Beagle Dog & Puppy Price in India & Detailed Information

Beagle Dog

Beagles are truly special dogs that are very cuddly in nature. They have an affectionate, easygoing and lovable temperament. This breed is great for families with kids and other pets. How Much Does Beagle Cost In India? The cost of a Beagle in India is anywhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 28,000. The price of … Read more

Should I Let My Untamed Budgie Out?

Budgies Seating on Hand

Flying around is a natural urge for any bird and budgies are no exception to that. Infact, budgies are one of the most social, active and playful pet brids that loves to flap their wings and fly round. If they don’t have anything amusing then they gets bored and sometime gets depressed. So, should I … Read more

What Should I Feed My Cat in India? Which Brand is The Best?

Cats Eating Food from Bowl

Food consumption is an important part to maintain the health of pet cats and preventing any deficiency-related diseases. Good quality food contains all necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins along with freshwater allows the cats to grow healthy and strong. Since feeding your cat with nutritious food is very important, what are the nutritional requirements for … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Guava?

Guava is one of the most popular fruits in India. Rich in several nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, fibers, and anti-oxidants, it makes a perfect treat for humans. But, can dogs eat guava? Yes, Guava is completely safe to dogs as long as given in moderate amounts without seeds. Dogs can have apple guava, red … Read more

12 Most Popular Cat breeds in India with Price, History & More

Cute Looking Cat

Cats are independent pets that require less attention of parents as compared to the dogs. In fact, they spend majority of time sleeping so cat parents don’t have worry about them getting bore when you are away from them. If you are planning to adopt or but a cat as pet in India, getting information … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Jaggery? Is jaggery good for dogs?

Jaggery Cubes

Many people love jaggery and put it in most of their foods as it is a safe alternative to curb sugar cravings. While they indulge in sweets made of jaggery, they usually feed the same to their furry friend as well. So, can dogs eat jaggery? Jaggery is not good for dogs. It is a … Read more

Is Kombai Dog Dangerous?

Kombai Dog Hunting

Kombai (Combai) got a great place in the history of Indian dog breeds. They are well know hunters of old time but now days, Kombai is a critically endangered breed. Its a perfect breed for those who are looking for the Indian dog breed with ability to guard the places and should have a great … Read more

Pugs Favourite Food – What Pugs Can Eat & Can’t Eat?

pug dog eating ice cream

Pugs really look different than all other dogs and are the most popular small dog breeds in India. On top of that, several Vodafone commericals made pugs famous in India. Though they are adorable pets to have, keeping with pugs diet habits can be tricky unless you are aware about what pugs can and can’t … Read more

8 Most Popular Korean Dog Breeds for Canine Lovers

Most Popular Korean Dog Breeds

Korea has some amazing dogs, and if you are a dog lover, you would remember the ancient Korean Jindo from the 1988 Olympic Games opening ceremony. Korean dog breeds are recognised by the Korean Kennel Foundation, an organization of the Republic of Korea. It was established in 1945 and operate under the Ministry of Agriculture … Read more