Best Cat Litter in India – Buyer’s Guide for Cat Parents

Raising and taking care of pet cats and dogs involve multiple duties like feeding, walking and cleaning their waste. Cat litter products make the waste cleaning task easier.

It can be filled in a container which makes it easy for the pets to use and is easy for the pet owner to dispose of.

There are many cat litter products available in the market. We have mentioned a list of the best cat litter for easy cleaning and disposing of waste for a hygienic environment.

Which cat litter sand is the best in India?

Generally, natural cat litter like Nature Pro Tofu are best choices but cat owners also use affordable option like Wow Cat Scoopable litter to save money & Drools Clumping Fragrance cat litter to get rid of foul odour in litter box.

Let’s have a look at which is the best product that suits your cat’s need and several things to consider while buying the perfect cat litter for your feline.

The Best Option [& Natural too]

Why should one buy natural cat litter when there are several affordable options available?

Cat litter made from natural materials can be composted to reduce waste and another benefit is that it can create rich soil for the garden. So, if you are a cat parent that love gardening too then buying the natural cat litter can be a great option.

We found that “Nurture Pro Tofu Cat Litter” is the winner in this category.

From what we have researched, this type of litter is the best option because it is made using natural tofu & is chemical free cat litter that provides impressive absorption quality with odour control.

It is gentle on the cat’s paws, easy to scoop and lightweight.

As a responsible cat parent we always look for the the healthy & safe cat litter that made with all natural items and does not contain chemicals.

Apart from the chemical, this litter uses the formula that does not contain synthetic additives, clay or any additional fragrances or perfumes to ensure safety of the cats.

Since it is made with natural tofu and 99% dust-free biodegradable materials it allows easy disposal and to a certain extend can prevent respiratory problems.

Once used, it can make a great compost for your home gardenIt offers extraordinary absorption and odour control. It can be flushed down to avoid storing in dustbins. It is advised to empty the entire litter tray for fresh cat litter once a month.

Is cat litter bad for the environment?

Cat litter like clay & crystals uses ingredients like clay & silica which is stripe mined from environment causing destruction of natural habitat. Also, all these litters are not easily decomposable, has health hazards & once used, end up in the ladnfils causing more damage to the environment.

Best Odour Control Options [Scented]

Having a pet cat is a great thing, we all know that but dealing with the strong litter box odour is not an easy job. Even though it doesn’t bother you, it can be an embrassing experience once guests and family friends pick the smell.

Drools & Emily Pets can be the two winner that can help to get rid of litter box odour.

Drools Clumping Cat Litter

Drools has this clumping cat litter that offers outstanding odour control along with the 99% chemical free, dust free & super absorbent function.

Its clumping formula is made with natural lavender oil which is great for multi-cat households.

It is pet and people friendly and comes with lavender fragrance. The powerful system locks the odour and spreads lavender fragrance around instead.

This product is ideal for multiple-cat households and helps in keeping the litter box ready to use and clean.

It does not contain chemicals and is safe and comfortable for the cats. It is gentle on their sensitive cat paws and forms strong clumps for easy removal.

Emily Pets

A bit costlier than the Drools, Emily pet Scented Bentonite Cat Litter is a neat and tidy solution made with wyoming bentonite.

This Emily Pets Fresh Scented Bentonite Cat Litter is a super absorbent cat litter which is easy to scoop and dispose. It is a neat and tidy solution to clumps and odour and is long lasting.

It is granulated clay-based and is a convenient way to control mess and odour.

It has a delightful aroma which pleases the cats and is a dust free litter. The clump lock technology absorbs the moisture and forms tight clumps for easy disposal.

Did you know?Wyoming bentonite (also known as sodium bentonite) can swell up to 16 times its original size and absorb up to 10 times its weight in water.

Commonly Used Options [Made from Bentonite]

Wow & PetCrux are most popular cat litter brands in India since they provide a cat litter that last longer, clumps well, easy to scoop and fairly affordable.

The Wow scoopable cat litter comes in medium grain clay format, provides hard clumping and helps prevent moisture.

This litter is a bentonite clumping litter. It offers hard clumping and prevents moisture by absorbing. The hard clumps are easy to clean and allow you to minimize the smell with its high absorption rate.

PetCrux is one more popular brand that utilizes power of bentonite along with the fregrance of levander & lemon to combat the odour.

It has anti odour properties through fresh fragrant heavy duty odour eliminators. Due to sodium bentonite, it has a very high liquid absorption rate and is an easily scoopable formula.

How was cat litter invented?

Cat litter products came into existence only around 63 years ago.

Initially, people used any type of material that was available like garden dirt, sand, shredded newspaper, and ashes until 1947 when a young man named Edward Lowe in the UK gave an absorbent to his neighbour called Fuller’s Earth.

Edward worked for his father’s brand Fuller’s Earth Union and then became a part of Laporte Industries that sold industrial absorbents.

Edward started marketing this absorbent clay as ‘kitty litter’ and popularity grew quickly. This popularity created a new industry within a few months as people started to understand its potential

What are Common Types of Cat Litter?

There are various types of cat litter that you can purchase from. Understand the various types in brief so that you can choose the right one as per your needs.

Most common types of cat litter includes:

Clumping litter

This clumping litter is made using granulated bentonite clay. They may contain silica or quartz. The most important characteristic of this natural cat litter is that it absorbs moisture quickly and forms a solid mass that can be scooped out with the cat’s waste.

This means that you do not have to change the entire litter, and thus it lasts longer. Make sure you do not flush this litter in the toilet as it can easily clog the drain.

Non-clumping conventional litter

This type of cat litter is clay-based and is made of diatomite, sepiolite, and zeolite. They can absorb moisture but do not clump like the clumping litter.

