Cane Corso – Price in India, Appearance, Grooming & More!

Cane Corso

You see a dog with a wide forehead with crumples and a broad chest? You know it’s Cane Corso!  They are the guardian/ working dog breeds who love to have the assignment to complete.  Think wisely before choosing the dog breed. Corsi is among the most devoted dogs but requires an appropriate parent, a strict … Read more

Maltese Dog – Price in India, Colours, Temperament & FAQ’s

White Maltese Dog

Maltese is no less than a show-stopper dog with a floor-length shiny white coat. One can rightfully label them as ‘beauties with brains.’  The canines flaunt their aristocratic looks and have been a part of royal families for ages now. The adorable tiny breeds are playful toy companions one can have.  You can’t go by … Read more

Saluki Dog as Pet – Price in India, Breed History, Temperament & More

Saluki Dog in India

Can you believe it? Saluki is one of the oldest dogs breeds!  DNA evidence has proved this antiquity. They are some of the best-looking dogs out there with excellent hunting intuitions.  The medium-sized hounds are known to chase almost anything and everything that moves.  The strength and perseverance these canines possess are pretty much incomparable. … Read more

Dachshund – Price in India, Grooming, Temperament & FAQ’s

Dachshund Dog

Did you know there is a widespread delusion about the pronunciation of Dachshund? The most common pronunciation is ‘Dash-hound.’ Nevertheless, the correct one is ‘Daks-hund.’ When split, Dachs interprets to badger and hund to a dog, in German.  The breed is infamous for its nicknames- Wiener-Dog, Sausage Dog, Doxie, and others. Dachshunds are independent, vigilant, … Read more