Red Cap Oranda Goldfish – Price in India, Care Guide & FAQs

Red Cap Oranda Goldfish

The most favorite variety of the Oranda Goldfish is the Redcap Oranda Goldfish. They are beautiful and of the lot, the Redcap variety is one amongst the most adored Goldfish. This fish is entirely white in colour except for the cherry red hood on the head that looks like a cap. Its fins are paired … Read more

Best Tank Mates for Goldfish in Aquarium

Goldfish with Tank Mate in Aquarium

Goldfish are beautiful creatures that live in freshwater and mostly suitable for beginners. They are hardy enough to withstand the basic mistakes of beginners. No wonder, they are the most popular indoor aquarium fish across the globe. Goldfish are known for their sociability and always seen living in communities. It is advisable to keep at … Read more

10 Best Fish Food in India for Healthy Growth of Aquarium Fish

Cichlid Fish in Aquarium

Fish are the most beautiful pets to have and has low-maintainance too. But choosing the best fish food is a tricky task. Unlike warm-blooded animals, the body temperature and the metabolic rate of fishes depend on the water temperature around them. Certain behavioural responses have been linked to methods of feeding, feeding habits, frequency of … Read more