Also, when you pour it into the litter box, it can give a strong odour. Thus, it is wise to keep the cat litter boxes in an area of your house that is not used much.

A few non-clumping litters also contain odourized crystals or baking soda that can lessen the foul odour.

Silica gel litter

This type is also known as crystal litter and has a porous granular form with high absorption power. It can easily absorb the liquid and foul odour of an adult cat for up to a month.

After the litter is saturated, it will start smelling which is a sign that you need to change the litter. You do not need to constantly replace the litter after you have removed the waste out. All you need to do is stir the litter crystals to prevent urine pooling.

Biodegradable litter

This environmental letter is made using recycled newspaper, sawdust, walnuts, soy pulp, barley, pinewood pellets, dried orange peel, etc. they are safe to use, dispose off and ideal for the environment, unlike other types.

The environment litter has deodorizing properties that hide the foul odour. The only negative point is that it is expensive compared to other types.

Wheat litter

Wheat is the primary ingredient in this type of clumping litter. The wheat enzymes hide the foul odour and clumps easily, which makes it simpler for you to scoop.

This type of cat litter is free from toxic substances and chemicals. Thus, it is completely safe for you to use.

Pine litter

This cat litter leaves a fresh pine smell in your house. It is chemical and clay-free.

It also absorbs moisture and locks in ammonia odour. It is made from 100% natural and pure pine. It is non-clumping and biodegradable litter.

Corn litter

Another type of biodegradable litter is this wood litter. This corn litter is clumping and lasts longer. Some brands also mix wood and corn together and many cat owners swear by it.

Paper litter

Another not so popular cat litter is this one. Paper litter is made using recycled paper like old phone books, newspapers, magazines, etc.

They are highly absorbent, non-toxic, safe to use for your cat.

Pros & Cons of Common Cat litter Types

Type of Cat LitterProsCons
Clay ( no-clump)Liked by all cats
Readily available everywhere
Needs to be changed often
Not environmentally friendly
Clay (clumping)Liked by all cats
Easy to scoop
Readily available everywhere
Lasts longer
Dusty (contains hidden chemicals)
Not environmentally friendly
Wood pelletsControls foul smell
Super absorbent
Lasts long
Some cats hate it
Difficult to clean
Not completely biodegradable
Crystal Controls foul odour
Super absorbent
Frequent litter changes required
Not chemical-free
Corn Biodegradable
Some cats hate it
Smelly and messy
Paper pelletsBiodegradable
More absorbent than clay
Some cats hate it
Frequent changing required
Contains sodium bentonite which can be harmful

How to choose the best cat litter in India?

There are some factors that you need to consider before choosing the best cat litter for your pet.

Type of litter

As you know there are various types of cat litter to choose from. The Monster commonly used are clumping litter that is easily scoopable and also biodegradable litter that is easy to dispose off and safe to use.

If you are planning to choose non-clumping cat litter make sure to choose the one that comes with baking soda or any deodorized crystals that hide the foul odour.


Make sure to purchase a cat litter that has the ability to mask the foul odour with its light perfume for natural fragrance like lavender.

Also, the letter should contain baking soda that locks the smell of ammonia and makes the surroundings smell fresh.

Clumping ability

The clamping ability of the letter depends on its absorption level. The faster the absorption, the faster will be the clumping. More clumping means that it will be super simple to scoop out the waste.

Also, more clumping means that you will have to replace the litter with fresh little more often.

Absorbing capacity

If you are choosing clumping litter, make sure to go for an ultra-absorbent feature that can quickly absorb the moisture and clumps up fast to form a solid mass.

This will help you scoop out the waste and replace it with fresh litter. A super absorbent litter makes sure it masks foul odour.


A cat covers its waste with any substance like mud or sand. Choose a litter that comes with a granular texture.

Housekeeping products

Below mentioned is a list of housekeeping products that you need to have.

There are various kinds of housekeeping products to keep your house clean and smell fresh. You will require a cat litter scooper, stain remover, litter box, and odour remover.


Make sure that the odour remover that you buy has a fresh scent to mask the foul odour. Choose natural and light fragrances like lavender because cats are sensitive to smell.

Scoop design

The scoop you wish to purchase should be made of high-quality metal or plastic. It should have a practical design with holes and a long handle to scoop the litter with ease. You can select the colour as per your likes.

Cats preferences

Your cat will already be used to a particular type of letter when you adopt it from the previous owner. So make sure to ask the owner about your cat’s toileting behaviour. You can change the litter later on, but first, let the cat become accustomed to a new place.

Cats are clean animals. If you see your cat struggling then it may be time to try a new litter. Their preferences are based on the sensitivity of their paws or just prefer one kind over the other.

Consider the size of your cat and litter box

Make sure to check how big or small your cat is before choosing the litter box. Most litter boxes are designed to fit the regular-sized cat but the sizes vary depending on their breed like some can be 3.5 kgs, while some can be 9 kgs.

If your cat litter is too small considering the size of your cat, then he/she may poop and/or urinate outside the box. Thus, it is always wise to get a large litter box for your cat. Make sure to retrain your cat when you buy a new litter box till she/he gets used to it.

How much litter should you use in a litter box?

The depth of the cat litter box depends on your pet digging habits and preferences, your sleeping habit and also the type of litter you use.

If your cat doesn’t do a lot of digging and you scoop out the waste frequently, then you can get away with an inch or two in a box. We suggest you to start with 2 to 3 inches litter in every box and then adjust it as per your needs.


We hope to have helped you get all the details that will help you choose the right cat litter for your cat. Make sure to check out the buying guide as it has points explained in detail that will help you make an informed decision.

We have also mentioned the best cat litters available today and differentiated in various sections like best for odour control, best natural and affordable to make your selection easier.