Should I Let My Untamed Budgie Out?

Flying around is a natural urge for any bird and budgies are no exception to that. Infact, budgies are one of the most social, active and playful pet brids that loves to flap their wings and fly round.

If they don’t have anything amusing then they gets bored and sometime gets depressed. So, should I let my untamed budgies out?

Budgies don’t necessarily need to be tame to be let out of their cage when they have secure room, large enough to fly around and has all windows, doors closed. Keep the fan off and cover all the mirrors and hazards items while budgies are out. Once trained, they will go in cage by own for food & water.

My friend has two untamed budgies and both of them have the flight feathers. I have seen them flying around the living room, seating on table for a moment then going back to cage to have water and food.

If you want to let your untamed budgies out of the cage so that they can fly around and have some exercise then read on for the tips that can be helpful.

Do Pet Birds Need to Fly?

All pet birds, including budgies need to fly to get proper exercise, stay healthy & fit. Flying help to raise their heart rate and their air-sac breathing system to some effect. Pet brids that fly everyday are more likely to be healthy, happy, stress-free and able to fight of illness effectively.

Budgies are naturally curious and social birds. So, they enjoy time out of cage and love to fly around the safe room, seat on furniture and wander around the room.

Flying everyday can helps budgies to get their daily dose of exercise which helps them to stay healthy and happy.

Usually, trained budgies are hustle free to leave out of cage as they can return to their cages when directed by their parents, but untamed budgies can be difficult to catch.

How to Let Untamed Budgies Out of Cage?

Its good to spend time with your bird  while letting them fly around in the room and feeding them the food they loves. It helps to strengthen the bird-parent bond.

Plan out-of-cage time

But before you take your budgies out of cage, plan your time. Decide at which time of day you can give them proper attention and can spend enough time with them.

Its best to have them out for a hour or two in single stretch rather than letting the lout of cage for 15 minutes for a several times a day.

Keeping them out for a hour ensures that they get enough exercise at one go.

Prepare your room

To let the untrained budgies out of cage you need to prepare your room first.

Choose a room that will enough space for budgies to fly and has minimum objects that might be harmful to birds like stove, mirror, sharp items etc.

First of all remove the sharp objects from the room, cover the mirrors, close the windows or cover them with a net without leaving any opening. Keep the door closed and switch off the fan.

If you have any indoor plants, ponds in the room then move them to other room before budgies comes out.

Keep your other pets like dogs and cats in another roo. Switch off unnecessary gadgets like heater, iron or TV.

Let budgies come out

If you are just brough the bugies or the are not trained then you will find them a bit of shy to come out. Adjusting to new home is stressfull for birds so you should wait for few days before you allow them to come

After a week, you can them out of cage. Open the door of cage and let them come out on their own.

Play with budgies

Once they are out, let them roam around the room or fly. If they come close to you, offer their favorite food.  You can sing with them, engage them with soft toys.

You can try petting the bidgies or even play pick-a-boo with them.

Let budgies go back in cage

Once budgies spend enough time outside of cage, its time to let them go in the cage.

Generally, all pets birds return to their cage for food and water, training them to do it on parent signal can help a lot.

During early days of training, instead of forcing budgies in the cage, let them go inside whenever they wants.

Create some routine that signals birds that its time to get back in the cage. For example you can switch off the room’s light and take them to cage. Once they go in cage, give them a treat.

After few days, they will learn that they need to go back in the cage once light goes off.