Best Tank Mates for Goldfish in Aquarium

Goldfish with Tank Mate in Aquarium

Goldfish are beautiful creatures that live in freshwater and mostly suitable for beginners. They are hardy enough to withstand the basic mistakes of beginners. No wonder, they are the most popular indoor aquarium fish across the globe. Goldfish are known for their sociability and always seen living in communities. It is advisable to keep at … Read more

10 Best Fish Food in India for Healthy Growth of Aquarium Fish

Cichlid Fish in Aquarium

Fish are the most beautiful pets to have and has low-maintainance too. But choosing the best fish food is a tricky task. Unlike warm-blooded animals, the body temperature and the metabolic rate of fishes depend on the water temperature around them. Certain behavioural responses have been linked to methods of feeding, feeding habits, frequency of … Read more

17 Small Dog Breeds in India That are Best as Apartment Dogs

Maltese Dog

Every dog breed requires different care and is suitable for different lifestyles. Big dogs require extra efforts in terms of training, food, exercises and socialization. Small dogs are suitable for apartment living as they are easier to care for and look after. Despite their small size, many small dog breeds are excellent guard dogs. They … Read more

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World

Aggressive Dog

All dog breeds have different characters and temperament which decide their level of aggression. Almost all dog breeds are very affectionate towards their masters and any trainer who can handle dogs well. However, some dogs are aggressive by behaviour due to past experiences and some may only be aggressive towards strangers. Not all dogs are … Read more

Chippiparai – Price in India & Detailed Information

Chippiparai Dog

Chippiparai has a lean frame and has typical sighthound features with long legs. They were named after the village of Sippipparai in the Virudhunagar district. These dogs were historically kept by royalty in Southern India and are mostly found in regions of Virudhunagar, Tirunelveli, Thenkasi, Thoothukudi and Madurai. This breed is made for speed and … Read more

Kombai [Combai] –  Detailed Information & Price in India

Kombai Dog

Not many people have heard about this dog breed because it is a critically endangered breed. It is ancient from the state of Tamil Nadu, from the villages of Cumbam-Uthamapalayam. They are excellent guard dogs, medium in size. Originally they were used for guarding palaces and forts. Kombai is amongst the oldest dog breeds that … Read more

How Much Does Rottweiler Cost in India?


Rottweiler dog breed has descended from German Shepherds crossed with Roman drover dogs or Mastiffs. It was bred in Germany in the 1st century with dogs brought by the Roman soldiers. These dogs were used for herding and guarding cattle and for pulling carts. By the 19th century, this breed almost became extinct but due … Read more

Most Popular Dog Price List in India

Brown Coloured Dog in India

Dogs are the best pets to have. They are loyal, affectionate and fill our life with joy. Pet dogs are extremely popular across the globe and India is not an exception. Indians are domesticating the dogs since centuries and most of people have dog and cats as pet in their home. But the popularity of … Read more