai.

Siamese is the most social of all cat breeds in the world, and they enjoy the company of all pets and people. 

This furball will shower you with love and compassion if you give him the chance to. 

How Much Does the Siamese Cat Cost in India?

Averagely, Siamese cats can cost between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 35,000 in Chennai, Kerala, Kolkata, and Delhi. Bangalore and Mumbai have their prices ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 35,000. 

The price of a Siamese differs from one city to another. This is because of the availability of many breeders and their difference in location and reputability.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Siamese Cats in India


The cost of a Siamese kitten is usually lower than that of an adult. As a buyer, you should consider getting your pet at a young age. 

However, since the cost of bringing it up might be close to that of acquiring an adult one, why not focus on the fact that you will be privileged to enjoy each other’s company and have enough time to bond with your baby?

Breed Quality

The quality of a Siamese breed cat you wish to have affects its overall price. 

For instance, the price is usually higher than in other categories, for example, Show Quality Siamese cats. 

If this is what you want, then be ready to go deeper into your pockets to fulfill the desires of your heart.

Location of the Breeder

The price of a Siamese cat in India varies from one state to another. 

For instance, getting your Siamese from Bangalore and Mumbai will be more expensive than Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Kerala. 

This is caused by the availability of breeders in these regions.

Breeder’s Respectability

The price of a Siamese cat in India cannot be the same for all breeders as some are more experienced than others. 

Breeders that are highly rated usually sell their cats at a higher price than those not. 

Kindly prefer getting your cat from a reputable breeder as this will guarantee you a healthy and quality cat.

The Cost of Spaying and Neutering

Neutering a Siamese is usually done to curb his aggressive and defensive nature, such as fighting and attacking other pets and strangers. 

On the other hand, Spaying is responsible for lessening the occurrences of heat cycles and urine marking.

All this is done by the breeder directly or indirectly, leading to a slight increase in the overall price of Siamese cats compared to other breeds.

Pet Supplies

This breed is very demanding in cat supplies which will cost you some extra coins. Being the highly vocalized and active type, you will need some cat toys for entertainment. 

Food is also essential for this breed. You will incur an average of Rs. 600 for a 5-pound bag of dry cat food. A litter box is the last pet supply you must not leave out when shopping for your Siamese buddy.

Pet supplies come in various shapes, sizes, and qualities. Save some pennies by getting the reusable one as it is a one-time purchase.

About and History 

This cat breed originated from Siam, Thailand. The citizens initially used it for guarding, and it was a favorite to the royalties because of its extraordinary beauty. 

People believed that the Siamese cat received their soul when a royal family member died.

Later in the 1800s, Siamese first appeared in the USA as a gift to the American president by the American Consul in Bangkok. 

Through the 20th century, breeders worldwide heavily bred the Siamese cat. Thanks to globalization, the importation of animals was made manageable. 

In the 1950s, the Siamese were finer and averagely thinner than the initial ones from Thailand. Many cat breeders loved the new body shape, while others missed the old moderate-sized ones. 

The traditional Siamese became very rare to find, and in the 1960s, the council barred it from participating in cat shows in the 1960s. 


This breed is medium-sized and well-muscled, with the males weighing 11-15 pounds (4-6kgs) and the females weighing 8-12 pounds (2.5-4.5kgs). They have a height ranging from 20-25cm and a lifespan of 11-15years. 

These cats are an extreme beauty! Proportional to the body is a medium-shaped head with sharp and pointed ears.

The bright blue eyes spin down to the nose harmoniously. They are almond-shaped and medium in size.

Siamese cats have a long and straight nose and extended ears that narrow to a point. 

The legs are long and slender, making them excellent jumpers. Their coat is short, fine-textured, and lies close to the body. 

Siamese cats exist in four colors: seal point, blue point, lilac point, and chocolate point. 

  • Seal point -seal brown and a light fawn body.
  • Bluepoint – a bluish-white body with extensive blue points 
  • Lilac point – generally white body with pinkish grey points
  • Chocolate point – milk chocolate points scattered over the creamy body.

Temperament and Character

The Siamese are overly social, unreserved, and very protective of their humans. 

Do you want a cat to offer you daily companionship? Then this is it! They are inquisitive and demand attention as they tend to engage their owners in every way possible. 

This baby is susceptible to bitter words, while positive consolation and praise work best with them. 

They adore holding and cuddling but will need their time alone to do their jumping and scratching once in a while.

They learn things very fast as a high intelligence breed, and you can often catch them trying to open your cupboards and drawers. 

They are also tolerant of children as long as the latter has to interact with them. 

These cuties are not aggressive, but leaving them alone for a long time makes them bored and anxious and could lead to the destruction of your property. 

For this reason, have your house enriched with scratching posts, cat shelves, cat trees, and interactive toys to keep your Siamese thoroughly entertained. 


Siamese is easy to train because of their high intelligence and willingness to learn. They are a high-energy breed and love to play, making the process even more fun.

Start the training at an early age so that your cat can grow with the knowledge in mind. As a Siamese cat owner, you can start with simple house training. 

This involves activities around the house such as sitting on command, giving a high five, and using a litter box. 

After your baby has perfected this first stage, you can proceed to obedience training. This stage entails instilling good manners and not condoning the bad ones.

Lastly, teach your cutie various outdoor tricks. This will aid him in widening his knowledge and intelligence. 

In general, training a Siamese cat is relatively easy and fun. All we require of you is to be patient and strong-willed with this high-energy pet.


This is one of the cheapest breeds when it comes to grooming. Their coat is short and lies close to the skin, thus making everything easy from brushing, combing to washing.

To keep your Siamese exquisitely beautiful, you will need to brush her coat at least once a week. Nail trimming every 10-14 days is essential to curb unnecessary scratching and harboring of dirt. 

Remember to brush your cat’s teeth at least daily. Do not use human toothpaste on them as fluoride could enkindle sicknesses. Your Siamese’s ears should always be clean to keep away related infections.

It would be best if you and your pet paid a visit to the vet at least once or twice a year. 

This will enable you to catch health problems (if any) at an early stage and also acquire new grooming techniques while you modify the pre-existing ones.  

Keep your home temperature moderate as this breed is warmth-loving.

Are Siamese cats hypoallergenic?

Yes. This breed is generally healthy as it does not experience many conditions and illnesses compared to other species. If you don’t want to worry about terminal illnesses, then a Siamese cat is the best for you. 

Is the Siamese Cats aggressive? 

Inherently, these cats are not aggressive, but they might be if their needs are unmet. Uncomfortable conditions such as hunger and boredom are the ones that strike aggressiveness. Have your pet fully fed and entertained to keep these situations at bay.

Are Siamese cats good with children and other pets?

A whopping yes! This breed is so good with kids, although you should know how to handle her. Siamese also mingles well with other pets. 

Do you want yourself a friendly, magnificent, and easy-to-train breed? Get that Siamese! 

Before bringing him home, be prepared with cat toys and strong will towards his random interaction. 

We believe that our guideline will be of great help as you consider becoming a new cat parent to a Siamese cat.