Cane Corso – Price in India, Appearance, Grooming & More!

Cane Corso

You see a dog with a wide forehead with crumples and a broad chest? You know it’s Cane Corso!  They are the guardian/ working dog breeds who love to have the assignment to complete.  Think wisely before choosing the dog breed. Corsi is among the most devoted dogs but requires an appropriate parent, a strict … Read more

Maltese Dog – Price in India, Colours, Temperament & FAQ’s

White Maltese Dog

Maltese is no less than a show-stopper dog with a floor-length shiny white coat. One can rightfully label them as ‘beauties with brains.’  The canines flaunt their aristocratic looks and have been a part of royal families for ages now. The adorable tiny breeds are playful toy companions one can have.  You can’t go by … Read more

Saluki Dog as Pet – Price in India, Breed History, Temperament & More

Saluki Dog in India

Can you believe it? Saluki is one of the oldest dogs breeds!  DNA evidence has proved this antiquity. They are some of the best-looking dogs out there with excellent hunting intuitions.  The medium-sized hounds are known to chase almost anything and everything that moves.  The strength and perseverance these canines possess are pretty much incomparable. … Read more

Yorkshire Terrier as Pet – Price in India, Grooming & Breed Details

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier, the smallest terrier group, makes fine petite watchdogs. Despite the pure terrier qualities, they belong to the category of Toy dogs. The hypoallergenic Yorkshires are perfect for apartment living. They are a beautiful, devoted breed that has won many hearts. The most appealing part about the breed is their long human hair-like fur. … Read more

Can Akita Survive In India? – Price, Chracteristics & Temperament

Akita Inu Dog

Large, powerful, and sweet is what describes the Akita. This Japanese dog initially found numerous job opportunities as guardians of Japanese royalty and hunters of deer and wild bears. The Akita is courageous and not afraid of a challenge. He is also extremely affectionate and respectful.  He can be stubborn and quite aloof with strangers- … Read more

Bichon Frise – Price in India, Grooming, Temperament, FAQ’s & More

Bichon Frise

Are you looking for an ideal dog for cities, especially as apartment pets? Bichon Frise is one of them! One of the world’s renowned personality dogs, Bichon Frise, is small yet firm. Despite its physical features like that of a child’s toy, their confidence makes them unbeatable. They are a playful breed and also get … Read more

Poodle – Price in India, History, Temperament, Grooming & FAQ’s

White Poodle Dog

This curly furball is one of the most highly-sought dog breeds in the world. Some of its desirable qualities include intelligence, friendliness, and ease of training. Though Poodles have a desirable temperament, they are high-maintenance pooches. You need to devote a lot of time towards grooming their coats or hire a pet groomer if you … Read more

Pug Dog as Pet – Price in India, Grooming, Temperament & More

Pug Dog

The Pug is a passionate canine bursting with great character. This dog loves to stay indoors with his humans and continuously seeks the attention of young ones. Famously known as clown dog, this sturdy breed exhibits a sense of humor and often attempts to give one’s airs.  Originally bred to be a lap dog, the … Read more