Indian Pets is a celebration of having pets in our life 🙂

We all love them! Don’t we?

At “Indian Pets” we all love the pets! Each one of us is a pet enthusiast and is the parent of dogs, cats, fish, or other unique pets. We enjoy taking care of our pets, learning new things about them, and passing all the information to our visitors at indianpets.in. All the articles are written by an experienced team who loves and lives with their pets.

Our Story

My name is Sachin Bille and I grew up with a cat, an Indian Pariah dog, and a goat (Yes, back in my village my granny used to have a goat).  I grew up spending a lot of time with these pets at home. On the weekends and during summer vacations, my grandmother used to take me to the farm where our dog and goat used to follow. It was fun to see spend time watching the birds while goats graze on the grass.

Over the years for my education and career options that I choose, I have to leave my village, but my love for pets remains intact.

I am a registered doctor by trade who also has an interest in digital marketing. (It’s an odd combination I know). A few years ago I began blogging to address the several health-related questions that my family friends and patients used to get. Though it works fairly well, I wanted to blog about something that would be fun for me to work on. So, I founded IndianPets.in along with my wife Rani. [She is an avid cat lover and used to look after the 7 cats before marriage]

Indian Pets has allowed me to create content that I enjoy. Me  & my team love being with the pets and enjoy having a place to share our experiences and passions.

Whether you’re a pet owner or pet lover, hanging out with a pet friend can do wonders for your wellbeing, and human values. Science found that “Our oxytocin levels increase when gazing in a pet’s eyes.” 

Meet Our Author

Shruti Rao

Shruti Rao with Golden RetrieverShruthi Rao is a writer for Indian Pets for the pet dog section. The blogs published here exhibit a combination of her passion for writing and love for dogs or any animals for that matter.

She specializes in travel, sustainability, conservation, nature, and philosophical blogs and content.

She loves her pet, Phoebe (a British Golden Retriever) unconditionally, and vice-versa. She also cares for another cute pug, Honey (an old fella who prefers sleeping all day), and two kittens.

Having these pets wasn’t her choice, but she can’t help herself from showering them with love and care!

If she decides to have a pet dog as per her choice someday, she might adopt an indie that needs a shelter! She loves all beings of nature equally!


Our Pets


Brownie from Indianpets.in
Brownie from Indianpets.in


Tannu from indianpets.in
Tannu from indianpets.in