Can Budgies be Kept in AC? Is AC Bad for Budgies?

Budgies are loved by all for their friendly, affectionate, fun nature and intelligence. They are one of the most popular pet birds in India due to their friendlly and affectionate temperament.

This bird requires particular care and is also vulnerable to shock injury from slightest weather change. Same is the case during summers.

Humans can survive in hot weather using ceiling fans and putting on air conditioners but what about budgies?

Can Budgies be Kept in AC?

Budgies can safely kept in AC and can tolerate a cool environment when the room temperature is stable. They must be kept between 70 to 75 degree fahrenheit.  To keep budgies in AC, make sure that cool air is not directly blowing on birds and set to maintain the stable temperature range that budgies can tolerate.

Budgies are generally well adapted to hot weather conditions and they have survived in the hottest regions of Australia for centuries.

Budgies are warm weather birds and the ideal comfortable temperature for them is between 70 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit. These migrated tropical birds are not well suited in cold climates and make sure you do not put them in temperatures under 60 degrees.

Make sure not to subject them through sudden 20 degrees shifts in temperature at any time.

In India, several states have hot environments round the year while in some states it’s cooler except the few months of summer when heat starts to rise up.

You need to remember this important thing that they do not sweat and thus it is not possible for them to cool their bodies. They usually shiver with their features for air circulation around the body but the effect of this shivering is for a limited period.

You can spot an overheated bird easily. They stay motionless with beaks agape, their tail will also bob and you may notice that they are struggling to breathe.

Thus it is very important to know how you can keep budgies cool in the hot summer season.

Budgies and Extreme Temperature

All budgies show the same signs of discomfort due to temperature change.

Too hot

The budgie bird that is too hot will open the beak and spread its wings. This will help release heat into the surroundings. You will also notice that they will not move around and will try to cool themselves through a birdbath. If the bird is in sunlight, then it will immediately seek shade, but this may not be the case if the bird is caged.

Too cold

The budgie that is too cold will puff up its feathers to retain its body heat and will start shivering. The birds that have fewer feathers due to adapting to hot climates will be more susceptible to cold climates.

If you have caged the budgie, you will notice them finding shelter (if there is something they can go under) to avoid the cold.

Managing Room Temperature for Budgies

Budgies originate from the desert and tropical regions of Australia and thus are not accustomed to cold temperatures at night. They can usually adapt to warm climates well by seeking shade and birdbathing.

These birds usually adapt to the climatic conditions but when kept in captivity as a pet, they often rely on their owner and are not as flexible or resourceful as they can be.

If the budgie is in an air conditioned room, ensure that the blowers are not blowing cold air directly on to the bird. 

They may get spooked or annoyed when the ac’s or fan’s air hits them directly. If the fan is on, see how your pet bird reacts and make adjustments accordingly.

Ceiling fans are one of the ideal ways to cool down a space but you should be very careful when they are on because many pet birds have been injured and/or killed by colliding with the fan blades.

If you have a free-flighted budgie, then you can be very careful. So the best thing to do is, when you keep the ceiling fan on, ensure your budgie is in the cage or free in another room.

Remember that, if the temperature of the room is uncomfortable for you, then it may be uncomfortable for the budgie too. A comfortable and consistent temperature is ideal for your budgie. The most suitable temperature would be between 65 and 75 degrees.

Budgies can adapt to temperature change over time, but make sure that the change is not more than 20 degrees otherwise it could cause serious health issues.