Is Parle G Good for Dogs?

Dog eating biscuit

You will agree with me if I say, we should declare Parle-G as a national biscuit of India! Parle G is the most popular biscuit brand in India for last severald decades. From metropolitian cities to the village, it is widely available at an affordable price. Its delicious to taste and makes a great snack … Read more

Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers in India

Dog Eating Food

What is the best dog food for your Golden Retriever? This is the question that arises in most dog owner’s mind and we understand them completely. Golden Retrievers are large dogs and have large craving for the food. Feeding a high-quality-diet is an important aspect to meet his nutrional needs as well as keep his … Read more

Best Calcium Supplement for Dogs – Tablets, Syrup, Calcium Bones & More!

tablets scattered from jar

Good calcium intake helps in improving and maintaining proper bone health and prevents calcium deficiency. Including calcium rich food in the dogs’ diet may be difficult as they may not like consuming some items. Calcium tablets are enriched with optimum ratio of all necessary elements for improving dog’s health. We have mentioned a list of … Read more

Doberman Price in India, Maintenance Cost & More!

Doberman Dog

Doberman is a medium-large sized powerful dog that acts as a protector of its family and creates a strong animal-human bond. They have a noble appearance but are often stereotyped as being aggressive. It has a sleek look and is a loyal guardian dog with intelligence and energy. They are often chosen as military dogs, … Read more

Mudhol Hound Dog Price in India & Breed Information

Mudhol Hound Dog

Mudhol Hound is a breed of sighthound from India which is also known as Maratha hound, Pashmi hound and Kathewar hound. The Kennel Club of India registers this breed by the name Caravan hound while the Indian National Kennel Club registers it under the name Mudhol hound. This breed can be considered a direct descendant … Read more