Love Birds as Pets – Price in India, Temperament, Care & FAQs


Love birds are super intelligent and gorgeous. They have been one of the most loved African parrots for centuries. They are very loving and create an attentive bond with their mates.  Since they are small in size, they are often called as ‘pocket parrots’ and are one of the most colorful birds. These love birds … Read more

Ragdoll Cat – Price in India, Size, Temperament & FAQs

Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat breed originated in California thanks to Ann Baker, an American breeder in the 1960s. They are one of those breeds greatly adored worldwide because of their sweet nature. Just like a doll! The Ragdoll loves cuddles and attention. Why not give yourself the chance to experience the best moments as a cat … Read more

Cane Corso – Price in India, Appearance, Grooming & More!

Cane Corso

You see a dog with a wide forehead with crumples and a broad chest? You know it’s Cane Corso!  They are the guardian/ working dog breeds who love to have the assignment to complete.  Think wisely before choosing the dog breed. Corsi is among the most devoted dogs but requires an appropriate parent, a strict … Read more

Sphynx Cat – Price in India, Personality Trait & Care

Sphynx Cat

A leather-like hairless skin is what characterizes the Sphynx cat. Canadian beauty began in Toronto in 1966 due to a random genetic mutation that led to hairlessness. This fascinating breed always draws attention from many people- some adore the bald, leathered look, some are less than animated, while the cat entices others.  If you take … Read more

Sun Conure as Pet – Price in India, Temperament, Grooming & FAQ’s

Sun Conure

Amazingly colorful, friendly, and full of character, the Sun conure has been the most-beloved companion bird in the world. These parrots are brilliant, easy-to-train pets with cheerful personalities, best suited for a family setting. Sun conures have loud vocals and cry. If you are self-assured that this is the pet for you, this bird will … Read more

Maltese Dog – Price in India, Colours, Temperament & FAQ’s

White Maltese Dog

Maltese is no less than a show-stopper dog with a floor-length shiny white coat. One can rightfully label them as ‘beauties with brains.’  The canines flaunt their aristocratic looks and have been a part of royal families for ages now. The adorable tiny breeds are playful toy companions one can have.  You can’t go by … Read more

Saluki Dog as Pet – Price in India, Breed History, Temperament & More

Saluki Dog in India

Can you believe it? Saluki is one of the oldest dogs breeds!  DNA evidence has proved this antiquity. They are some of the best-looking dogs out there with excellent hunting intuitions.  The medium-sized hounds are known to chase almost anything and everything that moves.  The strength and perseverance these canines possess are pretty much incomparable. … Read more

Maine Coon Cat As Pet – Price In India, Facts & Personality Traits

Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon is a unique feline recognized for its large size, abundance of fur, and great curiosity. Also known as Coon cats, these felines portray desirable traits that any cat owner seeks. They are soft kitties that adapt to any home environment, are incredibly smart and easy to teach new tricks, are easy-going, and get … Read more